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Stella Motion Pictures Pty Ltd

Production Company, Production Services
2015 : Sleeping Beauty: Behind the Curtain Domestic Factual/Documentary 90mins Freemantle Media Director
2014 : We Are Many Domestic Factual/Documentary 90mins Nuts and Balts Media DOP / Cinematographer
2012 : Love & Devotion: from Persia and Beyond Domestic Factual/Documentary 26mins Stella Motion Pictures DOP / CinematographerDirectorProducerEditor
2011 : Romeo & Juliet: A New Vision Domestic Factual/Documentary 26mins Stella Motion Pictures DOP / CinematographerDirectorProducerEditor
2010 : Art du Mythe: Ningura Napurrula (Arte) International Factual/Documentary 26mins Program 33/ Stella Motion Pictures DOP / CinematographerLine Producer Sound Recordist
2008-2009 : ART: 21 - William Kentridge & Yinka Shonibare MBE International Factual/Documentary 2x55mins Art 21, INC DOP / CinematographerField Producer
2009 : We Unfold Domestic Variety 55mins Stella Motion Pictures DOP / CinematographerDirector
2008 : The Medieval Imagination Domestic Factual/Documentary 26mins Stella Motion Pictures DOP / CinematographerDirectorProducerEditor
2007 : Ever After Ever Gala Domestic Variety 55mins ABC/Foxtel Director
2005 : Dances Of Life International Factual/Documentary 55mins PBS New York Line Producer
2004 : Wild Swans: Behind The Scenes Domestic Factual/Documentary 26mins ABC TV DOP / CinematographerDirectorProducer
2002 : Incredible Living Space International Factual/Documentary 6x26mins Arts Central DOP / Cinematographer
2001 : Tivoli Domestic Factual/Documentary 26mins ABC TV DirectorProducer
1999-2000 : Rush Domestic Factual/Documentary 56mins Stella Motion Pictures DOP / CinematographerDirectorProducer
1997-1998 : So Simple So Hard Domestic Factual/Documentary 52mins Stella Motion Pictures DirectorProducer
1996 : Alicia Domestic Factual/Documentary 52mins Stella Motion Pictures DirectorProducer
2018: 7 Deadly Sins Domestic Factual/ Documentary 28 min Stella Motion Pictures DOP / CinematographerDirectorProducer

Paul Warren

2009-2015 : Neighbours Domestic Drama FremantleMedia Costume Designer
2008 : East West 101 Domestic Drama Knapman Wyld Television Costume Supervisor
2007 : Prey (Dreamtimes Over, The Outback) Domestic Top Cat Films Costume Designer
2006-07 : City Homicide Domestic Drama 7 Network Costume Supervisor
2005 : Headland Domestic Drama 7 Network Costume Designer
2004 : Hating Alison Ashley Domestic Comedy HAA Films Costume Designer
2003-04 : Fireflies Domestic Drama Southern Star & ABC TV Costume Designer
2002 : Out There Domestic Drama Blink Films & Sesame Workshop Costume Designer
2001 : Going Home 2 Domestic Drama McElroy TV & SBS Costume Designer
2001 : Avatar (Avatar Exile, Cyberwars) International Cinemancer Costume Designer
2000 : When Good Ghoul's Go Bad Domestic Comedy Fox Television Network Costume Designer
2000 : Hard Knox Domestic Comedy/Action Southern Star & Newline Costume Designer
2000 : Going Home 1 Domestic Drama McElroy TV & SBS Costume Designer
1999 : Nowhere to Land International Thriller Von Zeneca,Sterna Films, Village Roadshow Costume Supervisor
1999 : The Wog Boy Domestic Comedy G.O.Films Costume Designer
1999 : Sensitive New Age Killer Domestic Action/Comedy Frisson Productions Costume Designer
1998 : Me, Myself, I International Comedy/Romace Gaumont Productions Costume Designer
1998 : All Saints Domestic Drama 6x60mins 7 Network Costume Designer
1996-1998 : Big Sky Domestic Drama Southern Star Xanadu Costume Designer
1995-1996 : Fire Domestic Drama Beyond Productions & Liberty Films Costume Designer
1995 : Echo Point Domestic Drama Southern Star Costume Designer
1991 : Fortress Domestic Drama Village Roadshow Costume StandbyCostume Cutter
1991 : Heroes 2 Domestic Drama TVS Films Costume StandbyWardrobe Assistant
1990 : The River Kings Domestic Drama Prospect Productions &SAFC Costume Assistant
1989-90 : Ultraman G International Drama Tsuburaya & SAFC, Aust./Japan Costume StandbyWardrobe Assistant

Ken Sallows

2018: Grace Beside Me Domestic Family Magpie Pictures
2017: From Under the Rubble Domestic Documentary 85mins Shining Light Productions
2017: Seven Types of Ambiguity Domestic Drama 55mins Matchbox Pictures Editor
2016: A Brilliant Genocide International Documentary 82mins Atlantic Star Productions
2016: Spin Out Domestic Comedy/Drama 92mins Stella Rose Productions, Redman Entertainments Editor
2016: The Galahs Domestic Documentary 58mins Sepia Tones
2015: A Month of Sundays Domestic Comedy/Drama 105mins Madman Production Company Editor
2015: 8MMM Aboriginal Radio Domestic Comedy 180mins Brindle Films, Princess Pictures Editor
2014: The Legend Maker Domestic Crime
2014: These Heathen Dreams Domestic Documentary 53mins Editor
2014: Persons of Interest Domestic Documentary 52mins Smart Street Films Editor
2012: The People Speak Australia Domestic Documentary 120mins WTFN Entertainment Editor
2011: Ben Lee: Catch My Disease International Documentary 86mins Flood Productions, Flood Projects, Ghost Films Editor
2011: Eli the Invincible Domestic Drama 15mins Screen Australia, Eleven Films, Scarab Studios Editor
2011: Persecution Blues: The Battle for the Tote Domestic Documentary 57mins NicNat Films Editor
2010: Mercury Domestic Thriller 15mins Editor
2010: The Prelude Domestic Drama 8mins Circe Films Editor
2010: I Love You Too Domestic Comedy 107mins Princess Pictures, Roadshow Films, Screen Australia Editor
2009: The Combination Domestic Drama 96mins See Thru Films Editor
2009: 5 Lost at Sea Domestic Documentary 56mins Imajica Media Editor
2008: Lionel Domestic Documentary 93mins Circe Films Editor
2007: Playing For Charlie Domestic Drama Queen Ant Films Editor
2007: The Tender Hook Domestic Drama Mandala Films Editor
2006: Monkey Puzzle Domestic Drama Tama Films Editor
2002: Gettin' Square Domestic Drama Mushroom Pictures Editor
2001: Yolgnu Boy Domestic Drama ACTF, Beyond Films Editor
1999: Chopper Domestic Drama Pariah Entertainment Group Editor
1996: Doing Time For Patsy Cline Domestic Drama Oilrag Productions Editor
1996: Love & Other Catastrophies Domestic Drama Beyond Films Editor
1991: Proof Domestic Drama 89mins House & Moorhouse Films Editor
1985: Malcolm Domestic Drama 85mins Cascade Films Editor
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