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Media Releases  26 Sep 2022

Nine Australian writers set to accelerate their projects to the world stage

Nine Australian writers have been selected to participate in the highly coveted screenwriter accelerator, Impact Australia, delivered by Impact and Gentle Giant Media Group. 

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Features  23 Nov 2022

Melissa Black is writing a new direction 

Melissa Black was working as a librarian in Shepparton when she decided to pursue her love for screenwriting.

Features  12 Oct 2022

Michael Hudson on breaking through

Empowered by his professional attachment experience, First Nations filmmaker Michael Hudson is telling the stories he wants.

Features  3 Oct 2022

Adrian Chiarella is embracing queer horror

Taking part of Originate as a top four finalist, Adrian Chiarella shares what it’s been like creating queer horror film, Leviticus.

Features  26 Sep 2022

Kalu Oji has stories to tell

As a top four finalist in Originate, writer-director Kalu Oji shares his vision for his debut feature film, Paso Faho.

Features  19 Sep 2022

Diving into Sweet Milk Lake

Sweet Milk Lake is Harvey Zielinski’s first full-length screenplay and has been selected as one of VicScreen’s top-four finalists in the inaugural Originate program.

Features  16 Sep 2022

Uncovering the inspiration behind Into The Blue

Katie Found and Markella Kavenagh chat Into the Blue, one of the top four projects selected for VicScreen's current Originate funding program.

Features  15 Sep 2022

Wayward Strand puts empathy first

Set in 1970s coastal Victoria, Wayward Strand is a Melbourne-made game with a big heart.

Features  31 Aug 2022

Feel-good dramedy Summer Love hits screens

Set in one holiday house, perched on a sand dune in Fairhaven overlooking one of Victoria’s most picturesque inlets, comes the brand-new, feel-good dramedy, Summer Love. 

Features  18 Aug 2022

How Goran Stolevski found beauty in the suburbs

When filmmaker Goran Stolevski began writing Of an Age, his hometown in Melbourne's north-east took on a different light.

Features  18 Aug 2022

Everything you need to know about the Games Development Internship

"You just may not have the skills at the moment, but don't let it hold you back."

Features  4 Aug 2022

Meet Isaac Elliott and Lucy Knox, the creators of We Are Sexual Beings

Growing representation on screen, one first date at a time.

Features  28 Jul 2022

That’s a wrap on Ramsay Street

How the nation’s longest running soap opera doubled as a training ground for screen practitioners, creating a legacy beyond the episodes of Neighbours.