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Read on for our FAQs and contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.

I want to work at VicScreen. Can I send you my resume? 

VicScreen is the Victorian Government’s creative and economic screen development agency. We work behind the scenes, supporting professionals, infrastructure, projects and events. We advertise new opportunities as they become available on our website and on the Victorian Government Careers website


Does VicScreen offer work experience placements? 

We’re not able to offer work experience placements. If you’re just starting out in the screen industry, check out our Resources page for general tips on entering the screen industry. 

We also have an Industry Directory. Here you can search for companies within the film, television, animation and visual effects industries who you may be interested in approaching for work experience. 

Keep in mind, work experience placements in the industry are highly sought after. Many Victorian production companies have quite a small core team, often with limited resources to cater for work experience placements.  


How do I find work in the screen industry? 

If you’re interested in finding work, your best bet is to contact companies directly, keep well informed on what is being made in Victoria and build your networks. 

Screen Australia’s Upcoming Production Report is a list of scripted and documentary titles that are in pre-production, production or post-production in Australia. It includes both Australian titles and foreign titles filming in Australia. Screen Australia also provide Tools and Insights for Starting in the Industry.

If you're an early to mid-career key creative or crew member, check out our Skills Development page for placement, attachment and internship opportunities.

ScreenHub and GamesHub are excellent sites for news and job listings. (Note that subscription fees may apply.) Inside Film (IF) Magazine is great for keeping up-to-date on Australian screen industry news and Star Now and Grapevine also list jobs within the industry. 

If you’re studying film, TV, digital media or games, we also recommend you engage with your tertiary education providers for further information and avenues into the industry. Attending film festivals, screen conferences and events, and information/panel discussions is also great for industry networking. 


I am an international visitor. Can I work in the Victorian screen industry? 

To work in the screen industry in Australia you need to obtain an appropriate Visa.  The following resources and organisations may be helpful to you: 

→ Ausfilm – Entertainment Work Visas in Australia 

→ Australian Department of Home Affairs – Entertainment Activities stream 


I’ve written a script or have an idea for a film/TV/games project. Can I send it to VicScreen for an appraisal or feedback? 

We’re not able to give feedback on projects that have not been submitted as an application to our funding programs. 

If you’d like to apply for one of our script development programs, visit our Development Funding page for guidelines, eligibility criteria, application forms and contact details.  For script development support, you can contact the Australian Writers’ Guild, who offer script assessment services to members according to experience level and type of script. 

In terms of finding a producer or director to pitch your film idea to, it’s best to do some research on Australian films of the past 5-7 years that are of a similar genre to your idea. Look at who produced them and try contacting them. Screen Australia’s The Screen Guide is a great place to start.  

Keep in mind, you do need to be very sure of your idea and where you see it sitting in the marketplace compared to other films.  You can search for Victorian practitioners you might like to approach with your ideas in our Industry Directory.  


I’ve written a script or have an idea for a film/TV/games project. Can you recommend people I can pitch my script or idea to? 

We’re not able to recommend individuals or send you a list of producers or script editors, but we can let you know how to find a few. 

There are 200 script editors and more than 240 producers who have listed themselves on our online Industry Directory. Organisations such as the Australian Writers’ Guild and Screen Producers Australia may also be able to assist.  The Encore Directory and The Production Book are directories which list people and companies in film and television in Australia. 


I’m looking for a copy of a film or TV series that VicScreen was involved in. Can you help

We’re not able to provide or source copies of film or television series. Try searching online or contacting the project’s distributors directly. Distributor information can usually be found via IMDb or a Google search. You can also try the National Film & Sound Archive.  


I’m trying to get in touch with someone in the industry but I can’t find their contact details. Can you help? 

Due to privacy laws we are not able to share contact information from our database. We suggest you try searching our Industry Directory, Encore Directory, LinkedIn or Google. 


I am organising an event/festival/activity and need financial support. Can VicScreen sponsor my event? 

As a government body we’re not able to sponsor events, however, we do offer financial support for screen related activities through our Screen Events programs. Check out our Screen Events Funding page for more information and contact details. 


Can VicScreen help me promote my film or event? 

Depending on the project, we may also be able to assist with promotion via our social channels and our eNewsletter. Email requests to