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Andrew Perry

Location Manager, Location Scout
2024: The Survivors Domestic Drama Netflix Location Scout
2023: Fake Domestic Drama Paramount+ Location Scout
2023: Windcatcher Domestic Drama Stan Location Scout
2023: Red Hot Christmas Domestic Comedy Stan Location Scout
2023: Golddiggers Domestic Comedy ABC TV Location Scout
2022: Force of Nature: The Dry 2 Domestic Darma Arena Media Location Scout
2022: Bay of Fires Domestic Dramedy ABC TV Location Scout
2022: The Newsreader Domestic Drama Werner films Location Scout
2022: Love Me S2 Domestic Drama Binge Location Scout
2022: Shantaram International Drama Apple TV Location Scout
2021: Love Me Domestic Drama Binge Location Scout
2021: Fires Domestic Drama ABC TV Location Scout
2021: Nitram Domestic Drama Good Thing Productions Location Scout
2020: Clickbait International Drama Netflix Location Scout
2020: Informer 3838 Domestic Drama Screentime Location Scout
2020: The Dry Domestic Drama Arena Media Location Scout
2019: High Ground Domestic Drama Savage Films Location Manager
2019: Preacher International Action Sony Pictures Television Location Scout
2019: True History of the Kelly Gang International Drama Porchlight Films Location Scout
2019: Australian Ninja Warrior Domestic Endemol Shine Australia Location Scout
2018: Mr Black Domestic Comedy Cordell Jigsaw Location Scout
2018: Bloom Domestic Drama Playmaker Media Location Scout
2017: Ronny Chieng: International Student Domestic Comedy Sticky Pictures Location Scout
2017: The Warriors Domestic Drama 26mins Arenamedia Location Manager
2017-2018: True Story With Hamish and Andy Domestic Comedy Warner Bros intl Location Scout
2017: The Ex-PM Domestic Comedy ABC TV Location Scout
2017: Sunshine Domestic drama SBS Location Scout
2016: Upper Middle Bogan Domestic Comedy Gristmill Location Scout
2015-2016: The Death and Life of Otto Bloom Domestic Drama Otto Bloom Optimism Film Location Manager
2015: Home Hardware Domestic Commercial Otto Location Scout
2015 : Scare Campaign Domestic Drama Cyan Films Location Manager
2015 : The Beautiful Lie Domestic Drama Endemol Productions Location Scout
2012-2015 : The Doctor Blake Mysteries Domestic Drama January Productions Location Scout
2015 : Wentworth Series 4 Domestic Drama Fremantle Media Location Scout
2014 : Gallipoli Domestic Drama Endemol Location Scout
2013 : The Worst Year of My Life Domestic Children's Worst Year Productions Location Scout
2010-2011: Rush Domestic Drama Southern Star Location Scout
2011 : The Frontier International Drama Frontier productions Location Scout
2008 : Shanghai International Drama The Weinstein Company Location Manager
2008 : The Marine II International Drama WWE Location Manager
2006 : Bangkok Dangerous International Drama Saturn Films Location Manager
2005 : Paperbird International Drama DORfilm Production Designer
2004 : Mysterious Island International Drama LLP/Hallmark Location Manager
2004 : Sniper 3 International Drama Sony/Columbia Tristar Unit Manager
