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Charlie’s is a dedicated working and networking space in Los Angeles for Australian filmmakers.  

VicScreen (formerly Film Victoria) co-founded Charlie’s  in 2016 and today the unique creative hub is managed by Australians in Film (AiF). Located within the historic Raleigh Studios in the heart of Hollywood, Charlie’s provides a home base in Los Angeles for visiting filmmakers. 

Through VicScreen, Victorian practitioners can secure access to Charlie’s main space, the Mermaid Lounge, to work or host business meetings during their stay in Los Angeles

The Mermaid Lounge 

→ A flexible multipurpose space, equipped with internet and teleconferencing facilities. 

→ VicScreen has a minimum 20-hour monthly allocation to the space. 

→ Bookings can be made for individuals to share a communal space, or for small groups of up to six. 


How to book the Mermaid Lounge 

→ To access the Mermaid Lounge, practitioners must be members of a Victorian company or Victorian registered organisation, or an individual Victorian resident, as per VicScreen’s current Terms of Trade 

→ To request a booking, contact VicScreen to discuss the details of your intended usage. 

→ VicScreen will facilitate an introduction to AiF who will then liaise directly with applicants on availability and booking arrangements. 


Other facilities available at Raleigh Studios 

→ In addition to Charlie’s, Victorian practitioners can access three screening facilities, from two 36 seat theatres to the Chaplin theatre which holds 160 seats. Costs apply for this service. Bookings are subject to availability and must be booked in advance through AiF. 


Kate Darrigan (she/her)
Industry & Skills Development Coordinator