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Greg Saunders

Dialogue Coach, Dialect Coach
2024: Ice Road 2: Road To The Sky International Action Servo Productions Dialect Coach
2023: Apple Cider Vinegar Domestic Drama Netflix Dialogue Coach
2023: Windcatcher Domestic Family Stan Dialogue Coach
2023: Ricky Stanicky International Comedy Ricky Productions Dialogue Coach
2022: The Clearing Domestic Drama Disney+ Dialogue Coach
2022: Force of Nature Domestic Drama Arena Films Dialogue Coach
2022: Run Rabbit Run Domestic Drama Carver Films Dialogue Coach
2021: True Colours Domestic Drama 4x55 Bunya Productions
2021: Fires Domestic Drama 6x55 Tony Ayres Prods/Matchbox/NBCU
2020/21: Blueback Domestic Drama 100 Arena Films
2020: Tinashe Domestic Drama Tig Terera Dialogue Coach
2020: Grace Domestic Drama 12 Disturbing Notions
2019: The Dry Domestic Drama 100mins Arena Films
2018-2020: Mother Mountain Domestic Drama Celina Stang
2019: Bisque Domestic Drama AFTRS
2018: Ride Like A Girl Domestic Drama 100 100 to 1 Productions
2017/18: Nowhere Boys S4 Domestic Drama 13 X 30 mins Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2017: Deadlock Domestic Drama 60 mins Every Cloud Productions Dialogue Coach
2017: Sunshine Domestic Drama 4 X 60 mins Essential/Carver Dialogue Coach
2016: Lions and Tigers Domestic Drama 15 mins Exit Films Dialogue Coach
2016: The Warriors Domestic Drama 8 x 30 mins Arena Media Dialogue Coach
2016: Glitch Domestic Drama Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2016: Barracuda Domestic Drama 4 x 60 mins Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2016: Nowhere Boys S3 Domestic Drama 13 x 30 mins Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2015 : Nowhere Boys: Book of Shadows Domestic Drama 90mins Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2015 : Open Slather Domestic Comedy 30mins Princess Pictures Dialogue Coach
2010 : Killer Elite International Drama 90mins Killer Elite Productions
2011-2014 : Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Domestic Drama Phrynnie Fisher Dialogue Coach
2013-2014 : Nowhere Boys Domestic Drama 26x30mins Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2012 : Howzat: Packer's War Domestic Drama Southern Star Dialogue Coach
2011 : Conspiracy 365 Domestic Children's Circa Media Director - Second Unit
2011 : Conspiracy 365 Domestic Children's 13x30mins Circa Media Dialogue Coach
2009 : Animal Kingdom Domestic Drama AK Prods/Porchlight Films Dialogue Coach
2009 : I Love You Too Domestic Drama 90mins Hell and High Waters Dialogue Coach
2009 : Rush II Domestic Drama Southern Star Dialogue Coach
2008 : East Of Everything Domestic Drama ABC Dialogue Coach
2008 : Knowing International Drama Knowing P/L Dialogue Coach
2008 : My Year Without Sex Domestic Drama Hibiscus Films Dialogue Coach
2008 : Snake Tales Domestic Children's Westside Productions Dialogue Coach
2006 : Bastard Boys Domestic Drama ABC/Flying Cabbage Dialogue Coach
2006 : Home Song Stories Domestic Drama Home Song Productions P/L Dialogue Coach
2005 : Blue Heelers Domestic Drama Southern Star Productions Dialogue Coach
2005 : Charlotte's Web International Drama Paramount Dialogue Coach
2005 : Macbeth Domestic Drama Mushroom Pictures
2004 : Holly's Heroes Domestic Children's Tosi Westside P/L Dialogue Coach

Scott McNamara

2014 : Australian Drift Grand Prix Domestic Sport 60mins Jet Multimedia Camera Operator
2014 : Riverland - Gang Of Youths Domestic Drama 3mins Welcome The Machine Focus Puller
2014 : Aston Club Domestic Commercial 1min Vivacity Film Co DOP / Cinematographer
2013-2014 : Drift Is Life Domestic Factual / Documentary 7mins Stylized Productions Camera Operator
2014 : H: The Story Of A Dead Man Domestic Drama 15mins Hoodwolf Productions Camera Assistant
2014 : Higher - Maddison Wilson Domestic Drama 4mins Workshop Meida DOP / Cinematographer
2014: Ignorance - Mercies End Domestic Drama 4mins Vivacity Film Co DOP / Cinematographer
2014: Mediacrity Domestic Comedy 5mins More + Comedy DOP / Cinematographer
2013-2014 : Pacific Cove Domestic Comedy 22mins Guilty Content Camera Assistant
2013-2014 : Parasomnia Domestic Factual / Documentary 15mins Flores Productions DOP / Cinematographer
2014 : Seashells Domestic Comedy 5mins Jordan Bond Films DOP / Cinematographer
2014 : The Stevedore Domestic Comedy 7mins Hummingbird Rentals Camera Assistant
2013 : Bury Me - Queen Khan Domestic Drama 6mins Taylored Productions Focus Puller
2013 : Death Of A Friend Domestic Comedy 7mins Fox Pub Films DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Dream Of A Shadow International Drama 30mins Burnt Arrow Production Focus Puller
2013 : False Resolutions - Lace Kid Vikings Domestic Comedy 3.5mins Jay Mac DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Sort Your Shit Out Domestic Drama 22mins JMC Academy Focus Puller
2013 : The Heckler Domestic Comedy 92mins Inspiration Studios Camera Assistant
2013 : We Are The Same - Lurch & Chief Domestic Variety 3.42mins Digital Photography Inhouse Camera Assistant
2013 : We've Moved Domestic Comedy 6mins Digital Photography Inhouse Focus Puller
2012: Lift Domestic Comedy 7mins

Tim Scott

2017: Newton's Law Domestic Drama Every Cloud Productions Location Manager
2016: The Wrong Girl Domestic Drama 60mins Playmaker Media Location Manager
2016: Lion International Drama The Weinstein Company, Screen Australia, See-Saw Films Location Coordinator
2016: The Kettering Incident Domestic Drama Porchlight Films, Sweet Potato Films Location Scout
2016: Tomorrow, When the War Began Domestic Action 60mins Ambience Entertainment Location Manager
2015: The Secret River Domestic Drama Ruby Entertainment Location Supervisor
2015: Partisan Domestic Drama 94mins Animal Kingdom, Carver Films, Warp Films Australia Location Manager
2012-2014: House Husbands Domestic Drama 45mins Playmaker Media Location Manager
2014: I, Frankenstein International Action 92mins Hopscotch Features, Lakeshore Entertainment, Lionsgate Location Manager
2012: Woodley Domestic Comedy 30mins Australian Broadcasting Corporation Location Manager
2011: The Lucys: A Spiritual Family Domestic Comedy 10mins Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Bearded Lady Productions Location Manager
2011: Judith Lucy's Spiritual Journey Domestic Comedy Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Bearded Lady Productions Location Manager
2010-2011: Bed of Roses International Drama Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Ruby Entertainment, Southern Star Location Manager
2010: Dead Gorgeous Domestic Comedy Burberry Productions, Coolabi Productions Location Manager
2006 : Where the Wild Things Are International Drama Warner Bros Location Manager
2004-2005: Ghost Rider International Drama Sony Columbia Pictures Location Manager
2005 : Noise Domestic Drama Retro Active Films Location Manager
2002: Loves Brother Domestic Drama Great Scott Productions Location Manager
2001 : Crackerjack Domestic Comedy Molloy Boy Productions Location Manager