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Rachel Chen

Production Office, 3rd Assistant Director, Producer's Assistant
2023: The Spooky Files Domestic Children's Drama 10 x 20min episodes Spooky Files Productions Pty Ltd Production Assistant
2023: Australian Vietnamese Women's Association - 40 years young and thriving Domestic Short Documentary 30min Freelance Producer
2022: Ostrich Domestic Drama 14min Freelance Producer
2022: Love Cut Domestic Rom Com 13min Freelance Producer
2021: Purrr Domestic Experimental 6min Majella 1st Assistant Director
2021: Bridget Sharp - "Overgrown" Domestic Music Video 3min Majella 1st Assistant Director
2021: The Price of Chewing Gum Domestic Drama 20min Freelance 1st Assistant Director
2021: Tena - Big Questions About Little Leaks with Chrissie Swan Domestic Branded Content 2min Elastic Studios Production CoordinatorRunnerData Wrangler
2021: Repco - Father's Day Campaign Domestic Branded Content 1min Elastic Studios Production CoordinatorRunner
2021: ABC Bullion Makers of the The Lexus 2021 Melbourne Cup Domestic Branded Content 4min Elastic Studios Production CoordinatorRunnerData Wrangler
2021: Bosisto's Eucalyptus Domestic Branded Content 0.5min Elastic Studios Production Coordinator
2021: Bosisto's Natives - Banksia Domestic Branded Content 0.5min Elastic Studios Production Coordinator
2021: Pania - ICYY Domestic Music Video 3min Freelance 1st Assistant Director
2020: Ruel - "As Long As You Care" Domestic Music Video 3min Ghostie Studios Art Department Runner
2019: Without Water Domestic Nature 10min Freelance Producer
2019: Mother Tongue Domestic Drama 12min Freelance 3rd Assistant Director
2019: One, Two Domestic Drama 8min Freelance DirectorProducerWriter
2019: Fuming Domestic LGBTQIA+ 1min Freelance 2nd Assistant Director
2018: Aesthetic is for Losers Domestic Experimental 2min Freelance DirectorProducerWriter

Rich Lowe

Stills Photographer
2023: I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (UK) International TV Reality ITV Publicist
2023: Miriam Domestic Drama Ando Films Stills Photographer
2023: Planet Lulin Domestic Kids Princess Productions Stills Photographer
2023: First Moon Domestic Horror One Tree Productions Stills Photographer
2023: To Domestic Drama Alavi Productions Stills Photographer
2022: The Execution Domestic Action Finch Stills Photographer
2022: Warnie Domestic Drama Endemol Shine Australia Stills Photographer
2022: Aunty Donna's Coffee Cafe Domestic Comedy Morning Brown Productions Stills Photographer
2022: Akiko: Yurei Domestic Horror Heathen Films Stills Photographer
2022: Who The Bloody Hell Are We? Domestic History Chemical Media Stills Photographer
2022: Snow Blind Domestic Horror Ando Films Stills Photographer
2022: Triplets Domestic Thriller Ichan films Stills Photographer
2022: Cold Water Domestic Drama Howling Jack Films Stills Photographer
2022: Stream Domestic Thriller Resurgence FIlms Stills Photographer
2021: Show Real Domestic Drama GRoW Stills Photographer
2021 : The Scout Domestic Drama Kujoand FIlms Stills Photographer
2021: Dream Again Domestic Drama VCA Stills Photographer
2021: Dating Jen Domestic Comedy Kad Films Stills Photographer
2021 : What Took Grace Domestic Drama Parin Pictures Stills Photographer
2021 : Tether Domestic Thriller Red Cloud Films Stills Photographer
2007: You're in There Ltd International Comedy YIT Films LTD 1st Assistant Director
2006: Voodoo Lagoon International Horror Matador Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2006 : Treasure Island Kids: The Battle of Treasure Island International Family Aria FIlms 3rd Assistant Director
2006: Treasure Island Kids 2: The Monster of Treasure Island International Family Aria FIlms 3rd Assistant Director
2006: Treasure Island Kids 3: The Mystery of Treasure Island International Family Aria FIlms 3rd Assistant Director
2004: Queer Eye For the Straight Guy International Reality ViaDigital Porductions Production Assistant
2002: Peep Show International Comedy Objective Productions Runner

