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Stories for the 21st Century

  12 Dec 2017

Early career writers who don't yet have professionally produced credits are invited to Plot Twist’s Stories for the 21st Century program, offered in TV & online, VR and games. Ranging from a five-day intensive concept lab to hands-on one- and two-day workshops, each program is tailored to develop writing skills, learning from industry professionals and participating in a simulated writer's room.

  • TV & Online program (Feb - March 2018) will see 8-10 participants taking an idea for a TV or online project from concept, through rigorous interrogation in a writers’ room environment, all the way to industry pitch session.
  • Storytelling for Games (May - June 2018) will consist of a two-day workshop for a group of 20-30 participants and will seek to demystify the role of the storyteller in game development and will draw on case studies to address topics such as degrees of player agency and interaction, game design and systems, environmental storytelling, narrative design, pitching, and working in a game development team. 
  • Storytelling for VR (April 2018) workshop will explore how varying degrees of agency, perspective, immersion and the presence of the audience within the story world influence narrative development and user experience.

Stories for the 21st Century is supported through Film Victoria's Early Career and Skills Development program.

For program details and applications visit the website