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Filmology Finance

2023: Arthur's Whisky International Comedy 120min Filmology Finance
2023: Chief of Station International Action, Thriller 120mins Filmology Finance
2023: Whats Remians of Us International Thriller 120mins Filmology Finance
2023: Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose International Drama 120mins Future Artists Entertainment / Filmology Finance
2022: Run Rabbit Run Domestic Thriller 120mins Carver Films / XYZ Films / Filmology Finance
2022: The Infernal Machine International Thriller 120mins MovieBox / Filmology Finance
2022: Mercy Road International Thriller 90mins Arclight Films / Filmology Finance
2022: Troppo Domestic Crime, Thriller 8 x 1hour The Steve Jaggi Company / Filmology Finance
2022: The Reef: Stalked Domestic Thriller 90mins Thills & Spills / Filmology Finance / Truth or Dare
2022: Seriously Red Domestic Drama 110mins Dollhouse Pictures / Robyn Kershaw Productions / Filmology Finance
2021: Love in Bloom International Romcom 90mins The Steve Jaggi Company / Filmology Finance
2021-: Dive Club Domestic Drama, Mystery 12 x 30mins The Steve Jaggi Company / Filmology Finance
2021: Sit. Stay. Love. International Romcom 88mins The Steve Jaggi Company / Filmology Finance
2021: Great White Domestic Action, Thriller 100mins Thills & Spills / Filmology Finance / Truth or Dare
2020: Black Water: Abyss Domestic Action, Thriller 98mins Thills & Spills / Filmology Finance / Truth or Dare
2020: Never Too Late Domestic Comedy 95mins F.G. Film Productions / Filmology Finance
2014-2017: Get Ace International Comedy 104 x 12mins Hulu / Filmology Finance
2013-2015: Heart&Soul International Music 26 x 30min 1440 Productions / Filmology Finance

Holly Salmons

Producer, Production Accountant
2023: Strange Creatures Domestic comedy 110 Strange Creatures Production Accountant
2023: Shayda Domestic Drama 110 mins Origma Films Accountant
2022: Hazbin Hotel International Comedy 30min x 8 Princess Bento Production Accountant
2022: Time to Die Domestic PILOT 60 mins Time to Die Prods/ Network 10 Production Accountant
2022: Strait to the Plait S2 Domestic Cooking 60mins x 6 Lone Star Productions Production Accountant
2022: Smiling Friends International Animation 30 mins x8 Princess Bento Production Accountant
2021: Jellystone International Children's animation series 10 x 22 mins Warner Bros Production Accountant
2020: Undone Domestic Factual/ Documentary 52 mins Candid Films Production Accountant
2020: Kangaroo Beach Domestic Animation 26 x 11 mins Cheeky Little Media Production Accountant
2020: This Little Love of Mine Domestic Drama 110mins The Steve Jaggi Company Production Accountant
2019: The Bikes of Wrath Domestic factual / documentary 6 x 50 mins Doss Flamingoss Production Accountant
2019: Virtual Yagan VR Domestic factual / documentary 6 x 5 mins Periscope Pictures Production Accountant
2019: Biogenesis Domestic factual / documentary 6 x 5 mins Blue Forest Media Production Accountant
2019: Bad Mothers Domestic drama 12 x 60 mins Jungle Entertainment Assistant Accountant
2018: The Kimberley Man Domestic Factual / Documentary 60mins Periscope Pictures Production Accountant
2017: Undertow Domestic Drama 100mins Emerald Productions Production Accountant
2016: Newton's Law (Series 1) Domestic Drama 8x60mins Every Cloud Productions Assistant Accountant
2016: House Husbands 05 Domestic Drama 2x60mins Playmaker Productions Assistant Accountant
2016: The Wrong Girl Domestic Drama 8x60mins Playmaker Productions Assistant Accountant
2015: Barracuda Domestic Drama 4x60mins Matchbox Pictures Assistant Accountant
2015: Dancing With The Stars Domestic Variety 60mins Fremantlemedia Assistant Accountant
2015: Family Feud Domestic Variety 60mins Fremantlemedia Assistant Accountant
2015: Farmer Wants a Wife Domestic Reality 60mins Fremantlemedia Assistant Accountant
2015: Grand Designs Domestic Factual / Documentary 60mins Fremantlemedia Assistant Accountant

Rob Buttery

2023: Eating Plants - Series 2 Domestic 6 x 30 Second Nature Films Editor
2016: Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia Domestic Studio based comedy 10 x 30min Guesswork Post Production Supervisor
2014: Aussie Rules the World Domestic Feature documentary 1hr25min Second Nature Films Editor
2013: Devil Island International Documentary series 3 x 52min 360 Degree Films Editor
2012: Bollywood Star Domestic Factual series 4 x 52min WTFN Editor
2011: Australia's Great Flood International Documentary 54min National Geographic / ABC Editor
2010: Anatomy of a Massacre Domestic Documentary 54min CJZ Editor
2010: Traveller's Guide to the Planets International Documentary series 6 x 50min Essential Media Editor
2009: Whatever! The Science of Teens Domestic Documentary series 5 x 26min Essential Media and Entertainment Editor
2008: Two in the Top End Domestic Documentary series 6 x 26min CJZ Editor
2008: Christmas Lights Domestic Documentary 22min Film Australia Editor
2007: The Prime Minister’s National Treasures Domestic Documentary series 10 x 5min Film Australia Editor
2006: Mythbusters International Factual series 4 x 50min Beyond Editor
2006: Two Men in a Tinnie Domestic Documentary series 5 x 25 CJZ Editor
2006: Bondi Rescue series 1 + 2 International Factual series 20 x 26 min CJZ Editor
2003: Time Bomb Domestic Documentary 25min CAAMA Editor
2003: The Good, the Bad and the Loud: the history of CAAMA music Domestic Documentary 50min CAAMA Editor