Robbie McEwan

2016: Le Tan Domestic The Otto Empire/Dougal Digital 1st Assistant Director
2016 : Libra Domestic Tooth and Claw 1st Assistant Director
2016 : Ecostore Domestic Wilderbeest 1st Assistant Director
2016 : Gamma Knife Domestic Drama The Compound Interest 1st Assistant Director
2015 : Heineken Domestic Commercial Plot Media 1st Assistant Director
2015 : Origin Energy Domestic Commercial Truce Films 1st Assistant Director
2015: Target Domestic Commercial SapientNitro 1st Assistant Director
2015 : Alison Wonderland - 'Games', Domestic Drama EMI Music 1st Assistant Director
2015 : This Is Shyness 1st Assistant Director
2015: Cake Domestic Independent 1st Assistant Director
2015: Wentworth Series 4 Domestic Drama Fremantlemedia 3rd Assistant Director
2015: Neighbours Domestic Drama FremantleMedia 3rd Assistant Director
2014 : Alison Wonderland - Cold Domestic Drama 3mins EMI Music 1st Assistant Director
2014 : Guy Pearce Domestic Comedy 4mins Plot Media 1st Assistant Director
2014 : Myer Domestic Commercial The Otto Empire 1st Assistant Director
2014 : Shotgun Wedding Domestic Comedy 7mins Head Space Entertainment 2nd Assistant Director
2014 : Sweat Domestic Drama 11mins Screen Australia / Mast Year Media 2nd Assistant Director
2014 : The Recruit Domestic Reality Foxtel / Jam TV 2nd Assistant Director
2014 : Welcome Home Allen Domestic Drama Screen Australia / Radioactive Giganticism 1st Assistant Director
2013: Liar Domestic Comedy 14mins I. B. Entertainment 1st Assistant Director
2013 : MY MY Domestic Drama 14mins VCA Masters 1st Assistant Director
2013 : Pearl Domestic Drama 13mins Signal Arts 1st Assistant Director
2013 : Sorry Mum Domestic Drama 8mins Open Channel 1st Assistant Director

