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Edoardo Campanale

Advertising / Marketing, Production Company
2015 : Pig's Blood Domestic Drama Happening Films - Melbourne
2012-2013 : Satellitine International Comedy 5x 4mins Exetera srl - Web Series TV
2012 : Space Shuttle Discovery: final launch mini-doc Domestic Factual / Documentary Gizmag - New and Emerging Technology News
2009-2012 : Venice Film Festival Special International News/Current Affairs Cinemonitor
2010-2011 : Silvio Forever International Factual / Documentary 85mins Ad Hoc Film - Lucky Red
2010 : Sono Viva International Comedy 87mins Metafilm
2009-2010 : The Case of Unfaithful Klara” International Comedy 120mins Jean Vigo Italia (Italy/Bulgaria)
2009 : Scontro di civiltà per un ascensore a piazza vittorio International Comedy 96mins Emme, Rai Cinema
2008-2009 : The Demons of St. Petersburg International Drama 118 Jean Vigo Italia (Italy/Russia)
2009 : The Maid International Comedy 95mins Forastero (Chile, Mexico)
2007-2008 : I Vicerè International Drama 120mins Jean Vigo Italia (Italy/Spain/Germany/USA) (in association with Rising Star)
2019-2021: Italian Culture and Language in Australia Domestic Promo 4 x 2 Italian Cultural Institute Melbourne - Italian Consulate
2020: Lockdown Fatherhood International Comedy 3 Self Production
2017: BVLGARI CRITICS' CHOICE AWARD Domestic Bulgari - Palace Cinema
1016: Enjoy South Yarra Domestic Promo 3 City of Stonnington - Melbourne
1016: Enjoy South Yarra Domestic Promo 3 City of Stonnington - Melbourne