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Luda Smelyanskaya

Production Coordinator, Assistant Location Manager, Assistant Producer
2022: Us Domestic Drama, Thriller Peninsula Films Production Coordinator
2022: Ilbijerri Theatre & VCA Workshop Domestic Khorus Media Producer
2022: EatWell Christmas Domestic Eat Well TV 60 mins Toffee Studio, Channel 9 Assistant Production Designer
2022: Morning Brown Domestic Comedy Morning Brown Productions Assistant Location Manager
2022: Closest To Touch Domestic Drama The VCA Film and TV Line Producer
2022: Better Man International Biopic, Drama BETTER MAN PRODUCTIONS PTY LTD Assistant Location Manager
2022: The Saturday Dresses Domestic Drama Sense & Centsability Assistant Producer
2021: Snapshot Domestic Drama 15 mins The VCA Film and TV Associate Producer
2021: Detachement Domestic Drama 15 mins Persistence Production Stills Photographer
2021: The Grave Domestic Comedy 15 mins The VCA Film and TV Safety Supervisor
2021: He Lives in You Domestic Drama 15 mins The VCA Film and TV Production Coordinator
2021: In Conversation with Mothers-Producers Domestic Interview Series 13 mins The VCA Film and TV Producer
2020: These Men Did Domestic Thriller 17 mins The VCA Film and TV Producer
2019: Fragments of Red Domestic Experimental 15 mins The VCa Film and TV Stills Photographer
2019: Under the Surface Domestic Drama 15 mins The VCA Film and TV Stills Photographer
2013: The Traffic Lights International Documentary 15 mins The Academy of Arts Director
2012: My Dear Aliki International Documentary 15 mins GITR Film and TV Director
2011: Like in Dream International Documentary 15 mins GITR Fiilm and TV Director
2011: Mice in Boots International Documentary 15 mins GITR Film and TV Director

Shaun McAlpine

2017: The Obesity Myth Domestic Documentary CJZ Associate Producer
2016: Next Of Kin Domestic Drama 10mins Nicholas Carlton Productions 1st Assistant Director
2014-2016: Mulitple Titles Domestic Advertising 2-3mins 50 Kaliber Films Producer
2014-2015: The Secret River Domestic Drama 2x120mins Ruby Entertainment Assistant Accountant
2014: Q & T Domestic Drama 15mins Grinder Monkey Producer
2014: Thank You Red Cross Online Domestic Drama 2-3mins Kojo Production Manager
2014: Upper Middle Bogan S2 Domestic Comedy 8x60mins Gristmil Production Secretary
2013-2014: Fat Tony & Co Domestic Drama 9x60mins Screentime Assistant Accountant
2013: Cliffy Domestic Drama 90mins Clock End Films
2013: Hopscotch, Online Domestic Factual/Documentary 1min Foundation for Developing Cambodian Communites Producer
2013: Wakey Wakey Domestic Drama 64mins Wakey Wakey Films Co-Producer
2012: Redfern Now Domestic Drama 6x60mins, Blackfella Films Production Secretary
2012: Upper Middle Bogan Domestic Comedy 8x30mins Gristmill Production Secretary
2012: Volt: The Power Of $2.50 Domestic Commercial 1min AJF Production Secretary
2011: Australia On Trial Domestic Drama 3x30min December Media Casting - Extra
2011: Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms Domestic Drama 6x60mins Screentime Production Assistant
2011: Possum Wars Domestic Researcher
2011: Relationship Rehab Domestic Comedy 13mins VCA Co-Producer
2011: Sante Fe: Family Time Domestic Commercial 6x1mins Red Lever/Crank Films Production Manager
2011: StoneField "Blackwater Rising" Domestic Commercial 4mins Taxi Film Productions Production Manager
2010: Gods Fools Domestic Drama 15mins VCA Producer
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