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Miriam Kenter

2024: Coopers Beer International Factual 2mins &4x25sec Special Group Melbourne
2024: Hitler's Jewish Soldier? International Factual / Documentary 60mins Mint Pictures
2024: Psychedelics: Stepping Into The Unknown Domestic Factual / Documentary 75mins Blackfella Films
2023: Farnham: Finding The Voice International Factual / Documentary 120mins Beyond Entertainment
2023: Herberton: Heart of the North Domestic Factual 30min Renegade Films
2023: Jones Family Christmas Domestic 75 mins 2Jons Productions Tutor
2023: Sky Blue: Inside Sydney FC International Factual / Documentary 4x60mins Mint Pictures
2021: Come Dance With Me International Reality 11x60min CBS - Jam TV Tutor
2021: People's Republic of Mallacoota Domestic Factual / Documentary 6x30mins Renegade Films
2020: Making Their Mark Domestic Factual / Documentary 7X60mins Jam TV
2019-20: The Chase Australia Domestic Reality Ongoing ITV Studios Casting Associate
2019: The Pool Domestic Factual / Documentary 2x60mins Mint Pictures
2018: Aftermath: Beyond Black Saturday Domestic Factual / Documentary 57mins Renegade Films
2018: End Of Empire Domestic Factual / Documentary 6x30min Sandpiper Entertainment Pty Ltd
2017: David Stratton’s Stories of Australian Cinema Domestic Factual / Documentary 3x59min Stranger Than Fiction Films
2015: The Great Australian Education Experiment Domestic Factual 4x60 mins Cordell Jigsaw Productions Researcher
2015: Avalon Airshow 2015 - Heroes of the Sky Domestic Factual 120 seconds Visual Playground / Avalon Australia International Airshow
2014 : Making Australia Great: Inside Our Longest Boom Domestic Factual / Documentary 3x60mins ABC Producer's Assistant
2013: The Art of Australia Domestic Factual / Documentary 3x60mins Serendipity Productions Researcher
2012: Paper Giants 2 - The Magazine Wars Domestic Drama 2x60mins Southern Star Researcher
2012: Dirty Business: How Mining Made Australia Domestic Factual / Documentary 3x60mins Renegade Films Researcher
2012: Sporting Nation Domestic Factual /Documentary 3x60mins Princess Pictures
2011: Ned Kelly: Uncovered Domestic 60min Renegade Films
2010: Immigration Nation: The Secret History of Us Domestic Factual / Documentary 3x60mins Renegade Films Researcher
2010: Inside the Firestorm Domestic Factual / Documentary 115mins Renegade Films Researcher

Elisa Pascarel

2017: Guilty (working title Domestic Drama 80mins Savage Films 1st Assistant Director
2017: Spookers International Doco Drama 90mins Madman Productions Co 1st Assistant Director
2016: The Inland Road Domestic Drama 80mins Sabertooth Films & NZ film commission 1st Assistant Director
2016: The Marshes Domestic Psychological horror 80mins 28productions 1st Assistant Director
2016: The Great Maiden's Blush International Drama 108mins Torchlight Films, Godwit Films 1st Assistant Director
2016: Ema Nudar Umanu International Drama 70mins Malkriado cinema 1st Assistant Director
2016: The Knife Salesman Domestic Drama 11mins Golden Moss Films 1st Assistant Director
2016: Beyond the Bridge International Drama 40mins Hanuman Films Director's Assistant
2015 : Shortage of Children International Drama 45mins 1divided 2nd Assistant Director
2014: La paix International Drama 12mins Kidam 1st Assistant Director
2013: Being Homer Simpson Domestic Comedy 20mins TC productions 1st Assistant Director
2011: Zombinladen: The Axis of Evil Dead Domestic Horror 4mins GEDEON communications 1st Assistant Director
2011: Chante!, Serie, Musical International TELE IMAGES KIDS Location Scout
2011: Mystery at the Moulin Rouge International Drama Thriller 100mins Marathon Media Group Location Scout
2010-2011: Chante!, Serie Musical International TELE IMAGES KIDS 3rd Assistant Director
2010-2013: Various International commercials GEDEON communications Line Producer
2010: Trois femmes amoureuses International Drama 19mins Les films d'Avalon Continuity
2010: Another Woman's Life International Drama 97mins Numéro 4 Production Location Scout
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