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Ashlan Dowling

Set Dresser, Props Master, Props Buyer
2017 / 2018: Jack Irish S2 Domestic Drama 45min x 6 episodes Easy Tiger Set Dresser
2017: The Wrong Girl S2 Domestic Drama 45min x 10 episodes Playmaker Props Master
2017: Glitch S2 Domestic Drama 45min x 6 episodes Matchbox Productions / ABC Set Dresser
2017: Devondale Masterchef Sponsorship Domestic Devondale / Prodigious Set Dresser
2017: Interflora / Mother's Day Domestic Interflora Art Department Assistant
2016: The Leftovers S3 International Drama 45min x 6 episodes HBO Props Buyer
2016: The Wrong Girl Domestic Drama 45min x 8 episodes Playmaker Props Master
2016: Fire Ready Domestic Department of Jusctice / Newmac Art Department Assistant
2016: Family Violence Domestic Department of Premier & Cabinet / The Shannon Company Set Dresser
2016: Kuboto / This is the Life Domestic Picture Co Set DresserProps Stand ByProps Buyer
2016: Interflora / Christmas Video Domestic Interflora Art Department Assistant
2016: Interflora / Valentines Domestic Interflora Art Department Assistant
2016: Maurice Blackburn Domestic Colider Set DresserProps Stand By
2015: Ali's Wedding Domestic Comedy 120minutes Matchbox Productions Props Buyer
2015: Hunters International Drama UCP / Matchbox Productions Art Department AssistantProduction Runner
2015: House Husbands Domestic Drama 45min x 10 episodes Playmaker Set Dresser
2015: Molly Domestic Drama 45min x 2 episodes Mushroom Pictures Production Assistant
2014: The Dressmaker Domestic Drama 120mins Film Art Media Art Department Runner
2014: The Secret River Domestic Drama 45min x 2 episodes ABC Production Secretary
2014: Please Like Me Domestic Comedy 30min x 6 episodes ABC Production Secretary
2013: Fat Tony & Co Domestic Drama Screentime Production SecretaryProduction Runner
2013: Predestination Domestic Drama 120mins Blacklab Entertainment Producer's Assistant
2013: Healing Domestic Drama 120mins Point Blank Pictures Production Runner
2011 - 2012: Scorch London International Scorch London Production CoordinatorProducer's Assistant

Maxine Dennett

2014 : Partisan Domestic Drama 120mins Warp Films Art Director
2014 : Please Like Me 2 Domestic Comedy Pivot Media Art Director
2014 : The Daughter Domestic Drama 102mins Fate Films Art Director
2013 : Jami'e Private School Girl International Comedy 6x30mins Princess Pictures, BBC, HBO Art Department Coordinator
2013 : Jonah From Tonga Domestic Comedy 6x30mins Princess Pictures Art Department Coordinator
2012 : Beaconsfeild Domestic Drama 200mins Southern Star Art Department Coordinator
2012: I Frankenstein International Drama 109mins Lakeshore Entertainment Special Effects Supervisor
2013-2012 : Mr & Mrs Murder Domestic Comedy 13x60mins Freemantle Media Art Department Coordinator
2011 : Kath & Kimberella Domestic Comedy 96mins RTP Productions Art Department Coordinator
2009-2010: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark International Drama 90mins Miramax Art Department Coordinator
2010 : Max Max 4 - Fury Rd Domestic Drama 120mins Kennedy Miller Mitchell, Warner Bros. Art Department Coordinator
2009 : City Hoimicide Domestic Drama 7x45mins Channel Seven Art Department Coordinator
2007-2008 : Justice League of America Domestic Drama Village Roadshow Art Department Coordinator
2008 : Knowing International Drama 120mins Summit Entertainment Ezekiel Films Pty Ltd Special Effects Coordinator
2007-2008 : The Pacific (Far north QLD only) International Drama 720mins HBO Art Department Coordinator
2006-2007 : Fools Gold International Comedy 120mins De Line Pictures & Warner Bros Art Department Coordinator
2005-2006 : Superman Returns International Drama 140mins Warner Bros. Set Decorator
2005 : The Proposition Domestic Drama 90mins Proposition Pty Ltd Art Department Runner

Rachel Chen

Production Office, 3rd Assistant Director, Producer's Assistant
2023: The Spooky Files Domestic Children's Drama 10 x 20min episodes Spooky Files Productions Pty Ltd Production Assistant
2023: Australian Vietnamese Women's Association - 40 years young and thriving Domestic Short Documentary 30min Freelance Producer
2022: Ostrich Domestic Drama 14min Freelance Producer
2022: Love Cut Domestic Rom Com 13min Freelance Producer
2021: Purrr Domestic Experimental 6min Majella 1st Assistant Director
2021: Bridget Sharp - "Overgrown" Domestic Music Video 3min Majella 1st Assistant Director
2021: The Price of Chewing Gum Domestic Drama 20min Freelance 1st Assistant Director
2021: Tena - Big Questions About Little Leaks with Chrissie Swan Domestic Branded Content 2min Elastic Studios Production CoordinatorRunnerData Wrangler
2021: Repco - Father's Day Campaign Domestic Branded Content 1min Elastic Studios Production CoordinatorRunner
2021: ABC Bullion Makers of the The Lexus 2021 Melbourne Cup Domestic Branded Content 4min Elastic Studios Production CoordinatorRunnerData Wrangler
2021: Bosisto's Eucalyptus Domestic Branded Content 0.5min Elastic Studios Production Coordinator
2021: Bosisto's Natives - Banksia Domestic Branded Content 0.5min Elastic Studios Production Coordinator
2021: Pania - ICYY Domestic Music Video 3min Freelance 1st Assistant Director
2020: Ruel - "As Long As You Care" Domestic Music Video 3min Ghostie Studios Art Department Runner
2019: Without Water Domestic Nature 10min Freelance Producer
2019: Mother Tongue Domestic Drama 12min Freelance 3rd Assistant Director
2019: One, Two Domestic Drama 8min Freelance DirectorProducerWriter
2019: Fuming Domestic LGBTQIA+ 1min Freelance 2nd Assistant Director
2018: Aesthetic is for Losers Domestic Experimental 2min Freelance DirectorProducerWriter
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