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Andrew Power

2018: Peter Rabbit International Animation Animal Logic Entertainment, Animal Logic, Columbia Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2018: Lets See How Fast This Baby Will Go Domestic Drama RKPix 1st Assistant Director
2017: Offspring Domestic Drama Southern Star 1st Assistant Director
2017: The Warriors Domestic Drama Arenamedia 1st Assistant Director
2016-2017: Sense8 International Drama 60mins Anarchos Productions, Georgeville Television, Javelin Productions 1st Assistant Director
2016 : Hounds of Love Domestic Drama Factor 30 films 1st Assistant Director
2015 : Nowhere Boys:The Book of Shadows Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2015 : Scare Campaign Domestic Drama Cyan films 1st Assistant Director
2015 : The Beautiful Lie Domestic Drama Endemol Productions 1st Assistant Director
2012-2015 : The Doctor Blake Mysteries Domestic Drama December Media 1st Assistant Director
2014: Its a Date 2 Domestic Comedy Princess Pictures 1st Assistant Director
2013-2014: Offspring Domestic Drama Southern Star Productions 1st Assistant Director
2010-2013 : Winners and Losers Domestic Drama Network 7 1st Assistant Director
2013 : Worst Year of my Life Again Domestic 1st Assistant Director
2009-2011: Rush Domestic Drama Southern Star 1st Assistant Director
2009-2010 : Swerve Domestic Drama Swerve Productions 1st Assistant Director
2008 : City Homicide Domestic Drama Network 7 1st Assistant Director
2007-2008: The Pacific-VFX Unit International Drama First Division Productions 1st Assistant Director
2007: Underbelly Domestic Drama Screentime 1st Assistant Director
2004-2006 : McLeod's Daughters Domestic Drama Millennium Television 1st Assistant Director
2006 : Where the Wild Things Are-Miniature Unit International Drama More Rice Productions 1st Assistant Director
2005 : Ghost Rider-T Unit International Drama Sony Columbia 1st Assistant Director
2004 : Puppy Domestic Drama Springer Films 1st Assistant Director
2002-2003 : The Secret Life of Us - Series 3 Domestic Drama West Street Productions 1st Assistant Director
2001 : Beastmaster Domestic Drama Coote/Hayes Productions 1st Assistant Director
2001 : Stingers Domestic Drama Simpson Le Mesurier 1st Assistant Director

Jasmine Burridge

Location Manager, Location Scout, Field Producer
2023: Ghost Busters International Fiction 135mins Sony Pictures Location Scout
2022: Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 2 International Action/Adventure 180mins Paramount Location Manager
2021: Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 International Action/Adventure 163mins Paramount Location Manager
2021: The Batman International Action 176mins Warner Bros Location Manager
2021: Jimmy Choos/Autumn/ Winter Collection International Fashion 35sec Production Club Location Manager
2019: Wonder Woman 1984 International Action/Advent 151mins Warner Bros Location Manager
2019: Ironbark International Action/Advent 111mins Film Nation Entertainment Location Manager
2018: The Feed International Sci-fi/ Thriller 10 x 45mins Amazon Location Manager
2018: Chimerica International Thriller 4 x 48mins Channel 4 Location Manager
2013: Velux International Editorial 2mins Playground Television Location Manager
2021: Enola Holmes 2 International Action/Advent 130mins Legendary Pictures Location Scout
2017: Gun No. 6 International Doc/Drama Crime 70mins BBC 2 Location Scout
2019: Behind Her Eyes International Thriller 6 x 55mins Netflixs Location Scout
2019: Pinko International Fashion 2mins Pinko Fashion Location Scout
2019: Dracula International Sci-fi/ Thriller 3 x 90mins BBC Location Scout
2019: Bad for Business International 2mins Google Location Scout
2019: The Old Guard International Action/Advent 125mins Skydance Location Scout
2017: Anti-Slavery Campaign International Factual 30mins National Crime Agency UK Location Scout
2017: Hatton Garden International Thriller 4 x 60mins ITV Assistant Location Manager
2017: The Royals S.4 International Drama 6 x 45mins Lionsgate Assistant Location Manager

Olivia Shore

2013-2014 : Grand Designs Australia Domestic Factual / Documentary FremantleMedia Production Coordinator
2014 : The Mannequin Project Domestic Factual / Documentary Entertainthinkinspire & crankyfish Producer
2012-2013 : Grand Designs Australia Domestic Factual / Documentary FremantleMedia Production Assistant
2011-2012: Neighbours Domestic Drama FremantleMedia Script Consultant
2010-2011 : Neighbours Domestic Drama FremantleMedia Production Assistant
2010 : Bank of Queensland Domestic Commercial Film Constructions Production Assistant
2010 : Commonwealth Bank ‘The Last Push’ Online Domestic Commercial Pure Pictures Production Manager
2010 : Peaches ‘Mud’ Domestic Drama Pure Pictures Production Coordinator
2010 : These Empty Streets Domestic Drama Fourare Films Producer
2009 : Everything’s On Show - Nova FM Domestic Commercial Jungleboys Location Scout
2009: Frank & Jerry Domestic Comedy Pure Pictures Production Coordinator
2009 : Taj Domestic Drama Oziinda Films Unit Manager
2009 : The Dream Children Domestic Drama Fat Kid Films Location Scout
2008 : Baptcare - Abercare Family Services Domestic Factual / Documentary 9mins Heydon Films Production Manager
2007-2008 : Curtin University - Thanks for the Memories Domestic Educational 14mins Heydon Films Production Manager
2008 : Fade Domestic Drama 13mins Heydon Films Production Coordinator
2008: Freestate - Necessary Domestic Interactive Entertainment 2mins Heydon Films Production Coordinator
2008 : St Vincent De Paul Society Domestic Factual / Documentary 14x1mins Heydon Films Production Manager
2007 : City of Melville - 6 Short Domestic Drama 6x7mins Heydon Films Production Coordinator
2007 : Navway - Businessman Domestic Commercial Heydon Films Production Coordinator
2006 : ADF Next Cadet DVD Domestic Production Coordinator
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