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Nathan James

Safety Supervisor, Stunt Performer
2020: The Dry International Drama, Thriller The Dry Film Production P/L Safety Supervisor
2020: Lone Wolf Domestic Drama Lone Wolf Cohort P/L Safety Supervisor
2019: Angel Of Mine International Drama, Thriller SixtyFourSixty AOM Productions P/L Safety Supervisor
2019: Glitch 3 International Drama, Sci-Fi Matchbox Pictures Safety Supervisor
2018: Nowhere Boys (Sn.4) International Drama, Sci-Fi Matchbox Pictures Safety Supervisor
2018: How To Stay Married Domestic Drama, Comedy HTSM Productions Safety Supervisor
2015 : Molly Domestic Drama Pop Machine Safety Supervisor
2014 : Cut Snake Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures Safety Supervisor
2014 : INXS: Never Tear Us Apart Domestic Drama Shine Australia Stunt Performer
2014: Now Add Honey Domestic Comedy Gristmill Safety Supervisor
2014 : Nowhere Boys Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures Safety Supervisor
2014 : Oddball Domestic Drama The Film Company Safety Supervisor
2014 : The Dressmaker International Drama Screen Australia Safety Supervisor
2014 : The Heckler Domestic Comedy Inspiration Studios Safety Supervisor
2013-2014 : The Time Of Our Lives Domestic Drama ABC Safety Supervisor
2013 : Ciffy Domestic Drama Clock End Film Stunt Performer
2012-2013 : Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries Domestic Drama Every Cloud Productions Safety Supervisor
2013 : Mr & Mrs Murder Domestic Drama Fremantle Media Stunt Performer
2013 : The Block 'Auction' Domestic Reality Cavalier Television Safety Supervisor
2011-2013 : Winners & Losers Domestic Drama Seven Network Safety Supervisor
2012 : House Husbands Domestic Drama Playmaker Media Safety Supervisor
2011 : The Killer Elite Domestic Drama Ambience Entertainment Safety Supervisor
2010 : The Pacific International Drama Dreamworks SKG Stunt Performer
2009 : Knowing International Drama Summint Entertainment Stunt Performer