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John Fairhead

Safety Supervisor, 1st Assistant Director, Stunt Performer
2017: Slam Domestic SLAM Productions 1st Assistant Director
2016: Three Summers Domestic Three Summers Film Production 1st Assistant Director
2016: Breath Domestic Drama/Sport 115mins Gran Via Productions, Screen Australia Safety Supervisor
2016 : Whiteley Domestic Documentary Northern Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2016: DAFUQ? Domestic Mad Kids 1st Assistant Director
2015: Jasper Jones Domestic Bucktin Productions Pty Ltd Safety SupervisorStunt Performer
2015: OtherLife Domestic Crime 96mins WBMC, Cherry Road Films, Head Gear Film Safety Supervisor
2015 : The Legend of Gavin Tanner Domestic Mad Kids 1st Assistant Director
2015 : Red Dog: True Blue Domestic Taylor Media Safety Supervisor
2015: The Moon & The Sun International Lightstream Pictures Safety Supervisor
2014 : Looking For Grace Domestic Taylor Media 1st Assistant Director
2014 : HBF "Hospital" Domestic Commercial Beautiful Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2013 : Stone Age Man Domestic Documentary Electric Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2013 : Kill Me Three Times Domestic KM3T Productions 1st Assistant Director
2013 : Alinta Gas Domestic Commercial Revolver Films 1st Assistant Director
2012-2013 : The Turning-Aquifer, Fog, Commission, Defender Domestic Drama Savage Films 1st Assistant Director
2012: The War That Changed Us Domestic Factual / Documentary Electric Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2012 : Son of a Gun - Splinter Unit Domestic Drama Son of a Gun Productions 1st Assistant Director
2011: Accidental Soldier Domestic Drama Sllent Parts Productions 1st Assistant Director
2011 : Drift Domestic Drama Drift International Safety Supervisor
2011 : Save Your Legs Domestic Comedy Another Man's Box Pty Ltd Safety Supervisor
2010 : Jandamarra's War Domestic Factual / Documentary Electric Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2010 : The Killer Elite Domestic Drama Ambience Productions Safety Supervisor
2009 : Dead Normal Domestic Children's Burberry Productions 1st Assistant Director
2009 : Lockie Leonard 2 Domestic Children's Goal Post Productions 1st Assistant Director
2008 : ANZ - Spelling Bee Domestic Comedy Radical Media 1st Assistant Director
2008 : Bitter Art Domestic Drama Fade In Films Pty Ltd 1st Assistant Director
2008 : Knowing International Drama Ezekiel Films Pty Ltd Safety Supervisor
2007 : Kath & Kim Domestic Comedy Riley Turner Productions Safety Supervisor
2007 : Long Tan Domestic Factual / Documentary Mental Media 1st Assistant Director
2007: Neighbours Domestic Drama Global Television Stunt Performer
2007 : To Hell and Back Domestic Comedy Media World Productions Safety Supervisor
2007 : Underbelly Domestic Drama Screentime Pty Ltd Safety SupervisorStunt Performer
2006: Where the Wild Things Are International Worldwide Maurice International Company Safety Supervisor
2005-2006 : Sleep Over Club 2 Domestic Children's Southern Star 1st Assistant Director
2005: Ghost Rider International Vengence Productions Safety Supervisor
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