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David Hart

Assistant Location Manager
2018: Film Victoria Domestic Location Production Services Film Victoria Location Coordinator
2017: Jack Irish Series 2 Domestic Drama 6 x 52 mins Easy Tiger Location Scout
2017: The Wrong Kind Of Black Domestic Drama Princess Pictures Location Manager
2017: Sunshine Domestic Drama 4 x 60 mins Easy Tiger Productions Location Manager
2016: Upper Middle Bogan S3 Domestic Comedy Gristmill Location Manager
2016: Longest Shot International Drama 90mins Location Manager
2015 : Hunters International Drama Matchbox UCP Productions P/L Location Scout
2014-2015 : Mad As Hell Domestic Comedy ITV, Australia Location Manager
2015 : The Ex-PM Domestic Comedy CJZ P/L Location Manager
2012: Cliffy Domestic Drama 90mins Cliffy Productions P/L Assistant Location Manager
2012 : Mrs Biggs International Drama February Films Location Scout
2012 : The Frontier - Pilot Episode International Drama 45mins Sony Pictures Television Location Manager
2012 : The Time of Our Lives Domestic Drama Time Productions No 1 P/L & ABC TV Location Manager
2011 : Jack Irish - Bad Debts & Black Tide Domestic Drama 2 x 90mins Essential Media Location Manager
2009-2010 : Angry Boys Domestic Comedy Angry Boys Productions Pty Ltd Location Manager
2010 : The Killer Elite Domestic Drama Killer Elite (Australia) Productions Pty Ltd Location Manager
2009 : Rush - Series 2 Domestic Drama Southern Star Productions No7 P/L Location Manager
2008 : Bogan Pride Domestic Comedy 6x30mins Bogan Pride/SBS Location Manager
2008 : Monash & The ANZAC Legend Domestic 60mins 360 Degree Films/ABC Location Manager
2008 : Rush Domestic Drama Southern Star/TEN Location Scout
2008 : Tangle Domestic Drama Southern Star/Showtime Location Scout
2007 : Bed of Roses Domestic Drama Southern Star/ABC, Australia Location Scout
2007: City Homicide Domestic Drama Network Seven Assistant Location Manager
2007 : Kath & Kim Series 4 Domestic Comedy Riley Turner Productions Location Manager
2007 : Summer Heights High Domestic Comedy Princess Pictures/ABC Location Manager
2006 : Curtin Domestic Drama Apollo Films Location Scout

Amy Bastow

2014-2015 : 8MMM Aboriginal Radio Domestic Comedy 28mins Princess Pictures / Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
2015 : Agent A Domestic Interactive Entertainment 10mins Yak & Co
2015 : CliniCloud Campaign Domestic Commercial 1min CliniCloud Music Composer
2015 : Crime & Punishment Domestic Drama 110mins Apocalypse Films
2015 : Early Winter International Drama 96mins Possibles Média, Freshwater Pictures Music Composer
2015: Nan and a Whole Lot of Trouble Domestic Comedy 12mins Magpie Pictures Music Composer
2014-2015 : Winners and Losers (Season 4) Domestic Drama 44mins Seven Network (Operations) Limited Music Composer
2015 : Winners and Losers (Season 5) Domestic Drama 44mins Seven Network (Operations) Limited
2014 : Amilla (The Small Maldives Island Co.) Domestic Commercial 1.45mins PDC Creative
2013-2014 : James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge 3D International Factual / Documentary 90mins National Geographic and Lightstorm Entertainment Music Composer
2013-2014 : The Heckler Domestic Comedy 92mins The Comedy Cartel and Inspiration Studios
2013 : Mako Mermaids (Mako, Island of Secrets) Domestic Children's 30mins Jonathan M. Shiff Productions Music Composer
2012-2013 : Winners and Losers (Season 3) Domestic Drama 44mins Seven Network (Operations) Limited Music Composer
2012 : Bodysurfer Domestic Drama 10mins Kathryn Goldie Films Music Composer
2012 : My Love, Aubriegh Domestic Drama 5mins Victorian College of Arts Music Composer
2012 : Pickett's Charge Domestic Drama 9mins Victorian College of Arts Music Composer
2012 : Sydney Place 20:20 Domestic Commercial 3mins Squint Opera Music Composer
2010: "I Contadini e la Notte” (The Farmers and the Night) Domestic Factual / Documentary 12mins Factual / Documentary Music Composer