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David Nelson

Art and Production Design, Post-Production, Visual Effects Supervisor
2018-2020: Sonic the Hedgehog International Family 90mins MARZA/SEGA, Paramount Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2017-2018: Aquaman International Drama 100mins Method Studios Melbourne, Warner Bros. DC Comics Visual Effects Supervisor
2017: Mary Magdalene International Drama 110mins Porchlight Films, Universal Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2017: Jumanji International Family 90 mins Iloura Melbourne Visual Effects Supervisor
2016: John Wick 2 International Action 90mins Method Studios Sydney Visual Effects Supervisor
2016: 24 Hours to Live International Drama 90mins Thunder Road Pictures, Fundamental Films Visual Effects Supervisor
2015-2016: The Shallows Domestic Drama 90mins Sony Columbia Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2014-2015: Sonic the Hedgehog Project Development International Animation MARZA Animation Tokyo Visual Effects Supervisor
2011-2013 : Mad Max 4 Fury Road Domestic Drama Kenney Miller Mitchell Visual Effects Supervisor
2009-2011 : Happy Feet 2 International Animation 90mins Kenney Miller Mitchell Production Designer
2006-2007 : Fools Gold International Comedy 90mins Warner Bros. Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2004-2006 : Happy Feet International Animation 90mins Kenney Miller Mitchell Art Director
2003-2004 : ‘Noah and Saskia’ Domestic Children's 13x 30mins ACTF Visual Effects Supervisor
2003 : One Perfect Day Domestic Drama 90mins Lighstream Films Visual Effects Supervisor
2002 : Crackerjack Domestic Comedy 90mins Ruby Productions Visual Effects Supervisor
2002 : Danny Deckchair Domestic Comedy 90mins Andrew Mason Visual Effects Supervisor
2001 : Legacy of the Silver Shadow Domestic Children's 90mins ACTF/Disney Channel Visual Effects Supervisor
1999-2000 : Round the Twist Domestic Children's 13x30mins ACTF Visual Effects Supervisor

Dee McClelland CSI

2017 : A Few Less Men Domestic Comedy Tania Chambers, Laurence Malkin, Share Stallings Colour Grader
2017: Offspring Series 7 Domestic Drama Endemol Australia Colour Grader
2016: Red Dog True Blue Domestic Drama Woss Group Film Productions Colour Grader
2016: The Dr Blake Mysteries, Series 5 Domestic Drama December Media Colour Grader
2016 : Newtons Law Domestic Drama Everycloud Productions Colour Grader
2016 : Please Like Me Domestic Drama Josh and John Productions Colour Grader
2016: Body Hack Domestic Essential Media Essential Media Colour Grader
2016 : Tomorrow When the War Began Domestic Drama Omnilab Media Colour Grader
2016 : Monsieur Mayonnaise Domestic Documentary Trevor Graham, Lisa Wang Colour Grader
2015: Mary the Making of a Princess Domestic Docudrama Fremantle Media Colour Grader
2015 : Winners and Losers Domestic Drama Seven Network Colour Grader
2015 : Kill Me Three Times Domestic Cargo Entertainment, Feisty Dame Productions, Media House Capital, Parabolic Pictures Inc Colour Grader
2015 : Strangerland Domestic Worldview Entertainment, Dragonfly Pictures, Fastnet Films Colour Grader
2015 : The Will To Fly Domestic Documentary Binding Films Colour Grader
2015 : Winter at Westbeth Domestic Documentary Unicorn Films Colour Grader
2015 : Please Like Me Domestic Drama Josh and John Productions Colour Grader
2015 : The Dr Blake Mysteries Domestic December Media Colour Grader
2015 : The Divorce Domestic Princess Pictures Colour Grader
2015 : The Family Law Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures Colour Grader
2015 : Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Domestic Everycloud Productions Colour Grader
2015 : Putuparri and the Rainmakers Domestic Documentary Sensible Films Colour Grader
2015 : Uranium, Twisting the Dragons Tail Domestic Documentary Gene Pool Productions Colour Grader