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Glenn Newnham

2018: Mary Magdalene International Drama See-Saw Films, Porchlight Films, Universal Pictures International Production (UPIP) Dialogue Editor
2017: The King's Daughter International Action Brookwell-McNamara Entertainment, Kylin Pictures, Lightstream Entertainment Dialogue Editor
2017: Jungle International Action 115mins Babber Films, Cutting Edge Group, Screen Australia Dialogue Editor
2017: Ellipsis Domestic Drama 85mins Arenamedia Dialogue Editor
2016: Lion Domestic Drama 118mins See-Saw Films Sound Editor
2016 : The Search For Life In Space Domestic Documentary 32mins December Media Sound Designer
2015 : The Moon And The Sun Domestic Drama Lightstream Entertainment Sound Editor
2015 : The Beautiful Lie Domestic Drama Southern Star Sound Editor
2015 : The Dressmaker Domestic Drama 119mins Amazon Studios Sound Designer
2015: Is This The Real World Domestic Drama Point Of View Films Sound Editor
2015: Gallipoli Domestic Drama Nine Network Australia Sound Editor
2014: Kill Me Three Times Domestic Action/Comedy Cargo Entertainment Sound Designer
2014: My Mistress Domestic Drama Mini Studios Sound Editor
2014: Deep Sea Challenge 3D International Documentary Earthship Productions Sound Editor
2014 : Predestination Domestic Drama Mini Studios Sound Editor
2013: Words And Pictures International Drama Latitude Productions, USA / Canada Sound Designer
2013: Hidden Universe 3D Domestic Documentary December Media Sound Designer
2013 : Mr And Mrs Murder Domestic Drama Fremantle Media Sound Editor
2012: A Moody Christmas Domestic Comedy Jungle FTV Sound Editor
2012 : The Mystery Of A Hansom Cab Domestic Drama Burberry Productions Sound Editor
2012 : Underground - The Julian Assange Story Domestic Drama Drama, Matchbox Pictures Sound Editor
2012: Kath And Kimberella Domestic Comedy Riley Turner Productions Sound Editor
2012 : Mental Domestic Comedy Zucker Productions Sound Editor
2012 : The Cup Domestic Drama Silver Lion Films Sound Editor
2011: Beaconsfield Domestic Drama Southern Star Sound Editor
2011: Killer Elite Feature Domestic Drama Omnilab Media Sound Editor
2011: Offspring Series 2 Domestic Drama Southern Star Sound Editor
2010-2011 : The Eye Of The Storm Domestic Drama Paper Bark Films Pty Ltd Sound Designer
2011 : Winners and Losers Domestic Drama Seven Network Sound Editor
2010: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Domestic Drama Dark Films Sound Editor
2010: Sanctum Domestic Drama Sanctum Australia Sound Editor
2010 : The Cup Domestic Drama Village Roadshow Pictures Sound Editor
2009 : Blessed Domestic Drama Wildheart Films Sound Editor
2009: Rush Series 2 (Eps 13-22) Domestic Drama Southern Star Sound Editor
2009 : Subdivision Domestic Drama Freshwater Pictures Sound Editor
2009 : The Boys Are Back Domestic Drama Kino Films Sound Editor
2009 : Wilfred Series 2 Domestic Comedy Renegade Films Sound Designer
2008 : Long Weekend Domestic Drama Arclight Films Sound Designer
2008: Red Cliff International Drama China Film Group Sound Editor
2008: Tangle (Episodes 1 & 2) Domestic Drama Southern Star Sound Editor
2008 : The Forbidden Kingdom International Drama China Film Co-Production Corporation Sound Editor
2007 : Corroboree Domestic Drama I Won't Grow Up Sound Designer
2007 : In Her Skin Domestic Drama Liberty Films International Sound Editor
2006-2007 : No Reservations International Drama Warner Bros Sound Designer
2007 : The Children Of The Silk Road Domestic Drama Bluewater Films Sound Editor
2007 : Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon International Drama China Film Group Sound Editor
2006: Boytown Domestic Comedy Molloy Boy Productions Sound Editor
2006 : The Curse Of The Golden Flower International Drama Beijing New Picture Film Co Sound Editor
2006 : The Jammed Domestic Drama Jammed Films

Stagewolf Productions

2016: Fosters - Australian For Beer Domestic 15 sec Stagewolf Productions
2016: Mclaren P1 Domestic 2 mins Stagewolf Productions Producer
2016: Bacardi - Projections Domestic 30secs Stagewolf Productions
2016: Twinings Domestic 30 secs Stagewolf Productions
2016: Cult Girls Domestic 2.30mins
2016: Caulfield Racecourse - Millinery Showcase Video Domestic 15mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: Mclaren Melbourne, Launch Event Domestic 2mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: Caller On The Line Domestic Drama 18mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: Schatten Schelm Domestic Fiction 12mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: Kitte - Unapologetic Opulence, BTS Film Domestic 2:20mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: Yellow Octopus - Even Jerks Domestic 2x1min& 30 sec Stagewolf Productions
2016: Your Tea Domestic 5mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: QT Hotel Melbourne, Launch Event Video, Domestic 2mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: #Project24, Fashion Film Domestic 2mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: Making of #Project24, BTS Film Domestic 8mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: Kisskill - Photoshoot, BTS Film Domestic 1.30mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: Badgers Bluff - Fresh Cut American Whiskey Domestic 1.30mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: Melbourne Exhibition Centre (MCEC) - Open Space 2016 Domestic 1:15mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: Meshiaak - Drowning Fading Falling Domestic 4:44mins Stagewolf Productions
2016: Swarovski Diamonds - New Face of Fall/Winter 2016 Domestic 30secs Stagewolf Productions
2015: Vanishing Point - Endless Road Domestic 6mins Stagewolf Productions Post-Production
2015: Teramaze - Her Halo Domestic 5mins Stagewolf Productions
2015: Teramaze - Out of Subconscious Domestic 6mins Stagewolf Productions
2015: Adidas Originals - Infinite Possibilities Domestic 3mins Stagewolf Productions
2015,: Pure Blonde Ultra, Social Media Video Domestic 30secs Stagewolf Productions
2015: Billy Tempest - Playing With Fire Domestic Sport 1.30mins Stagewolf Productions
2015: Martin Kvale - Lights & Sounds Domestic 5mins Stagewolf Productions
2015: BeIn Sports - Asia Cup Coverage Domestic News/Sport Stagewolf Productions
2014: First Group - Property Investment in Dubai Domestic 7mins Stagewolf Productions
2014: Powershop & Pollinate initiative Domestic 3mins Stagewolf Productions
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