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Angelique Badenoch

2017: Winchester Domestic Blacklab Entertainment Production Manager
2016: Bleeding Steel International Heyi Pictures / Lightstream Productions Unit Production Manager (UPM)
2016: Barracuda Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures Production Manager
2015: Tomorrow When The War Began Domestic Drama Ambience Entertainment Production Manager
2015: Nowhere Boys: Book of Shadows Domestic Children's Matchbox Pictures Production Manager
2015 : Molly Domestic Drama Mushroom Pictures Production Manager
2015 : Nowhere Boys - Book of Shadows Domestic Children's Matchbox Pictures Production Manager
2014 : Nowhere Boys Series 2 Domestic Children's MatchBox Pictures Production Manager
2014 : Sucker Domestic Comedy Robyn Kershaw Productions Production Coordinator
2014 : The Light Between Oceans International Drama Dreamworks SKG Post Production Supervisor
2013 : Kill Me Three Times International Drama Cargo Entertainment [US] Production Manager
2013 : Worst Year of My Life, Again! Domestic Children's ACTF / Reflective Pictures Production Manager
2012 : Mad Max Fury Road International Drama Warner Bros Pictures / Kennedy Miller Mitchell Production Manager
2011 : Australia on Trial Domestic Factual / Documentary December Films Pty Ltd Assistant Accountant
2011 : Jack Irish Domestic Drama Essential Media & Entertainment Production Coordinator
2011 : Life of Pi International Drama Fox 2000 Pictures Production Coordinator
2010 : BAIT International Drama BAIT Productions Pty Ltd Production Coordinator
2010: Bed of Roses Domestic Drama Tindale Rd Films Pty Ltd Production Coordinator
2009 : Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader International Children's Walden Media Production Coordinator
2008 : Charlie & Boots Domestic Comedy Instinct Entertainment Production Coordinator
2008 : Heartbeat (APOC) International Drama Yorkshire Television Production Coordinator
2008 : Subdivision (APOC) Domestic Feature Freshwater Pictures Production Coordinator
2008 : Triangle (2nd Unit) Domestic Feature Icon Entertainment International Production Coordinator
2007 : The Ruins (APOC) International Drama DreamWorks Pictures Production Coordinator
2006-2007 : The Starter Wife (APOC) International Drama NBC Universal Television Production Coordinator

Brendan Campbell

Producer, Line Producer
2017-2018: Romper Stomper Domestic Drama 6 x 50mins Roadshow Line Producer
2017: Oddlands Domestic Drama 25 mins Back To Back Producer
2016 - 2017: Glitch 2 Domestic Drama 6 x 50mins Matchbox Line Producer
2016: Seven Types of Ambiguity Domestic Drama 6 x 50 mins Matchbox Line Producer
2014-2015: MOLLY Domestic Drama 2 x 90mins Pop Machine (Mushroom) Line Producer
2013-2014 : Time of Our Lives Series 2 Domestic Drama 8 x 50mins Jahm Pictures Line Producer
2013 : Cut Snake Domestic Drama 90mins Matchbox Line Producer
2013 : The Nowhere Boys Domestic Drama 13 x 30mins Matchbox Line Producer
2012 : The Time of Our Lives Domestic Drama 13 x 60mins Jahm Pictures Line Producer
2011-2012 : Winners & Losers (2) Domestic Drama Seven Network Unit Production Manager (UPM)
2011 : John Doe Domestic Drama 90mins N/A 1st Assistant Director
2009: Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2nd Unit) International Drama Walden Media 1st Assistant Director
2008 : Aliens in the Attic (2nd Unit) International Drama 110mins Fox 1st Assistant Director
2008 : The Loved Ones Domestic Drama 90mins, Ambient 1st Assistant Director
2007 : Bed of Roses Domestic Drama ABC 1st Assistant Director
2007 : Underbelly Domestic Drama Screentime 1st Assistant Director
2005 : Ghost Rider (2nd Unit) International Drama Sony 1st Assistant Director
2004: Pobby & Dingan Domestic Drama Academy & Sherman Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2004: Three Dollars Domestic Drama Arena Films 1st Assistant Director
2002 : Ned Kelly (2nd Unit) Domestic Drama Our Sunshine Production Manager
2002 : Ned Kelly (2nd Unit) Domestic Drama Unknown 1st Assistant Director

Charlotte Wheaton

2017: Filthy Rich & Homeless Domestic Documentary Blackfella Films Line Producer
2016: First Contact Domestic Documentary 60mins Blackfella Films Line Producer
2014: Son of God International Biography 138mins Hearst Entertainment Productions, LightWorkers Media Producer
2013: Bodyline: The Ultimate Test Domestic Documentary 58mins ABC Producer
2011-2013 : The Bible International Drama 5x90mins Lightworkers Media Line Producer
2011: Great American Manhunt International Factual / Documentary 8x60mins Wide Eyed Entertainment Ltd Line Producer
2010 : I shouldn't be Alive International Drama 2x60mins Darlow Smithson Productions Line Producer
2010 : King Khaled International Drama 1x60mins OR TV Line Producer
2010 : Murder in Beirut International Factual/Documentary 3x60mins OR TV Line Producer
2010 : Unit Manager - Education Online International Factual/Documentary Brook Lapping Productions Unit Production Manager (UPM)
2008-2009 : Blood in the Water International Drama 90mins Brook Lapping Productions Line Producer
2008 : Banged up Abroad International Drama 1x60mins RAW TV Line Producer
2007-2008 : Ocean of Fear International 1x90mins Brook Lapping Productions Line Producer
2007 : Forged in Fire - Development of Pilot International Factual/Documentary 10x 60mins Brook Lapping Productions Line Producer
2006: I shouldnt be Alive International Factual/Documentary 1x60mins Darlow Smithson Productions Line Producer
2006 : Lost Worlds: Hitler's Super City International Factual/Documentary 1x60mins Atlantic Productions DirectorWriter
2006 : True Heroes - Pilot International Factual/Documentary 1x60mins Darlow Smithson Productions Line Producer
2005 : Hannibal v Rome/ Hannibal of the Alps International 1x90mins Atlantic Productions Line Producer
2005 : The Real Spartacus International 1x60mins Atlantic Productions
2004 : Holy Warriors International 2x60mins Atlantic Productions Line Producer
2004 : The lost fleet of Khubilia Khan International