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Moxie Music

2009-2014 : From Parts Unknown Domestic Comedy 110mins Strongman Pictures
2012-2014 : Only The Young Die Good Domestic Drama 100mins Southside Productions
2014 : Spec Daddy Domestic Commercial 1min Kouzmin Geoforensics Pty
2014 : Zero Domestic Drama 15mins Howard Fine Acting Studio & Dioscuri Films
2013 : Heavy TV Domestic Factual / Documentary 15mins Heavy TV
2013 : Last Night Domestic Drama 15mins Howard Fine Acting Studio & Dioscuri Films
2009-2012 : The Pawn Domestic Drama 90mins Persistent Hack Pictures
2012 : Typo Domestic Comedy 6mins David Brand
2011 : Australian Design Awards Domestic Factual / Documentary 4mins Lightbox Films
2011 : Safety DVD For Epworth Hospital Domestic Factual / Documentary 4mins Southside Productions
2011 : Telstra Sales Kick Off - Senior Leadership Team Domestic Commercial 40mins C4LIVE
2009-2010 : Burlesque Domestic Drama 15mins Dank Films
2010 : Citizen Ja Li Domestic Drama 90mins GUNG HO Productions
2010 : Matchbreaker Domestic Drama 15mins Dark Heart Productions
2010 : Of Land and Bounty Domestic Drama 15mins Dark Heart Productions
2009: Australian Biker Build Off Domestic Factual / Documentary 120mins Threefold Films
2007-2009 : Bad Habits Domestic Drama 90mins Dank Films
2008-2009 : Bushranger Origins - The Victorian Era Domestic Factual / Documentary 80mins Associated Creative Talents
2009 : Dance Be In It Domestic Children's Dance Be In It
2009 : Indigo Domestic Educational Indigo TV
2009 : Insignia Domestic Drama 2mins Big And Little Films

Inov8 Entertainment

2016-2019,: Khrushchev's Revenge International Drama 140mins Countdown Motion Pics - Hollywood, Inov8 Ent / Constantin Films Producer
2014-2015: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales International Drama 140mins Walt Disney / Jerry Bruckheimer Films Co-Producer
2010-2013: Passing Winds Domestic Comedy 110mins Inov8 Entertainment / Winnah Films Executive Producer
2009-2012: Rockin' Ricky Roberts Domestic Commercial 110mins Inov8 Entertainment Producer
2009-2012: The Course Domestic Comedy 100mins Inov8 Entertainment ProducerWriter
2010-2011: Wild Food Domestic Reality 23mins Inov8 Entertainment Producer
2010: Peter Brock - Road to Glory Domestic Factual/Documentary 47mins Inov8 Entertainment Producer
2007-2010: Still On Borrowed Time Domestic Factual/Documentary 180mins Inov8 Entertainment Producer
2006-2007: Nanotechnology Domestic Factual/Documentary 23mins Hide and Seek Pty Ltd Producer
2006-2007: Workplace Relations Domestic Commercial Hide and Seek Pty Ltd Producer
2005: Salvation Army Domestic Commercial Hide and Seek Productions Producer
1993: Australia After Dark Domestic Drama The Film Production Company Pty Ltd Producer
1990-1991: The Rocketeer International Drama 120mins Walt Disney Productions
1989-1990: On Borrowed Time Domestic Drama The Film House Producer
1989-1990: The Russia House International Drama 112mins Universal Pictures
1989: Jack Thompson Down Under Domestic Drama 24mins Beyond, Australia,
1987: Evil Angels (Alt Title: A Cry in the Dark International Drama 122mins Cannon Entertainment / Warner Brothers
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