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Olivia Shore

2013-2014 : Grand Designs Australia Domestic Factual / Documentary FremantleMedia Production Coordinator
2014 : The Mannequin Project Domestic Factual / Documentary Entertainthinkinspire & crankyfish Producer
2012-2013 : Grand Designs Australia Domestic Factual / Documentary FremantleMedia Production Assistant
2011-2012: Neighbours Domestic Drama FremantleMedia Script Consultant
2010-2011 : Neighbours Domestic Drama FremantleMedia Production Assistant
2010 : Bank of Queensland Domestic Commercial Film Constructions Production Assistant
2010 : Commonwealth Bank ‘The Last Push’ Online Domestic Commercial Pure Pictures Production Manager
2010 : Peaches ‘Mud’ Domestic Drama Pure Pictures Production Coordinator
2010 : These Empty Streets Domestic Drama Fourare Films Producer
2009 : Everything’s On Show - Nova FM Domestic Commercial Jungleboys Location Scout
2009: Frank & Jerry Domestic Comedy Pure Pictures Production Coordinator
2009 : Taj Domestic Drama Oziinda Films Unit Manager
2009 : The Dream Children Domestic Drama Fat Kid Films Location Scout
2008 : Baptcare - Abercare Family Services Domestic Factual / Documentary 9mins Heydon Films Production Manager
2007-2008 : Curtin University - Thanks for the Memories Domestic Educational 14mins Heydon Films Production Manager
2008 : Fade Domestic Drama 13mins Heydon Films Production Coordinator
2008: Freestate - Necessary Domestic Interactive Entertainment 2mins Heydon Films Production Coordinator
2008 : St Vincent De Paul Society Domestic Factual / Documentary 14x1mins Heydon Films Production Manager
2007 : City of Melville - 6 Short Domestic Drama 6x7mins Heydon Films Production Coordinator
2007 : Navway - Businessman Domestic Commercial Heydon Films Production Coordinator
2006 : ADF Next Cadet DVD Domestic Production Coordinator

Sabi Paisa

2015 : Brock Domestic Drama 180mins Shine Script SupervisorContinuity
2015 : Open Slather Domestic Comedy Princes Pictures Script SupervisorContinuity
2014-2015 : Winners and Losers Domestic Drama Channel 7 Script SupervisorContinuity
2012-2014 : House Husbands 1,2,3 Domestic Drama Playmaker Media Script SupervisorContinuity
2011 : Laid 2 Domestic Comedy ABC/ Porchlight Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2011 : Lowdown 2 Domestic Comedy ABC/ Highwire Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2011 : Rush 4 (shared credit) Domestic Drama C10/ Southern Star Script SupervisorContinuity
2010 : 20 Something Domestic Comedy ABC/ Cabbage Films Script SupervisorContinuity
2010 : Chris Lilley's Angry Boys International Comedy ABC/ HBO/ Princess Pictures Script SupervisorContinuity
2009 : John Safran's Race Relations Domestic Comedy Racer Pictures/ ABC Script SupervisorContinuity
2008 : 3 Days Growth Domestic Comedy Ish Media Script SupervisorContinuity
2008 : Welcome to the Cosmos Domestic Drama Ish Media Script SupervisorContinuity
2006-2007 : bric-a-brac Domestic Variety Puzzled Look/ C31 DirectorProducer
2007 : Girl Friday (Season 2) Domestic Comedy Ish Media Script SupervisorContinuity
2006 : Court of Lonely Royals Domestic Drama Plastique Productions Script SupervisorContinuity
2005 : The Academy International Drama Myersbock Ent Script SupervisorContinuity
2004 : The Line Domestic Drama Andante Productions Script SupervisorContinuity
2003 : The Course Domestic Comedy Edmonds Productions Script SupervisorContinuity