Sasha Dylan Bell

2017: Legacy International Thriller Serious Stooges Films, Think Media Studios, William Baker Films Editor
2017: Blackmail International Comedy 94mins Archer Films Entertainment, Tigertail Films Editor
2016: In Other News International News Karga Seven Pictures Editor
2015: The Rendezvous International Adventure 93mins Halsted Pictures Editor
2015: The Dream Children Domestic Drama 98mins Fat Kid Films Editor
2015: Thing I Have Learned About Sex & Dogs Domestic Comedy 7mins Editor
2014: Almost Broadway International Comedy 85mins Tigertail Films / Archer Films Editor
2014: Got Your 6 International Documentary 60mins Karga Seven Pictures / MTV Editor
2014: That Sugar Song Domestic Documentary 90mins Madman Films Editor
2014: Booze Traveler Domestic Factual / Documentary 45mins Travel Channel Editor
2014: Emo The Musical Domestic Comedy 15mins Matthewswood Editor
2014: Bound By Blue Domestic Drama 89mins Think Boy Thin Editor
2013: Fun City Domestic Drama 12mins Editor
2013: The Humble Beginnings Of The Baloon Comedy 3mins Tropfest Australia Editor
2012: Lemonade Stand Domestic Comedy 7mins Julian Vinvent Costanzo Films Editor
2011: The Amazing Race Australia Domestic Reality 50mins Active TV / Seven network Editor
2011: Face To Face Domestic Drama 89mins Face To Face Productions Editor
2008: Get Up 'N Move Domestic Children's 1min 1440 Productions Director
2008, : Get Up 'N Move Domestic Commercial 1min 1440 Productions Editor
2007: Diafrix E.P.K. Domestic Commercial 2mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2006-2007: Falls Festival Domestic Factual / Documentary 1440 Productions Director
2007: Film Director Reel Domestic Commercial 7mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2007: H Domestic Comedy 6mins The Collective Editor
2007: In Tha Place - Diafrix Domestic Commercial 4mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2007: Life - Dekker Domestic Variety 5mins No Wait.., Australia 1st Assistant Director
2007: Stand On Clouds - The Vedettes Domestic Variety 4mins No Wait DirectorEditor
2007: Through A Doorway With A Baseball Bat Domestic Drama 7mins Jack's Wall Productions & Connman Productions DirectorEditor
2007: TZU E.P.K. Domestic Commercial 1min Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2007: Xavier Rudd: White Promo Domestic Commercial 13mins 1440 Productions Editor
2006: AFRICA! Domestic Variety 60mins 1440 Productions Director
2006 : Cinematographer Reel - David Connell A.C.S. Domestic Commercial 4mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2006 : Famous - Ladi Tash Domestic Commercial 4mins Marcus Knight Editor
2006: In Tha Place - Diafrix, Domestic Variety 4mins Jack's Wall Productions Director
2006: Macbeth Film Domestic Commercial 5mins Palace Films Editor
2006: Rock's Longest Night Domestic Interactive Entertainment 60mins Jack's Wall Productions Director
2006: Shake That - Ra Quest Domestic Variety 4mins 1st Assistant Director

Shaun McAlpine

2017: The Obesity Myth Domestic Documentary CJZ Associate Producer
2016: Next Of Kin Domestic Drama 10mins Nicholas Carlton Productions 1st Assistant Director
2014-2016: Mulitple Titles Domestic Advertising 2-3mins 50 Kaliber Films Producer
2014-2015: The Secret River Domestic Drama 2x120mins Ruby Entertainment Assistant Accountant
2014: Q & T Domestic Drama 15mins Grinder Monkey Producer
2014: Thank You Red Cross Online Domestic Drama 2-3mins Kojo Production Manager
2014: Upper Middle Bogan S2 Domestic Comedy 8x60mins Gristmil Production Secretary
2013-2014: Fat Tony & Co Domestic Drama 9x60mins Screentime Assistant Accountant
2013: Cliffy Domestic Drama 90mins Clock End Films
2013: Hopscotch, Online Domestic Factual/Documentary 1min Foundation for Developing Cambodian Communites Producer
2013: Wakey Wakey Domestic Drama 64mins Wakey Wakey Films Co-Producer
2012: Redfern Now Domestic Drama 6x60mins, Blackfella Films Production Secretary
2012: Upper Middle Bogan Domestic Comedy 8x30mins Gristmill Production Secretary
2012: Volt: The Power Of $2.50 Domestic Commercial 1min AJF Production Secretary
2011: Australia On Trial Domestic Drama 3x30min December Media Casting - Extra
2011: Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms Domestic Drama 6x60mins Screentime Production Assistant
2011: Possum Wars Domestic Researcher
2011: Relationship Rehab Domestic Comedy 13mins VCA Co-Producer
2011: Sante Fe: Family Time Domestic Commercial 6x1mins Red Lever/Crank Films Production Manager
2011: StoneField "Blackwater Rising" Domestic Commercial 4mins Taxi Film Productions Production Manager
2010: Gods Fools Domestic Drama 15mins VCA Producer

