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Media Releases  6 Mar 2024

L to R: Mira Russo, Ayiana Ncube and Riya Mandrawa in Turn Up The Volume, Matchbox Pictures, photo by Jane Zhang.

Today, VicScreen released its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Roadmap, a 10-year strategy towards a thriving, equitable and inclusive screen industry in Victoria.  

The DEI Roadmap commits to building an industry that is diverse in both people and content, supporting broader and more equitable representation across all facets of the screen industry. It focuses on three priorities – People, Audience and Leadership. 

Through this roadmap, VicScreen will work towards a future where all screen creators and workers have the opportunity to thrive, and where audiences have improved access to diverse and inclusive content. 

VicScreen has taken an action-oriented approach to the implementation of the roadmap through the development of rolling annual plans. These, alongside robust data collection, will inform the organisation’s DEI targets, ensuring accountability and enabling the roadmap to be responsive to emerging and changing conditions.  

The roadmap was developed through extensive consultation with over 270 people from the Victorian, national and international screen industry, who each shared their individual and diverse insights. 

VicScreen recognises that diverse voices, experiences, and stories are pivotal to the success of the Victorian screen industry. A commitment to excellence in an equitable environment will stimulate the production of high-quality content and increase audience engagement with Victorian film, television and games in Australia and across the world. 

VicScreen’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Roadmap can be found here

VicScreen CEO Caroline Pitcher said, “This roadmap is an ambitious long-term plan for Victoria’s screen industry. We expect the next decade to be transformative for diversity, equity and inclusion in Victoria’s screen industry, and we invite everyone to work together to achieve lasting positive change.”