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Australian Stunt Management

2018: Jack Irish S2 Domestic Drama
2017: Wolf Creek S2 Domestic Drama
2017: Wentworth S6 Domestic Drama
2017: Speed International Drama
2017: Picnic At Hanging Rock Domestic Drama
2017: Glitch S2 Domestic Drama
2017: Bunghole Domestic Drama
2017: Offspring 7 Domestic Drama
2017: The Warriors Domestic Drama
2017: Sisters Domestic Drama
2017: Get Krack!n Domestic Comedy
2017: Corey White Road Map to Paradise Domestic Comedy
2017: The Weekly With Charlie Pickering Domestic Comedy
2017: The Wrong Kind Of Black Domestic Drama
2017: Ronnie Chiang International Student Domestic Comedy
2017: Grand Designs Domestic Lifestyle
2016: True Crime Documentary Domestic Drama
2016: Offspring S6 Domestic Drama
2016: Wentworth S5 Domestic Drama
2016: Hoges Domestic Drama
2016: The Leftovers S3 International Drama
2016: Dr Blake Mysteries S4 Domestic Drama
2016: Fancy Boy Domestic Drama
2016: Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell S1/2 Domestic Comedy
2016: Breath Domestic Drama
2009 : Where The Wild Things Are International Children's Legendary Pictures
2008 : Canal Road Domestic Drama Canal Road 1
2007-2008 : City Homicide Domestic Drama Channel 7 Melbourne
2008 : Long Weekend Domestic Drama Long Weekend Productions
2007-2008 : The Elephant Princess Domestic Children's The Elephant Princess Pty Ltd
2008 : Underbelly Domestic Drama Screentime Pty Ltd
2007 : Ghost Rider International Drama 114mins Columbia Pictures Corporation
2007 : Neighbours Domestic Drama 60mins Grundys/Fremantle Media
2007 : Satisfaction Domestic Drama 60mins Lone Hand
2007 : The Librarians Domestic Comedy ABC
2007 : The Home Song Stories Domestic Drama 103mins Big & Little Films/Film Finance/Fortissimo Film Sales/Porchlight Films
2007 : The Jammed Domestic Drama 89mins Film Victoria
2007 : The Tender Hook Domestic Drama Film Finance
2006 : Caterpillar Wish Domestic Drama 100mins Best FX/IndiVision/South Australian Film
2006 : Irresistible Domestic Drama 103mins Baker Street
2006 : Like Minds Domestic Drama 110mins AFFC/Lumina Films/Bluewater Pictures/Gunpowder Films/Film Finance
2006 : Macbeth Domestic Drama 109mins Arclight Films
2006: Noise Domestic Drama 108mins Retro Active Films
2006 : Rats & Cats Domestic Drama 90mins Tony Rogers
2005-2006: Rogue Domestic Drama De Naray Sothcott Entertainment
2006 : Romulus Domestic Drama 104mins Areafilm
2006 : The Book of Revelation Domestic Drama 119mins Film Finance
2005 : The Extra Domestic Comedy 96mins Macquarie Film

Chris Anderson

Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Performer
2017: Romper Stomper Next Gen Domestic Drama Stunt Coordinator
2017: Winchester International Drama Stunt Coordinator
2017: Stem Domestic Drama Stunt Coordinator
2017: Hotel Mumbai International Drama Stunt Coordinator
2017: The Kings Daughter International Drama Stunt Coordinator
2017: 7 Types of Ambiguity Domestic Drama Stunt Coordinator
2016: The Wrong Girl Domestic Drama Stunt Coordinator
2016: The Light Between Oceans International Drama Stunt Coordinator
2016: Barracuda Domestic Drama Stunt Coordinator
2016: Tomorrow When the War Began Domestic Drama Stunt Coordinator
2016: Nowhere Boys Book of Shadows Domestic Drama Stunt Coordinator
2015/16: The Dressmaker Domestic Drama Stunt Coordinator
2015: Glitch Domestic Drama Stunt Coordinator
2014: Nowhere Boys Domestic Drama Stunt Coordinator
2014: Son Of a Gun Domestic Drama Son Of a gun Productions Stunt Coordinator
2013 : The Mule Domestic Drama The Mule Production Stunt Coordinator
2012 : I Frankenstein International Drama I Frankenstein Productions Stunt Coordinator
2011 : Mental Domestic Drama Mental Productions Stunt Coordinator
2009-2010 : Sanctum Domestic Drama Sanctum Productions P/L Stunt Coordinator
2010 : The Killer Elite Domestic Drama Omnilab Productions Stunt Coordinator
2009 : Don't be afraid of the Dark International Drama Don't be afraid Pty Ltd Stunt Coordinator
2009 : Tomorrow When the War Began Domestic Drama Tomorrow When the war began productions Stunt Coordinator
2008 : Knowing International Drama Ezekiel Films Stunt Coordinator
2008 : Rush Domestic Drama Southern Star Stunt Coordinator
2008 : Toyota Kittens Domestic Commercial Exit Films Stunt Coordinator