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Jane Murphy

Art Director, Set Decorator, Props Master
2021: The Newsreader Domestic Drama Werner Film Productions Props Master
2019: Preacher S4 International Drama Short Drive Entertainment Props Master
2018: The Whistleblower International Action/Drama Whistle Movie Prods P/L Props Master
2017 : Peter Rabbit Domestic PR Productions Pty Ltd Props Master
2016 : The Leftovers International Underdown Productions Pty Ltd Props Master
2016 : Upper Middle Bogan Domestic Comedy Gristmill Pty Ltd Art Director
2015: Jack Irish Domestic Jack Irish Series Pty Ltd Art Director
2014-2015: Please Like Me Domestic Comedy Please Like Me Series 3 Art Director
2014-2015 : The Dressmaker Domestic Drama 120mins Film Art Media Props Master
2013 : Now Add Honey Domestic Comedy 100mins Gristmill Pty Ltd Art Director
2012: Kath and Kimderella Domestic Comedy 86mins Riley Turner Productions Art Director
2009: South Solitary International Drama Remote and Blowy Art Director
2007-2008 : The Pacific International Drama HBO Set Dresser
2005: Charlotte's Web International Drama Paramount Pictures Set Dresser
2002-2003 : Peter Pan International Drama Universal Pictures Set Dresser
2002: Ned Kelly Domestic Drama Our Sunshine Pty Ltd Set Dresser
2001: Dogwoman Domestic Comedy Beyond Simpson LeMesurier Set Decorator
1999: Halifax F.P. Domestic Drama Beyond Simpson LeMesurier Art Director
1997-1998: Babe 2: Pig in the City Domestic Drama Kennedy Miller Productions Props Master
1996: The Genie from Downunder Domestic Comedy ABC/ACTF/BBC Props Buyer
1993: Muriel's Wedding Domestic Drama House & Moorehouse Set Decorator
1988: Outback Bound Domestic Drama CBS Assistant Art Director
1988: The Clean Machine Domestic Drama Kennedy Miller Set Dresser
1987: Nice Coloured Girls Domestic Drama Tracey Moffatt Production Designer
1986: Melba Domestic Drama CB7 Productions Set Dresser
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