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Edie Kurzer

Costume Designer
2022: Irreverent International thriller/comedy 10 x 60 mins Peacock/NBC
2018: Judy & Punch Domestic drama 90 mins Seaside Productions
2017: Picnic at Hanging Rock Domestic Drama 6 x 60mins FremantleMedia Australia Costume Designer
2016: Please Like Me Domestic Comedy 6 x 30mins ABC Costume Designer
2015: Molly Domestic Drama 2X120mins Pop Machine Pty Ltd Costume Designer
2014 : The Secret River Domestic Drama 2x120mins Ruby entertainment Costume Designer
2014 : Women He'sUndressed Domestic Documentary 99mins Damien Parer Production Costume Designer
2013: ACTU Domestic Commercia 3x.5mins Sweet Productions Costume Designer
2013 : R.A.C.V. Domestic Commercia 3x.5mins Fiction Films Costume Designer
2012 : Worksafe, Domestic Commercia .5mins Sweet Productions Costume Designer
2009 : Matching Jack Domestic Drama 95 mins Cascade Films Costume Designer
2009 : South Solitary Domestic Drama 90 mins Remote & Blowy Productions Costume Designer
2008: Snake Tales Domestic childrens 13 x 30 mins Westdside Film and TV Production Designer
2005 : Australia Post - B Pay Domestic Commercial Soma Films Production Designer
2005 : Look Both Ways Domestic Drama 90 mins Hibiscus Films Pty Ltd Costume Designer
2001 : Tempted Domestic Drama 90 mins Bill Bennett Productions Costume Designer
1999 : My Mother Frank Domestic Drama 90 mins Australian Film Finance Corporation (AFFC) Costume Designer
2023: NCIS Sydney International Drama 8 x 60 mins CBS Costume Designer

Edmund Ng

2015 : Albert Domestic Drama Airbag Productions Camera Assistant
2015 : Smith's Chips Domestic Commercial Airbag Productions Video Split Hire / Operator
2015 : The Ex-­PM International Comedy Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder Camera Assistant
2015 : The Priest Domestic Drama Wrathful Deity Films Camera Assistant
2015 : Village Cinemas Domestic Commercial HIVE Creative Camera Assistant
2015 : Wentworth (Series 4) Domestic Drama FremantleMedia Australia Camera Assistant
2014 : 36 Questions Domestic Drama Six Degree Films Camera Assistant
2014 : Australand Citta - "Parkside" Domestic Commercial RISE Films Camera Assistant
2014 : Chris & Josh Season 2 Domestic Comedy Balloon Tree Productions Camera Assistant
2014 : Cry of the Raven Domestic Drama Offbeat Pictures and Artists Camera Assistant
2014 : Kill Me Three Times Domestic Interactive Entertainment Wicked of Oz Studios Camera Assistant
2014 : Know Pathology Know Healthcare - "The Engine Room Of Healthcare" Domestic Commercial Balloon Tree Productions Camera Assistant
2014 : Pitcher Partners - "Graduate and professional recruitment" Domestic Commercial RISE Films Camera Assistant
2014 : Queen's Domain Domestic Commercial RISE Films Camera Assistant
2014 : Sirtex Sir-Spheres with Dr Manfred Spanger Domestic Educational London Agency Camera Assistant
2014 : Telstra - "Keep Me Connected" Domestic Commercial RISE Films Camera Assistant
2014 : The Legend of Ben Hall Domestic Drama Two Tone Pictures Camera Assistant
2014 : Village Cinemas - "Gold Class Christmas Synergy" Domestic Commercial HIVE Creative Camera Assistant
2013 : Dead Therapy Domestic Drama Scheffilm Camera Assistant
2013 : Man From The Meteor - "Black Jackal" Domestic Comedy Pure Production Camera Assistant
2013 : Queen of the Bees Domestic Drama Space Tourist Films Camera Assistant
2013 : The Flame Wars Domestic Comedy