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VIC contingent takes the game to 2018 GDC

  28 Feb 2018

GDC attracts game developers and investors from around the globe. It’s the world’s largest games industry event and sees over 27,000 attendees stream through its doors for a dynamic forum of networking, trends, ideas and discussions that shape the future of the sector.

Congratulations to the 2018 GDC delegation supported through Film Victoria’s International Travel program. 

The contingent will be guided by a number of our experienced attendees, who will also support those who are new to GDC. Thanks to Ben Britten, Lauren Clinnick, Trevor Dikes, Nicholas McDonnell and Laura Voss.

As a first time GDC attendee in 2017, Film Victoria’s Manager – Games and Digital Content, Liam Routt, gives his insight on the epic conference and his tips for the 2018 attendees.

For those of us living and working 'half a world away' from the major markets in North America and Europe, GDC provides a critical opportunity to meet with developers, media, publishers and collaborators of all sorts who are more often at the other end of an email or international phone call. The importance of meeting people face-to-face, not just for the business you are doing today but more importantly for what you will be doing next year and beyond, cannot be understated. There is a huge amount of information to be gained at, and around the conference. But ultimately it is the impact of those conversations and the relationships that grow from them that makes GDC so valuable to our developers.
Liam Routt
Film Victoria's Manager – Games and Digital Content

The Women In Games Brunch

Returning for its third year, the Women in Games brunch will again provide a valuable networking opportunity for women in the sector. There is always a strong Australian contingent in attendance, giving them a great opportunity to make connections with people from around the globe.

Liam's tips

Set aside enough time for this, or better yet, don’t make other plans – there is a lot of talk to be had. Relax – nothing is on the line, this is a casual chat with other developers who have a reason to be on your wavelength; you aren’t here to sell anything but just to talk.
Everyone wants to know about who you are, where you are coming from and where you are going – no one is an imposter here.
Someone you break bread with and chat with is an ally – get names and contact info, and hand out your own cards, so that you can add these excellent people to your network.

The Australian Showcase

The Australian Showcase at GDC is a 'must-attend' event for our local developers. Presented by Film Victoria, the event is run by the Games Developer’s Association of Australia and highlights the breadth of Australian game developer talent to a carefully curated list of guests from the international games industry, media, publishers and potential investors. It is held at the beginning of the week so that attendees can make connections and arrange catch ups over the course of the conference.

Liam's tips

Lean on people you know who can introduce you around. It's important to provide context for whoever you are meeting, so work out ahead of time how you want to introduce yourself and your projects quickly and clearly - you will have to do it many times!
Think about who you might like to meet. Do you need to expand your media circles or want to open discussions with a publisher or platform holder?
Don’t be trapped by your own plan – be open to the random chance to meet someone you never knew you’d want to talk to, they might be the key to something interesting.
The Showcase occurs at the start of the week so that you can make important connections ahead of the main event, so don’t be afraid to ask to swap numbers and catch up in the following days.
Pace yourself. Networking is important work and it is only the start of a big week. Save energy for the rest of the week and make sure your head is clear. Take care of your voice.
Be safe. This isn’t your home town, and the event is at night, away from the central streets so travel with others and be aware of what is going on around you.

The Independent Games Festival & Game Developers Choice Awards

It's well worth being part of the spectacle of these two huge awards ceremonies. The 2018 event will be hosted by Victoria’s own Trent Kusters from League of Geeks.

Liam's tips

Be prepared to arrive early and sit for a long time to score a good seat or resign yourself to being at the side or the back, although there are monitors to make up for what you can’t see.
It’s an awards ceremony, pure and simple; no food, and only whatever conversation you can make with those near you. But the point is to be part of things and to feel that your community of developers is global, not just found in Victoria. You don’t need to dress up – the lighting is focused on the stage, and there are lots of people there; but it is a 'night of nights' for game devs.
Trent is up there on stage for us all – laugh at his jokes!