Stuart Morrice

2018: Occupation Domestic Action SparkeFilms History Design 1st Assistant Director
2017: Lies Never Die Domestic Mystery Diciotto Productions 1st Assistant Director
2017: Aussie Rangers Domestic Comedy Factor 30 Films 2nd Assistant Director
2017: Breath Domestic Drama 115mins Gran Via Productions, Screen Australia 2nd Assistant Director
2017: 1% Domestic Crime 92mins Head Gear Films, Kreo Films FZ, Metrol Technology 2nd Assistant Director
2017: Three Summers Domestic Comedy 95mins Three Summers Films Productions 2nd Assistant Director
2017: OtherLife Domestic Crime 96mins WBMC, Cherry Road Films, Head Gear Films 2nd Assistant Director
2017: The Leftovers International Drama 60mins Film 44, Warner Bros. Television 2nd Assistant Director
2017: Jasper Jones Domestic Drama 105mins Porchlight Films, Bunya Productions 2nd Assistant Director
2016: Red Dog: True Blue Domestic Drama 88mins Woss Group Film Productions 1st Assistant Director
2012 : Emperor International Drama Corn Cob Productions 2nd Assistant Director
2012 : Spartacus War of the Damned International Drama Pacific Renassiance 2nd Assistant Director
2011 : Spartacus Vengeance International Drama Pacific Renassiance 3rd Assistant Director
2011 : Woodley Domestic Comedy Woodley 3rd Assistant Director
2010: Any Questions for Ben? Domestic Comedy Working Dog Films 3rd Assistant Director
2010 : Cloudstreet Domestic Drama Cloud Productions 3rd Assistant Director
2010 : The Killer Elite Domestic Drama TKE Productions 3rd Assistant Director
2009: Lockie Leonard Domestic Children's Goalpost Productions 3rd Assistant Director
2009 : Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader International Drama Dragon's Prow Production Assistant
2008 : Knowing International Drama Ezekiel Films Pty 3rd Assistant Director
2008 : The Circuit - Series 2 Domestic Drama MediaWorld Pictures 3rd Assistant Director
2007-2008 : The Pacific International Drama First Division Films Production Assistant
2007 : Australia Domestic Drama Bazmark Films Production Assistant
2005 : Ghost Rider International Drama Sony Columbia Pictures Production Assistant
2004 : Hating Alison Ashley Domestic Drama HAA films pty ltd Runner
2003 : Thunderstruck Domestic Drama One Line Productions Runner
2002 : Japanese Domestic Drama Gecko Films Runner
2002 : The Shark Domestic Drama Taylor Media Runner

Tess Hutson

2018: THE BLAKE MYSTERIES Domestic Drama FBTV Productions Production Secretary
2017: HOW 'MAD' ARE YOU? Domestic Documentary Blackfella Films Production Runner
2017: PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK International Drama FremantleMedia Australia
2016 : FILTHY RICH AND HOMELESS Domestic Documentary Blackfella Films Runner
2016 : NOWHERE BOYS Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures Runner
2016: NEIGHBOURS Domestic Drama FreemantleMedia Runner
2016 : THE OVERMAN Domestic Drama 5mins Good Manners Music DirectorWriter
2015: FROM AFAR Domestic Drama 4mins Good Manners Music DirectorWriter
2015: WAITING ON SOUND Domestic Comedy 15mins Running Panda Films Continuity
2015: DOWNRIVER Domestic Drama 99mins Happening Films Production Assistant
2014: TDY COLOURS Domestic Drama 4mins Primed Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2014: THERE'S ALWAYS TIME FOR BASKETBALL Domestic Drama 5mins Primed Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2014: EUXINE Domestic Drama 8mins Victorian College of the Arts DirectorWriter
2014: THE BEST WAY TO KILL YOUR MOTHER Domestic Comedy 14mins Victorian College of the Arts Script Editor
2013: ROT Domestic Drama 9mins Victorian College of the Arts Associate Producer
2013: YOUTH Domestic Drama 10mins Victorian College of the Arts DirectorWriter
2013: SURFACE Domestic Drama 5mins Victorian College of the Arts DirectorWriter
2011: ZUMBO Domestic Reality Fredbird Entertainment Production Assistant
2011: BEAUTY & THE GEEK Domestic Reality Southern Star entertainment Chaperone