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Whyte House Entertainment

2014: Strange Rumblings in Shangri-LA International Documentary 60mins Whyte House Entertainment
2012: Electric Blue Heaven International Surf 12mins Whyte House Productions
2011: Year Zero International Surf 12mins Whyte House Productions
2010: Ungu International Surf 12mins Whyte House Productions
2007-2010: United by Fate (Episodes 1 - 6) International Skate 6x20mins Whyte House Productions
2009: Love the Beast Domestic Documentary 92mins Whyte House Productions
2008: New Emissions of Light and Sound International Documentary 40mins Whyte House Productions
2005-2008: Globe WCT Fiji Pro event Domestic Sport 3x52mins Whyte House Productions
2007: The Man who sold the World Domestic Documentary 87mins Whyte House Productions
2006: Secret Machine International Sport 52mins Whyte House Productions
2002-2006: Globe World Cup Skateboarding Domestic Sport 5x52mins Whyte House Productions
2005 : What If? International Skate 50mins Whyte House Productions
2004: AKA Girl Surfer Domestic Sport/Surf 52mins Whyte House Productions
2004: Somewhere Everywhere Anywhere Domestic Surf 52mins Whyte House Productions
2004: Round Three International Skate 49mins Whyte House Productions
2001: Tic Tac 2 Heelflip Domestic Documentary 52mins Whyte House Productions
2001: Down and Out with the Dolls International Drama 88mins Whyte House Productions
2001: AKA Girl Skater Domestic Sport/Skate 26mins Whyte House Productions
2001: Opinion Domestic Skate 50mins Whyte House Productions
1999: The Heist International Drama 83mins Whyte House Productions

Knowing Pictures

2014 : Herein This Time Domestic Variety Ark Film Productions
2013 : Bunna Lawrie - A Rare Gem Domestic Factual / Documentary 14mins NITV/ OPEN CHANNEL
2013 : Keeping Harmony Domestic Factual / Documentary 14mins NITV/ OPEN CHANNEL
2013: Maza's Got Talent Domestic Factual / Documentary 14mins NITV/ OPEN CHANNEL
2013 : No Jurisdiction Domestic Factual / Documentary 14mins NITV/ OPEN CHANNEL
2013 : Psyches on Bikes Domestic Factual / Documentary Euripidies
2013 : The Ripple Effect Domestic Factual / Documentary 24mins UnitingCare
2013 : Walking The Talk Domestic Factual / Documentary 14mins NITV/ OPEN CHANNEL
2012 : Oh Japan Domestic Variety Mish Armstrong
2012 : The Dream Children Domestic Drama Fat Kid Films
2011 : Back to Basics Domestic Factual / Documentary 30mins Corporate Image Matters
2011 : Golden Girl Domestic Drama Happening Films
2009 : Insignia - Cinema Domestic Commercial 1.30mins TAC
2009 : Like a Dream Domestic Drama Arc Light Filims
2009 : Living in Two Worlds Domestic Factual / Documentary 30mins Open Channel/ NITV
2009 : Saved Domestic Drama 90mins Big and Little Films
2009 : Treasure Hunter Domestic Drama 3mins LongReef Pictures
2008 : Knowing International Drama 121mins Summit Entertainment
2008 : Love the Beast Domestic Factual / Documentary 91mins Pick Up Truck Pictures
2006 : Wild at Heart - Pilot Domestic Factual / Documentary 30mins Roar FIlm
2003 : Kathleen's Antarctic International Factual / Documentary 37mins Frilly Productions
2002 : The What If Man - The Science Fictional Life of Peter Nicholls Domestic Factual / Documentary 52mins

Sara Moroney

Payroll Accountant, Production Accountant
2013-2014 : The Menkoff Method Domestic Comedy Menkoff SPV Pty Ltd Production Accountant
2014 : The Moon and The Sun International Drama Moon and Sun Productions Production Accountant
2014: The Secret River Domestic Drama The Secret River Productions Pty Ltd Production Accountant
2012-2013 : The Wolverine International Drama Fox Film Australia Pty Ltd Payroll Accountant
2011-2012 : Tricky Business Domestic Drama 13x 42mins Screentime Pty Ltd Production Accountant
2008-2010 : Lowdown Domestic Comedy 8x30mins BMZ TV Pty Ltd Production Accountant
2009 : Animal Kingdom Domestic Drama AK Productions Pty Ltd Assistant Accountant
2009 : Don't Be Afraid of the Dark International Drama Don't be Afraid (Aust) Pty Ltd Production Accountant
2008: Big Brother 8 Domestic Reality Southern Star Pty Ltd Production Accountant
2007-2008 : To Hell and Back Domestic Drama Media World Pictures Production Accountant
2007 : Hugo Domestic Drama 20mins Thaumatrope Productions Pty Ltd Production Accountant
2007 : Kath and Kim 4 Domestic Comedy RTP Pty Ltd Production Accountant
2006-2007 : Lake Mungo Domestic Drama Mungo Productions Pty Ltd Production Accountant
2007 : The Nation with Mick Molloy Domestic Comedy Molloy Boy Productions pty Ltd Production Accountant
2005-2006 : Nightmares and Dreamscapes International Drama Coote/Hayes Productions Assistant Accountant
2006 : Romulus, My Father Domestic Drama Arenafilm Pty Ltd Assistant Accountant
2004-2005 : Charlotte's Web International Children's Walden Media Assistant Accountant
2015: Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Mean Tell No Tales International Drama Walt Disney Studios Payroll Accountant
2015: Open Slather Domestic Comedy ABC/Princess Pictures Production Accountant
2016: Reno Rumble Domestic Competition Nine Network/Cavalier Assistant Accountant
2016: Cargo International Horror Causeway Films Production Accountant
2016-2018: Various Domestic Bondi Vet, The Living Room WTFN Entertainmennt Production Accountant
2018-2019: Fantasy Island International Horror Blumhouse/Sony Pictures Payroll Accountant
2019: Love Island International Competition ITV Studios US Production Accountant
2022: Crazy Fun Park Domestic Children's ACTF/ABC/Werner Film Productions Production Accountant
2022: Totally Completely Fine Domestic Drama Fremantle Media Production Accountant
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