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Media Releases  16 Jun 2017

The funding is expected to support more than 40 employment opportunities in the games sector and generate almost $1.2 million for the state.

Through Film Victoria’s Assigned Production Investment - Games program, nine early stage projects will be able to further develop their prototype or game.

A diverse collection of projects have been supported including  a tactical role playing game through time and space, a virtual reality sailing experience and Paperbark, a gentle exploration of a water-coloured Australian landscape featuring specifically-researched and beautifully represented flora and fauna from particular Victorian regions.

The full list is outlined below

Dead Static Drive (Team FanClub PTY LTD) – ‘Grand Theft Cthulhu’– a stylized open world action set against a background of cosmic horror
Hyper Jam (Bit Dragon)  - a neon soaked arena brawler
Joko’s World: Pocket Planet (Cultural Infusion) -  a ‘spin the globe’ challenge to find lost aliens on earth
Odd Gods (Inn Between Worlds) - a tactical time travel role-playing game
Paperbark (Paper House) - a narrative of a wombat’s world in a hot Australian summer
Putty Pals (Harmonious Games) – a quirky co-op problem solving game with putty forms
Spies & Soldiers (Ghostbat Games) – a battle game of strategy and subterfuge across new worlds
Tear Through (Walk With Kings) – explores the life of a SWAT officer in a co-op tactical game
VR Regatta (Virtual Reality Sailing PTY LTD) – The Sailing Game - compete, train and relax in a virtual sailing experience. 

Film Victoria is also supporting a further three projects to get to market through its Games Release program.

Film Victoria CEO, Jenni Tosi congratulated the latest recipients saying “The bar continues to be raised when it comes to the standard of games generated by Victorian developers.

“Many of the projects we’ve supported are expanding onto new platforms which tells us that there is a high demand for Victorian games and that Victorian games companies have a terrific understanding of the marketplace.”