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Sara Edwards

2023: Ego: The Michael Gudisnki Story Domestic Documentary 112 minutes Mushroom Studios Editor
2023: Bromley: Light After Dark Domestic Documentary 94 minutes Cathartic Pictures Agent/ Casting
2023: Abebe - Butterfly Song Domestic Documentary Guilty/Positive
2022: The Healing Domestic Documentary 54 Staunch Films
2021: Advancing Australia Domestic Factual 12x 30 min episodes Bengar Films
2021: The Record Domestic Documentary 2 x 1 hr Her Films
2019: Suzi Q International Documentary 98 minutes Acme Film Company Editor
2018: Gatwick - Last Chance Hotel Domestic Factual / Documentary 57 minutes Guilty/Positive Ape Editor
2018: Undercurrent Domestic Factual / Documentary 1 episode CJZ Editor
2018: Finding The Line International Factual / Documentary 52 minutes Birds of a Feather
2017: The Horses Domestic Factual / Documentary 12 minutes Staunch Films Editor
2016: Motorkite Dreaming Domestic Documentary 90 minutes Intafusion Films Editor
2014 : Electric Boogaloo Domestic Documentary 105 minutes WildBear Pty Editor
2013-2014 : Get Ace Domestic Children's Galaxy Pop Editor
2012-2013 : Uncharted Waters Domestic Factual / Documentary 86 minutes The Directors Group Editor
2011-2012 : James Cameron's Deep Sea Challenge International Factual / Documentary Wight Expedition Films Editor's Assistant
2011: Lunch break Domestic Drama 5 minutes Coz We Can Editor
2011 : On Her Shoulders Domestic Factual / Documentary 10 minutes UN Women Australia Editor
2010 : First Love Domestic Factual / Documentary Liquid Pictures Editor
2010 : Machete Maidens Unleashed! Domestic Documentary Fury Productions Editor
2009 : L'il Larrikins Domestic Children's Ettamogah Entertainment Editor
2009 : Wakkaville Domestic Children's Ettamogah Entertainment Editor
2008 : Not Quite Hollywood Domestic Documentary 98 minutes City Films Editor

Sasha Dylan Bell

2017: Legacy International Thriller Serious Stooges Films, Think Media Studios, William Baker Films Editor
2017: Blackmail International Comedy 94mins Archer Films Entertainment, Tigertail Films Editor
2016: In Other News International News Karga Seven Pictures Editor
2015: The Rendezvous International Adventure 93mins Halsted Pictures Editor
2015: The Dream Children Domestic Drama 98mins Fat Kid Films Editor
2015: Thing I Have Learned About Sex & Dogs Domestic Comedy 7mins Editor
2014: Almost Broadway International Comedy 85mins Tigertail Films / Archer Films Editor
2014: Got Your 6 International Documentary 60mins Karga Seven Pictures / MTV Editor
2014: That Sugar Song Domestic Documentary 90mins Madman Films Editor
2014: Booze Traveler Domestic Factual / Documentary 45mins Travel Channel Editor
2014: Emo The Musical Domestic Comedy 15mins Matthewswood Editor
2014: Bound By Blue Domestic Drama 89mins Think Boy Thin Editor
2013: Fun City Domestic Drama 12mins Editor
2013: The Humble Beginnings Of The Baloon Comedy 3mins Tropfest Australia Editor
2012: Lemonade Stand Domestic Comedy 7mins Julian Vinvent Costanzo Films Editor
2011: The Amazing Race Australia Domestic Reality 50mins Active TV / Seven network Editor
2011: Face To Face Domestic Drama 89mins Face To Face Productions Editor
2008: Get Up 'N Move Domestic Children's 1min 1440 Productions Director
2008, : Get Up 'N Move Domestic Commercial 1min 1440 Productions Editor
2007: Diafrix E.P.K. Domestic Commercial 2mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2006-2007: Falls Festival Domestic Factual / Documentary 1440 Productions Director
2007: Film Director Reel Domestic Commercial 7mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2007: H Domestic Comedy 6mins The Collective Editor
2007: In Tha Place - Diafrix Domestic Commercial 4mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2007: Life - Dekker Domestic Variety 5mins No Wait.., Australia 1st Assistant Director
2007: Stand On Clouds - The Vedettes Domestic Variety 4mins No Wait DirectorEditor
2007: Through A Doorway With A Baseball Bat Domestic Drama 7mins Jack's Wall Productions & Connman Productions DirectorEditor
2007: TZU E.P.K. Domestic Commercial 1min Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2007: Xavier Rudd: White Promo Domestic Commercial 13mins 1440 Productions Editor
2006: AFRICA! Domestic Variety 60mins 1440 Productions Director
2006 : Cinematographer Reel - David Connell A.C.S. Domestic Commercial 4mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2006 : Famous - Ladi Tash Domestic Commercial 4mins Marcus Knight Editor
2006: In Tha Place - Diafrix, Domestic Variety 4mins Jack's Wall Productions Director
2006: Macbeth Film Domestic Commercial 5mins Palace Films Editor
2006: Rock's Longest Night Domestic Interactive Entertainment 60mins Jack's Wall Productions Director
2006: Shake That - Ra Quest Domestic Variety 4mins 1st Assistant Director

