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Funding & Support

VicScreen invests in the development and production of film, television, online, virtual reality and digital games projects and offers incentives for production, post-production, animation, visual effects and games to generate production activity and employment in Victoria. 

We also support skills development opportunities to continue to grow the screen industry in Victoria and partner in the delivery of world-class screen events for Victorian creators and audiences. 

Our programs are designed in consultation with industry to ensure support is relevant, inclusive, future-focused and responsive to industry needs. 

Victorian Production Fund

We invest in Victorian-led projects so Australian and global audiences can watch compelling Victorian-made stories on screens of all sizes: big, small and the one in your hand.

Development Funding

We support Victorian writers and producers to script high-quality and marketable stories from across our regions and cities and from diverse perspectives and origins.

Digital Games

We support Victorian games developers and companies to produce and market digital games for all distribution platforms.


Whether it’s film, TV, games, animation, visual effects or post-production, talk to us about our competitive production incentives. It’s time to make it in Melbourne.

Screen Event Funding

We support organisations to deliver a world-class major events calendar, connecting Victorians with the very best Australian and international screen content.

Skills Development

We provide opportunities and support for Victorian screen creators to develop and increase practical skills and industry experience.


We support Victorian creators to travel international festivals and business events to build relationships and promote their skills, projects and businesses.