2004 Clickbait131 Drama Netflix 2019 High Ground 128 Drama Savage Films 2019 2019 Preacher Preacher132 Action Action Sony Pictures Television Sony Pictures Television 2019 2019 True History of the Kelly Gang True History of the Kelly Gang110 Drama Drama Porchlight Films Porchlight Films 2019 2019 Australian Ninja Warrior Australian Ninja Warrior116 Endemol Shine Australia Endemol Shine Australia 2019 2019 Mr Black Mr Black132 Comedy Comedy Cordell Jigsaw Cordell Jigsaw 2019 2019 Bloom Bloom135 Drama Drama Playmaker Media Playmaker Media 2017 2017 Ronny Chieng: International Student Ronny Chieng: International Student 104 Comedy Comedy Sticky Pictures Sticky Pictures 2017 2017 The Warriors The Warriors 127 Drama Drama 26mins 26mins Arenamedia Arenamedia 2017-2018 2017-2018 True Story With Hamish and Andy True Story With Hamish and Andy109 Comedy Comedy Warner Bros intl Warner Bros intl 2017 2017 The Ex-PM The Ex-PM131 Comedy Comedy ABC TV ABC TV 2017 2017 Sunshine Sunshine132 drama drama SBS SBS 2016 2016 Upper Middle Bogan Upper Middle Bogan122 Comedy Comedy Gristmill Gristmill 2015-2016 2015-2016 The Death and Life of Otto Bloom The Death and Life of Otto Bloom108 Drama Drama Otto Bloom Optimism Film Otto Bloom Optimism Film 2015 2015 Home Hardware Home Hardware 126 Commercial Commercial Otto Otto 2015 2015 Scare Campaign Scare Campaign 125 Drama Drama Cyan Films Cyan Films 2015 2015 The Beautiful Lie The Beautiful Lie 122 Drama Drama Endemol Productions Endemol Productions 2012-2015 2012-2015 The Doctor Blake Mysteries The Doctor Blake Mysteries 113 Drama Drama January Productions January Productions 2015 2015 Wentworth Series 4 Wentworth Series 4 121 Drama Drama Fremantle Media Fremantle Media 2014 2014 Gallipoli Gallipoli 130 Drama Drama Endemol Endemol 2013 2013 The Worst Year of My Life The Worst Year of My Life 114 Children's Children's Worst Year Productions Worst Year Productions 2010-2011 2010-2011 Rush Rush 135 Drama Drama Southern Star Southern Star 2011 2011 The Frontier The Frontier 127 Drama Drama Frontier productions Frontier productions 2008 2008 Shanghai Shanghai 131 Drama Drama The Weinstein Company The Weinstein Company 2008 2008 The Marine II The Marine II 126 Drama Drama WWE WWE 2006 2006 Bangkok Dangerous Bangkok Dangerous 122 Drama Drama Saturn Films Saturn Films 2005 2005 Paperbird Paperbird 130 Drama Drama DORfilm DORfilm 2004 2004 Mysterious Island Mysterious Island 122 Drama Drama LLP/Hallmark LLP/Hallmark 2004 2004 Sniper 3 Sniper 3 131 Drama Drama Sony/Columbia Tristar Sony/Columbia Tristar 2004 2004 Vampires 3 Vampires 3 129 Drama Drama Sony/Columbia Tristar Sony/Columbia Tristar 2003 2003 Pearl Pearl 134 Drama Drama Munich Film Academy Munich Film Academy 2003 2003 Simon Simon 134 Drama Drama Spaghetti film BV Spaghetti film BV 2020 The Dry133 Drama Arena Media 2020 Informer 3838127 Drama Screentime : Vampires 3 International Drama Sony/Columbia Tristar Location Manager
2003 : Pearl International Drama Munich Film Academy Art Director
2003 : Simon International Drama Spaghetti film BV Art Director