Heather Cassidy

2015-2016 : Bespoke Domestic Documentary Viking Films Production CoordinatorResearcher
2014-2015 : Death Or Liberty International Factual / Documentary 45mins Roar Film Production Coordinator
2014 : Apple International Factual / Documentary 5mins Jade Productions Production Coordinator
2014 : Beautiful Mind Domestic Drama 4mins Passionfruit Creative ProducerWriter
2014 : Foxtel Disney Channel Domestic Drama 0.5mins Sheepish Lion Production Assistant
2014 : Home Hill Domestic Factual / Documentary 10mins Passionfruit Creative ProducerWriter
2014 : Honda Domestic Factual / Documentary 0.5mins Airbag Production Production Assistant
2014 : Town Hall Domestic Comedy 25mins High Wire Films Casting Assistant
2014 : Vivo Milk International Drama 0.5mins Hub Productions Production Assistant
2013 : Asics Melbourne Marathong Domestic Factual / Documentary 2mins Revolver Production Assistant
2013 : Chobani International Drama 3x0.5mins Revolver Production Assistant
2013 : Chobani International Factual / Documentary 5mins Revolver Camera Operator
2013 : Nowhere Boys Domestic Children's 25mins Matchbox Pictures Production Assistant
2013 : Our Year at Catholic Ladies College Domestic Factual / Documentary 30mins BWS Production Director
2010-2011 : Terra Nova International Drama Fox Production Assistant
2010 : Crawl Domestic Drama Crawl Productions Production Coordinator
2009-2010 : Lola the Magnificent Domestic Children's 10mins Heather Cassidy Producer
2009: Clarity Domestic Drama Melissa McLeary Co-Producer
2009 : Nokia OVI International Commercial Film Headquarters Production Coordinator
2009 : Shaping the State Domestic Factual / Documentary Network TEN Researcher
2008 : Borderline Domestic Drama Heather Cassidy Producer

