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Alexandra Leary

2014 : Alt International Drama Mammoth Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2014: Amazon International Commercial Outsider Script SupervisorContinuity
2014 : Britsh Gas 'Eco' International Commercial Fresh Film Script SupervisorContinuity
2014 : Drifters International Comedy Bwark Script SupervisorContinuity
2014 : Floogals International Children's The Foundation Script SupervisorContinuity
2014 : Yonderland International Comedy Working Title TV Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : BBC Connected International Commercial RedBee Media Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : Blinkbox 'Dangerous' International Commercial Skinflicks Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : Captain Webb International Reality Marathon Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : Don't Hang Up International Drama Bigscope Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : Hudson: Inside Flight 1549 International Factual / Documentary Raw for National Geographic Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : Ibiza Undead International Comedy Templeheart Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : Rides International Comedy ITV Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : Top Dog International Drama Richwater Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : Vendetta International Drama Richwater Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2013 : Waitrose: Strawberries International Commercial Park Village Script SupervisorContinuity
2012 : Colman's 'John Bull' Domestic Commercial Kream Script SupervisorContinuity
2012 : Coward International Drama Different Productions Script SupervisorContinuity
2012 : In A Heartbeat International Drama Lovelight Productions Script SupervisorContinuity
2012 : Persil International Commercial Academy Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2012 : Resuscitation Council International Educational Outsider Script SupervisorContinuity
2012 : The Smoke International Drama Slate 4 Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2011 : Aunt Bessies International Commercial Another Film Co Script SupervisorContinuity

Sean Courtney Lewis

2022: Wog Boys Forever International Comedy G.O. Films
2021: Jack Irish Series 3 International Crime Drama Easy Tiger Productions
2020: Falling for Figaro International Comedy West End Films, Such Much Films
2020: Halifax: Retribution Domestic Crime Drama Beyond Lonehand
2020: Informer 3838 Domestic Crime Drama Screentime
2020: Relic International Thriller Screen Australia, Film Victoria, Nine Stories Productions, Gozie AGBO, Carver Films
2018-19: Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears International Crime 95mins Every Cloud Productions Editor's Assistant
2018-19: The Very Excellent Mr Dundee International Comedy 90mins Clock Sounds Productions Editor's Assistant
2018-19: The Whistleblower International Action 120mins Beijing Carving Film Cultural Media Editor's Assistant
2018: Homes on the Seam Domestic Documentary 9mins (Independent) Editor
2018: Various Domestic Commercial 5s-60s ARC Edit Editor's Assistant
2018: Minibeast Heroes Domestic Children's Entertainment 6 x 3mins ABC Editor
2017-18: Jack Irish Series 2 Domestic Drama 6 x 60mins ABC/Easy Tiger Editor's Assistant
2017: Plan-G Domestic Drama 7mins (Independent) Editor
2017: Riot Domestic Drama 105mins Werner Film Productions Editor's Assistant
2017: Sunshine Domestic Drama 4 x 55mins ABC/Carver Films Editor's Assistant
2017: Have You Seen The Listers? Domestic Documentary 86mins Carver Films Editor's Assistant
2017: International Women's Day Comedy Debate Domestic Comedy Special 55mins ABC Editor
2017: Classic Countdown Domestic Music Series 13 x 55mins ABC Editor
2016: Newton's Law Domestic Drama 8 x 55mins ABC/Every Cloud Productions Editor's Assistant
2016: Don't Tell Domestic Drama 110mins Fornillo Road/Tojohage Productions Editor's Assistant
2016: Fancy Boy Domestic Comedy 6 x 30mins ABC/Highwire Films Editor's Assistant
2016: Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunion Domestic Reality 55mins ABC/Matchbox Pictures Editor's Assistant
2015: ABC Studio 3 Domestic Children's 7-15mins ABC Editor's Assistant
2015 : Exchange Student Zero Domestic Children's 21-22mins Cartoon Network/Bogan Entertainment Editor's Assistant
2015 : Fiat "That Moment" Domestic Commercial .5mins Nice Bike Editor's Assistant
2015 : The Divorce Domestic Comedy 120mins Princess Pictures Editor's Assistant
2015 : The Future is Expensive Domestic Comedy 26mins Goalpost Pictures/ABC Editor's Assistant
2015 : Various Domestic Variety 5s-10mins Method Studios Editor's Assistant
2015 : WhichCar Domestic Commercial 15s- .5mins Method Studios Editor's Assistant
2015 : Winter at Westbeth Domestic Factual / Documentary 77mins Unsigned Management Editor's Assistant
2014-2015 : Luke Nguyen's United Kingdom Domestic Reality 30mins Creative Media Productions Editor's Assistant
2014 : Ben's Menu Domestic Reality 90 x 22mins Unicorn Films/Perseus Pictures Editor's Assistant
2014 : Sunroom Domestic Drama 15mins Creative Media Productions Editor
2013 : The Voice Kids Domestic Reality 60-125mins Shine Australia Runner
2012 : Speleology Domestic Drama 10mins (Independent) Editor