Celeste Veldze

Production Designer, Art Department Assistant, Set Dresser
2021: Metro Sexual Season 2 Domestic Comedy Humdrum Comedy + Channel Nine Props Stand By
2021: Shantaram Domestic Standby Props Assistant (casual) Linbaba Productions Props Assistant
2021: Moja Vesna Domestic Drama Vesna Productions Pty Ltd Props Stand By
2021: Hiatus Kaiyote 'Red Room' Domestic Go-See Production Designer
2021: Toyota 'Genuine Accessories' Domestic Guilty Set Dresser
2021: Gretta Ray 'Love Me Right' Domestic Panpan Films Production Designer
2020: Living With Covid Domestic Social Media Campaign Melbourne University + Either Either Creative Production Designer
2020: Taxibox Domestic 3 Magnetizer Production Designer
2019: Alex the Astronaut 'I Think You're Great' Domestic Panpan Films Set Designer
2019: Australian Open 'Wominjeka' Domestic Welcome to Country video Angrychair + Tennis Australia Production Designer
2019: Nandos 'Vlog Socials' Domestic Haystac Production Designer
2019: Bonds 'Glo-Ball Warming' Domestic Guilty Set Dresser
2019: Fiat Chrysler Australia 'Jeep Wrangler Launch' Domestic NB Content Set Dresser
2019: No Sister 'My New Career' Domestic 3 Self-produced Production Designer
2019: Future Sandwich Domestic 20 Magnetizer Production Designer
2019: Middle Kids 'Real Thing Domestic 3 Marie Pangaud Set Designer
2019: Gold FM / Kiis FM Domestic 5 Brilliant Films Art Department Assistant
2019: Henry Needs A New Home Domestic Drama 10 Cup Inc. Production Designer
2019: Teskey Brothers 'Right For Me' Domestic 3 Marie Pangaud Set Designer
2018: 3M Post It Notes Domestic 1 Oh Yeah Wow! Art Department AssistantProps Buyer
2018: Mobile Living Made Easy Domestic Documentary 30 Cameron Damon Media Art Director
2018: Pominki Domestic Drama 10 Baba Yaga Films Art Department AssistantProps Stand By
2018: Choices Flooring Domestic 1 Picture Co. Art Director
2018: Ghost Turd Domestic Comedy 15 Magnetizer Production Designer
2017: Lawless: The Real Bushrangers Domestic Documentary 200 Genepool Productions / Foxtel Art Department Assistant
2016: Nazi Undead Domestic Horror 80 Tru Dot Films Art Department Assistant
2016: Pillars Domestic Drama 15 Patch Adams Productions Production Designer
2015: Reunion Domestic Drama 15 Cup Inc. Production Designer
2015: The Legend of Ben Hall Domestic Drama 90 Two Tone Pictures Set Dresser
-: - - Art and Production Design
-: - - Art and Production Design
-: - - Art and Production Design

Danaë Grieef

Production Designer, Producer, Art Director
2024: CCTV Nasty Domestic Crime Comedy Drama 180mins Otili Productions in association with Taymaynari Productions Production Designer
2024: The Suppertime Sinners Domestic Horror 120mins Thespian Productions and Midnight Mindset Costume Designer
2024: The Suppertime Sinners Domestic Horror 120mins Thespian Productions and Midnight Mindset Production Designer
2023: Alien Love Domestic Sci Fi 120mins NHP Production Assistant
2023: Another Brick in the Wall Domestic Crime Drama 17mins Aretes Cineco and Danaë K Grieef Films Producer
2023: Another Brick in the Wall Domestic Crime Drama 17mins Aretes Cineco and Danaë K Grieef Films Production Designer
2023: Jett Domestic Drama 180mins Taymaynari Productions Production Designer
2023: Disconnected Domestic Romance Drama 120mins Taymaynari Productions and NHP Production Designer
2023: Fleshbags - Episode 2 - The Last Laugh Domestic Sci Fi 20mins Panopticon Collective Production Designer
2023: Putting Away Old Things Domestic Comedy 5mins Atomic Super Films Production Designer
2022: Rained Out Domestic Drama 14mins Victorian College for the Arts Production Designer
2022: Anna Domestic Drama 14mins Victorian College for the Arts Art Director
2022: The State of Things (4 videos) - Vér Beats Domestic Music Video 16mins Taymaynari Productions and Soft Focus Media Production Designer
2022: Talking Fake - Catholic Guilt Domestic Music Video 4mins Taymaynari Productions and Soft Focus Media Production Designer
2022: Cola - Saturday's Child Domestic Music Video 4mins Daniel Woods Productions Art Director
2022: Memoirs of Madness – Escarion Domestic Music Video 6mins Taymaynari Productions Production Designer
2022: D’VIBE - Kzee X Darius Domestic Music Video 4mins Soft Focus Media Production Designer
2022: Everything Fades to Gray - McSherry Obrien Domestic Music Video 3mins Taymaynari Productions Production Designer
2022: Sublime - Stephanie Angelini and Marcus Galic Domestic Music Video 4mins Flammington Studios Production Designer
2022: Troublemaker - Fortress Rising Domestic Music Video 4mins Rogue Warrior Entertainment 2nd Assistant Director
2018: What's Up Down Under Domestic Travel 20mins Parable Productions Editor