Andrew Perry

Location Manager, Location Scout
2024: The Survivors Domestic Drama Netflix Location Scout
2023: Fake Domestic Drama Paramount+ Location Scout
2023: Windcatcher Domestic Drama Stan Location Scout
2023: Red Hot Christmas Domestic Comedy Stan Location Scout
2023: Golddiggers Domestic Comedy ABC TV Location Scout
2022: Force of Nature: The Dry 2 Domestic Darma Arena Media Location Scout
2022: Bay of Fires Domestic Dramedy ABC TV Location Scout
2022: The Newsreader Domestic Drama Werner films Location Scout
2022: Love Me S2 Domestic Drama Binge Location Scout
2022: Shantaram International Drama Apple TV Location Scout
2021: Love Me Domestic Drama Binge Location Scout
2021: Fires Domestic Drama ABC TV Location Scout
2021: Nitram Domestic Drama Good Thing Productions Location Scout
2020: Clickbait International Drama Netflix Location Scout
2020: Informer 3838 Domestic Drama Screentime Location Scout
2020: The Dry Domestic Drama Arena Media Location Scout
2019: High Ground Domestic Drama Savage Films Location Manager
2019: Preacher International Action Sony Pictures Television Location Scout
2019: True History of the Kelly Gang International Drama Porchlight Films Location Scout
2019: Australian Ninja Warrior Domestic Endemol Shine Australia Location Scout
2018: Mr Black Domestic Comedy Cordell Jigsaw Location Scout
2018: Bloom Domestic Drama Playmaker Media Location Scout
2017: Ronny Chieng: International Student Domestic Comedy Sticky Pictures Location Scout
2017: The Warriors Domestic Drama 26mins Arenamedia Location Manager
2017-2018: True Story With Hamish and Andy Domestic Comedy Warner Bros intl Location Scout
2017: The Ex-PM Domestic Comedy ABC TV Location Scout
2017: Sunshine Domestic drama SBS Location Scout
2016: Upper Middle Bogan Domestic Comedy Gristmill Location Scout
2015-2016: The Death and Life of Otto Bloom Domestic Drama Otto Bloom Optimism Film Location Manager
2015: Home Hardware Domestic Commercial Otto Location Scout
2015 : Scare Campaign Domestic Drama Cyan Films Location Manager
2015 : The Beautiful Lie Domestic Drama Endemol Productions Location Scout
2012-2015 : The Doctor Blake Mysteries Domestic Drama January Productions Location Scout
2015 : Wentworth Series 4 Domestic Drama Fremantle Media Location Scout
2014 : Gallipoli Domestic Drama Endemol Location Scout
2013 : The Worst Year of My Life Domestic Children's Worst Year Productions Location Scout
2010-2011: Rush Domestic Drama Southern Star Location Scout
2011 : The Frontier International Drama Frontier productions Location Scout
2008 : Shanghai International Drama The Weinstein Company Location Manager
2008 : The Marine II International Drama WWE Location Manager
2006 : Bangkok Dangerous International Drama Saturn Films Location Manager
2005 : Paperbird International Drama DORfilm Production Designer
2004 : Mysterious Island International Drama LLP/Hallmark Location Manager
2004 : Sniper 3 International Drama Sony/Columbia Tristar Unit Manager
2004 Clickbait131 Drama Netflix 2019 High Ground 128 Drama Savage Films 2019 2019 Preacher Preacher132 Action Action Sony Pictures Television Sony Pictures Television 2019 2019 True History of the Kelly Gang True History of the Kelly Gang110 Drama Drama Porchlight Films Porchlight Films 2019 2019 Australian Ninja Warrior Australian Ninja Warrior116 Endemol Shine Australia Endemol Shine Australia 2019 2019 Mr Black Mr Black132 Comedy Comedy Cordell Jigsaw Cordell Jigsaw 2019 2019 Bloom Bloom135 Drama Drama Playmaker Media Playmaker Media 2017 2017 Ronny Chieng: International Student Ronny Chieng: International Student 104 Comedy Comedy Sticky Pictures Sticky Pictures 2017 2017 The Warriors The Warriors 127 Drama Drama 26mins 26mins Arenamedia Arenamedia 2017-2018 2017-2018 True Story With Hamish and Andy True Story With Hamish and Andy109 Comedy Comedy Warner Bros intl Warner Bros intl 2017 2017 The Ex-PM The Ex-PM131 Comedy Comedy ABC TV ABC TV 2017 2017 Sunshine Sunshine132 drama drama SBS SBS 2016 2016 Upper Middle Bogan Upper Middle Bogan122 Comedy Comedy Gristmill Gristmill 2015-2016 2015-2016 The Death and Life of Otto Bloom The Death and Life of Otto Bloom108 Drama Drama Otto Bloom Optimism Film Otto Bloom Optimism Film 2015 2015 Home Hardware Home Hardware 126 Commercial Commercial Otto Otto 2015 2015 Scare Campaign Scare Campaign 125 Drama Drama Cyan Films Cyan Films 2015 2015 The Beautiful Lie The Beautiful Lie 122 Drama Drama Endemol Productions Endemol Productions 2012-2015 2012-2015 The Doctor Blake Mysteries The Doctor Blake Mysteries 113 Drama Drama January Productions January Productions 2015 2015 Wentworth Series 4 Wentworth Series 4 121 Drama Drama Fremantle Media Fremantle Media 2014 2014 Gallipoli Gallipoli 130 Drama Drama Endemol Endemol 2013 2013 The Worst Year of My Life The Worst Year of My Life 114 Children's Children's Worst Year Productions Worst Year Productions 2010-2011 2010-2011 Rush Rush 135 Drama Drama Southern Star Southern Star 2011 2011 The Frontier The Frontier 127 Drama Drama Frontier productions Frontier productions 2008 2008 Shanghai Shanghai 131 Drama Drama The Weinstein Company The Weinstein Company 2008 2008 The Marine II The Marine II 126 Drama Drama WWE WWE 2006 2006 Bangkok Dangerous Bangkok Dangerous 122 Drama Drama Saturn Films Saturn Films 2005 2005 Paperbird Paperbird 130 Drama Drama DORfilm DORfilm 2004 2004 Mysterious Island Mysterious Island 122 Drama Drama LLP/Hallmark LLP/Hallmark 2004 2004 Sniper 3 Sniper 3 131 Drama Drama Sony/Columbia Tristar Sony/Columbia Tristar 2004 2004 Vampires 3 Vampires 3 129 Drama Drama Sony/Columbia Tristar Sony/Columbia Tristar 2003 2003 Pearl Pearl 134 Drama Drama Munich Film Academy Munich Film Academy 2003 2003 Simon Simon 134 Drama Drama Spaghetti film BV Spaghetti film BV 2020 The Dry133 Drama Arena Media 2020 Informer 3838127 Drama Screentime : Vampires 3 International Drama Sony/Columbia Tristar Location Manager
2003 : Pearl International Drama Munich Film Academy Art Director
2003 : Simon International Drama Spaghetti film BV Art Director