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Wham Bam Films

2014 : AFL Umpires Domestic Commercial .5mins Hase Media
2013-2014 : Bleak Domestic Comedy 20mins Princess Pictures
2013 : Anna Domestic Drama 4mins Wham Bam FIlms
2013 : Bread & Butter Domestic Comedy 7mins Wham Bam FIlms
2013 : Eureka Domestic Commercial .5mins Hase Media
2013 : Home Domestic Factual / Documentary 3mins Paper Plane Films
2012-2013: It's A Date Domestic Comedy 3x 12mins Princess Pictures
2012-2013 : Journey to the 100 Man Fight Domestic Factual / Documentary 48mins Anton Cavka Films
2013 : Metricom Domestic Commercial .5mins Hase Media
2013: The Legend Of The Great Lion Domestic Educational 4mins Paper Plane Films
2013 : The Quest Domestic Comedy 7mins No Bull Productions
2013 : The Spectacle Domestic Factual / Documentary 7mins Wham Bam FIlms
2013 : Thom Cross - Heavy Sea Domestic Drama 3.5mins Wham Bam FIlms
2013 : Wet Dreams Domestic Comedy .5mins Wham Bam FIlms
2012 : La Porchetta Domestic Commercial 48mins Yellow Jacket Productions
2011-2012 : Plasticizied Domestic Factual / Documentary .5mins Michael Lutman Films
2012 : Scoopon Domestic Commercial .5mins Sphere Agency
2012 : Shirley Davis - No Trouble on Mountain Domestic Drama 4mins Ryan Productions
2012 : Snapshot Domestic Drama 7mins Cesar Salmeron
2012 : Switch Domestic Drama 10mins Paper Plane Films
2011 : Gore Street Domestic Comedy 7mins Bushranger Productions
2011: Wilderbeast - Drunk to the eyeballs Domestic Comedy 4mins Bushranger Productions
2010 : Dead Man's Debt Domestic Comedy 6mins Betamax
2010 : Rush-Behind The Scenes Domestic Drama 55mins Southern Star Productions
2010 : What You Are Missing Domestic Drama

Christian Di Blasi

2015 : AFL Grand Final Breakfast Domestic Sport NEP Australia Camera Assistant
2015 : AFL Season Domestic Sport NEP Australia Camera Assistant
2015 : Crystal Domestic Drama Mad Alice Media Camera Assistant
2015 : Dyadic Domestic Drama Freelance Gaffer
2015 : eBay Monsters In My Living Room Domestic Commercial Oh Yeah Wow Best Boy Electrics
2015 : Euphoria by Slightly Left of Centre Domestic Commercial Freelance Gaffer
2015 : Follow Me by Life is Better Blonde Domestic Drama Freelance Best Boy Electrics
2015 : Helping Hands Mission Inc Domestic Commercial Warehouse2 Camera Operator
2015 : International Champions Cup Soccer Domestic Sport NEP Australia Steadicam Assistant
2015 : Jimmy & The Apocalypse Domestic Comedy Warehouse2 Steadicam Assistant
2015 : Journey Through Time with Anthony Domestic Drama High Wire Films Best Boy Electrics
2015 : NRL Season Domestic Sport NEP Australia Camera Assistant
2015 : Power Trip by Rose Avenue/Manny J Domestic Reality Warehouse2 Camera Operator
2015 : RoundApp Domestic Commercial Warehouse2 Steadicam Assistant
2015 : Snare Domestic Drama Yeti Boy Films Gaffer
2015 : Soft Light by Ruth Roshan Domestic Drama Oh Yeah Wow Best Boy Electrics
2015 : Soul Jam Domestic Drama Freelance Steadicam Assistant
2015 : Summertime Jam by Manny J Domestic Comedy Warehouse2 Steadicam Assistant
2015 : Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Steven Black Trio Domestic Comedy Mad Alice Media Gaffer
2015: There's Something Wrong With Charlie Domestic Drama Yeti Boy Films Gaffer
2015: UFC 193 Ronda Rousey v Holly Holm Domestic Sport NEP Australia Camera Assistant
2014: Altruism Domestic Drama Freelance Camera Assistant
2014: Can't Help But Wait by Rose Avenue Domestic Commercial Warehouse2 Gaffer
2014: 2014 Don't Argue Domestic Drama Warehouse2 Gaffer
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