Merran Elliot

2016 : Alien: Covenant International Fox Film Aust No 3 Pty Ltd/Fox US Prod 48 Script SupervisorContinuity
2015 : Love Child Season Domestic Playmaker LC3 Pty Ltd Script SupervisorContinuity
2015 : Rake Season 4 Domestic Rake 4 Productions Pty Ltd Script SupervisorContinuity
2015 : Ready For This Domestic Drama My Life Pictures Pty Ltd Script SupervisorContinuity
2014 : The Time of Our Lives Domestic Drama Time Productions/ABC Script SupervisorContinuity
2014: Wentworth Season 3 Domestic Drama Fremantle Media Australia Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : Fat Tony & Co Domestic Drama Screentime Pty Ltd, Australia Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Domestic Drama Every Cloud Productions Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : The Doctor Blake Mysteries Domestic Drama ABC/January Productions Script SupervisorContinuity
2012 : Time Of Our Lives Season 1 Domestic Drama Time Productions/ABC Script SupervisorContinuity
2012 : Wentworth Season 1 Domestic Drama Fremantle Media Australia Script SupervisorContinuity
2011 : Rush Domestic Drama Southern Star Script SupervisorContinuity
2010-2011 : Woodley Domestic Comedy Big Tree Productions/ABC Script SupervisorContinuity
2010 : Killing Time Domestic Drama Freemantle Media Script SupervisorContinuity
2007-2009 : Satisfaction Season 1 & 3 Domestic Drama Satisfaction Pty Ltd Script SupervisorContinuity
2008 : Prey Domestic Drama 90mins TopCat Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2006 : Mortified Domestic Drama ACTF/Enjoy Entertainment Script SupervisorContinuity
2006 : The Lost Treasure of Fiji Domestic Drama Jonathan Shiff Productions Script SupervisorContinuity
2005 : Stranded Domestic Drama Circe Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2005: The Glenmore Job Domestic Drama Melodrama Pictures Script SupervisorContinuity
2003 : Crashburn Domestic Drama Cox/Knight Productions Script SupervisorContinuity

Karen Bonczyk

Writer, Researcher
2015: One Crowded Hour International
2012 : Murdoch International Factual/Documentary Brooke Lapping (UK) and Electric Pictures Researcher
2011 : The King's Speech Revealed International Factual/Documentary Bedlam Productions Researcher
2010 : Immigration Nation Online Domestic Factual/Documentary Give Me Chocolate and SBS TV Writer
2008 : Paper Dolls: Australian Pin Ups of World War 2 Domestic Factual/Documentary Marina Films & SBS TV Researcher
2006 : Australian Story - The Gillard Diaries Domestic Factual/Documentary ABC TV Researcher
2006 : Mega Moves - Series 2 International Factual/Documentary Windfall Films & National Geographic International Researcher
2006 : What a Year Domestic Factual/Documentary 9 Network Events Researcher
2004-2005 : Talking Heads Domestic Factual/Documentary ABC TV Researcher
2004: George Negus Tonight Profiles Domestic Factual/Documentary ABC TV Researcher
2002-2003 : Finn and the Big Guy Domestic Children's ACTF Scriptwriter
2003 : New Dimensions with George Negus Domestic Factual/Documentary ABC TV Researcher
2003 : OH & S Australia Post Domestic Educational Kestrel Media Scriptwriter
2001 : Dimensions On The Move Domestic Factual/Documentary ABC TV Researcher
2001 : Law Matters Domestic Factual/Documentary ABC TV Researcher
2001 : The ANZFA Joint Food Standards Code Domestic Educational VCE & TAFE Food Technology DirectorWriter
2000 : Blonde Domestic Drama Robert Greenwald Productions & Crawford Productions Researcher
1999 : Working in Socially Diverse Environment Domestic Educational TAFE Tourism and Hospitality DirectorWriter
1998 : Auto Stories Domestic Factual/Documentary December Films / Film Australia / ABC TV Researcher
1998 : Writers & Writing Domestic Educational 30mins Video Education Australia DirectorWriter