David Nelson

Art and Production Design, Post-Production, Visual Effects Supervisor
2018-2020: Sonic the Hedgehog International Family 90mins MARZA/SEGA, Paramount Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2017-2018: Aquaman International Drama 100mins Method Studios Melbourne, Warner Bros. DC Comics Visual Effects Supervisor
2017: Mary Magdalene International Drama 110mins Porchlight Films, Universal Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2017: Jumanji International Family 90 mins Iloura Melbourne Visual Effects Supervisor
2016: John Wick 2 International Action 90mins Method Studios Sydney Visual Effects Supervisor
2016: 24 Hours to Live International Drama 90mins Thunder Road Pictures, Fundamental Films Visual Effects Supervisor
2015-2016: The Shallows Domestic Drama 90mins Sony Columbia Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2014-2015: Sonic the Hedgehog Project Development International Animation MARZA Animation Tokyo Visual Effects Supervisor
2011-2013 : Mad Max 4 Fury Road Domestic Drama Kenney Miller Mitchell Visual Effects Supervisor
2009-2011 : Happy Feet 2 International Animation 90mins Kenney Miller Mitchell Production Designer
2006-2007 : Fools Gold International Comedy 90mins Warner Bros. Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2004-2006 : Happy Feet International Animation 90mins Kenney Miller Mitchell Art Director
2003-2004 : ‘Noah and Saskia’ Domestic Children's 13x 30mins ACTF Visual Effects Supervisor
2003 : One Perfect Day Domestic Drama 90mins Lighstream Films Visual Effects Supervisor
2002 : Crackerjack Domestic Comedy 90mins Ruby Productions Visual Effects Supervisor
2002 : Danny Deckchair Domestic Comedy 90mins Andrew Mason Visual Effects Supervisor
2001 : Legacy of the Silver Shadow Domestic Children's 90mins ACTF/Disney Channel Visual Effects Supervisor
1999-2000 : Round the Twist Domestic Children's 13x30mins ACTF Visual Effects Supervisor

Edie Kurzer

Costume Designer
2022: Irreverent International thriller/comedy 10 x 60 mins Peacock/NBC
2018: Judy & Punch Domestic drama 90 mins Seaside Productions
2017: Picnic at Hanging Rock Domestic Drama 6 x 60mins FremantleMedia Australia Costume Designer
2016: Please Like Me Domestic Comedy 6 x 30mins ABC Costume Designer
2015: Molly Domestic Drama 2X120mins Pop Machine Pty Ltd Costume Designer
2014 : The Secret River Domestic Drama 2x120mins Ruby entertainment Costume Designer
2014 : Women He'sUndressed Domestic Documentary 99mins Damien Parer Production Costume Designer
2013: ACTU Domestic Commercia 3x.5mins Sweet Productions Costume Designer
2013 : R.A.C.V. Domestic Commercia 3x.5mins Fiction Films Costume Designer
2012 : Worksafe, Domestic Commercia .5mins Sweet Productions Costume Designer
2009 : Matching Jack Domestic Drama 95 mins Cascade Films Costume Designer
2009 : South Solitary Domestic Drama 90 mins Remote & Blowy Productions Costume Designer
2008: Snake Tales Domestic childrens 13 x 30 mins Westdside Film and TV Production Designer
2005 : Australia Post - B Pay Domestic Commercial Soma Films Production Designer
2005 : Look Both Ways Domestic Drama 90 mins Hibiscus Films Pty Ltd Costume Designer
2001 : Tempted Domestic Drama 90 mins Bill Bennett Productions Costume Designer
1999 : My Mother Frank Domestic Drama 90 mins Australian Film Finance Corporation (AFFC) Costume Designer
2023: NCIS Sydney International Drama 8 x 60 mins CBS Costume Designer
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