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Heather Cassidy

2015-2016 : Bespoke Domestic Documentary Viking Films Production CoordinatorResearcher
2014-2015 : Death Or Liberty International Factual / Documentary 45mins Roar Film Production Coordinator
2014 : Apple International Factual / Documentary 5mins Jade Productions Production Coordinator
2014 : Beautiful Mind Domestic Drama 4mins Passionfruit Creative ProducerWriter
2014 : Foxtel Disney Channel Domestic Drama 0.5mins Sheepish Lion Production Assistant
2014 : Home Hill Domestic Factual / Documentary 10mins Passionfruit Creative ProducerWriter
2014 : Honda Domestic Factual / Documentary 0.5mins Airbag Production Production Assistant
2014 : Town Hall Domestic Comedy 25mins High Wire Films Casting Assistant
2014 : Vivo Milk International Drama 0.5mins Hub Productions Production Assistant
2013 : Asics Melbourne Marathong Domestic Factual / Documentary 2mins Revolver Production Assistant
2013 : Chobani International Drama 3x0.5mins Revolver Production Assistant
2013 : Chobani International Factual / Documentary 5mins Revolver Camera Operator
2013 : Nowhere Boys Domestic Children's 25mins Matchbox Pictures Production Assistant
2013 : Our Year at Catholic Ladies College Domestic Factual / Documentary 30mins BWS Production Director
2010-2011 : Terra Nova International Drama Fox Production Assistant
2010 : Crawl Domestic Drama Crawl Productions Production Coordinator
2009-2010 : Lola the Magnificent Domestic Children's 10mins Heather Cassidy Producer
2009: Clarity Domestic Drama Melissa McLeary Co-Producer
2009 : Nokia OVI International Commercial Film Headquarters Production Coordinator
2009 : Shaping the State Domestic Factual / Documentary Network TEN Researcher
2008 : Borderline Domestic Drama Heather Cassidy Producer

Jay Adshead

Director, Production Coordinator, Writer
2018/2019: Preacher International Comedy/Sci Fi 10x60mins AMC Network/Sony Pictures Production Coordinator
2018: Miss Fisher's MODern Murder Mysteries Domestic Drama 4x120mins Channel 7 Production Coordinator
2018: Ride like a girl Domestic Drama 90mins 100 TO 1 PRODUCTIONS Production Coordinator
2018: Real Love Domestic Disco/Pop 6mins WE LOVE FILM Director
2018: Back in very small business Domestic Comedy 8x30mins GRISTMILL Production Coordinator
2017: Glitch International Drama 8x60mins MATCHBOX PICTURES Production Coordinator
2017: The Wrong Girl Domestic Comedy/Drama 10x30mins NETWORK TEN Production Coordinator
2016: Every Bit Counts Domestic Black Comedy 15mins WE LOVE FILM Director
2016: Please Like Me Series 4 International Comedy 6x30mins GUESSWORK Post Production Assistant
2016: Seven Types Of Ambiguity Domestic Drama 4x60mins MATCHBOX PICTURES Production Coordinator
2015: Barracuda Domestic Drama 6x60mins MATCHBOX PICTURES Production Coordinator
2015: Please Like Me Series 3 Domestic Comedy 10x30mins GUESSWORK Production Secretary
2014: A Clean Break Domestic Black Comedy 15mins WE LOVE FILM Director
2014: The Dressmaker Domestic Black Comedy 118mins FILMART MEDIA Production Secretary
2014: Wentworth Series 3 Domestic Drama 12x45mins FOXTEL Production Secretary
2014: Sucker Domestic Comedy 90mins 3 CARD MONTE Production Secretary
2013: Cut Snake Domestic Drama 94mins MATCHBOX PICTURES Production Secretary
2013: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Series 2 Domestic Drama 13x45mins EVERYCLOUD PRODUCTIONS Production Secretary
2012: Blow Me Domestic Comedy 6mins WE LOVE FILM Director
2012: Mr & Mrs Murder Domestic Comedy 13x45mins NETWORK TEN Production Secretary
2012: I, Frankenstein International Sci Fi 92mins LAKESHORE ENTERTAINMENT 3rd Assistant Director
2011: Lowdown Series 2 Domestic Comedy 8x30mins ABC TV 3rd Assistant Director
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