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Ryan Howard

2019: Hamish & Andy's Perfect Holiday Domestic 3x90mins Radio Karate Editor
2018-19: Glitch S3 Domestic Drama 6x50mins Matchbox Pictures Producer - EPKEditor's Assistant
2018: Disclosure Domestic Drama 90 na Editor
2017: 2040 Domestic Documentary 90 Madman Productions Editor's Assistant
2017 : Glitch S2 Domestic Drama 6x50mins Matchbox Pictures Editor's Assistant
2016 : First Contact Domestic Factual 3x60mins Blackfella Films Editor's Assistant
2016: Little Acorns Domestic Comedy 9x5mins PocketTV Editor
2015-2016: Revolution School Domestic Factual 4x60mins CJZ Editor
2014-2015 : Glitch S1 Domestic Drama 6x50mins Matchbox Pictures Editor's Assistant
2015 : Nowhere Boys - The Book Of Shadows Domestic Children's 5mins Matchbox Pictures Editor's Assistant
2014 : Four Quarters Domestic Comedy 10x7mins WBMC Editor
2014 : Please Like Me Domestic Comedy 10x30mins ABC Australia / Pivot TV - Participant Media Editor's Assistant
2014 : The Agony of Modern Manners Domestic Comedy 6x26mins High Wire Films Editor
2013 : Jack Irish - Dead Point Domestic Drama 90mins ABC Editor's Assistant
2013 : The Agony of Christmas Domestic Comedy 26mins High Wire Films Editor
2012-2013 : The Agony of LIfe Domestic Comedy 8x26mins High Wire Films Editor
2013 : The Triangle Wars Domestic Factual / Documentary 52mins Unicorn Films Editor
2013 : Twentysomething Domestic Comedy 30mins High Wire Films Editor
2012 : Lowdown Domestic Comedy 8x30mins High Wire Films Editor's Assistant
2012 : Mrs Biggs International Drama 5x30mins February Films / ITV UK Editor's Assistant
2011 : Australia's Greatest Flood Domestic Factual / Documentary 48mins 360 Degree Films for National Geographic US Editor's Assistant
2011 : Beaconsfield Domestic Drama 2x90mins Southern Star Editor's Assistant
2011 : Outland Domestic Comedy 6x30mins Princess Pictures Editor's Assistant
2011 : Sporting Nation Domestic Factual / Documentary 3x60mins Princess Pictures Editor's Assistant
2009-2011 : The Triangle Wars Domestic Factual / Documentary 90mins Circe Films Editor's Assistant
2011 : Triangle Wars - Theatrical trailer Domestic Factual / Documentary 2mins Circe Films Editor
2010 : 'Immigration Nation' - The Secret History of Us Domestic Factual / Documentary 3x54mins Renegade Films Editor's Assistant
2020-23: Bondi Vet Domestic Reality WTFN Editor

Ken Sallows

2018: Grace Beside Me Domestic Family Magpie Pictures
2017: From Under the Rubble Domestic Documentary 85mins Shining Light Productions
2017: Seven Types of Ambiguity Domestic Drama 55mins Matchbox Pictures Editor
2016: A Brilliant Genocide International Documentary 82mins Atlantic Star Productions
2016: Spin Out Domestic Comedy/Drama 92mins Stella Rose Productions, Redman Entertainments Editor
2016: The Galahs Domestic Documentary 58mins Sepia Tones
2015: A Month of Sundays Domestic Comedy/Drama 105mins Madman Production Company Editor
2015: 8MMM Aboriginal Radio Domestic Comedy 180mins Brindle Films, Princess Pictures Editor
2014: The Legend Maker Domestic Crime
2014: These Heathen Dreams Domestic Documentary 53mins Editor
2014: Persons of Interest Domestic Documentary 52mins Smart Street Films Editor
2012: The People Speak Australia Domestic Documentary 120mins WTFN Entertainment Editor
2011: Ben Lee: Catch My Disease International Documentary 86mins Flood Productions, Flood Projects, Ghost Films Editor
2011: Eli the Invincible Domestic Drama 15mins Screen Australia, Eleven Films, Scarab Studios Editor
2011: Persecution Blues: The Battle for the Tote Domestic Documentary 57mins NicNat Films Editor
2010: Mercury Domestic Thriller 15mins Editor
2010: The Prelude Domestic Drama 8mins Circe Films Editor
2010: I Love You Too Domestic Comedy 107mins Princess Pictures, Roadshow Films, Screen Australia Editor
2009: The Combination Domestic Drama 96mins See Thru Films Editor
2009: 5 Lost at Sea Domestic Documentary 56mins Imajica Media Editor
2008: Lionel Domestic Documentary 93mins Circe Films Editor
2007: Playing For Charlie Domestic Drama Queen Ant Films Editor
2007: The Tender Hook Domestic Drama Mandala Films Editor
2006: Monkey Puzzle Domestic Drama Tama Films Editor
2002: Gettin' Square Domestic Drama Mushroom Pictures Editor
2001: Yolgnu Boy Domestic Drama ACTF, Beyond Films Editor
1999: Chopper Domestic Drama Pariah Entertainment Group Editor
1996: Doing Time For Patsy Cline Domestic Drama Oilrag Productions Editor
1996: Love & Other Catastrophies Domestic Drama Beyond Films Editor
1991: Proof Domestic Drama 89mins House & Moorhouse Films Editor
1985: Malcolm Domestic Drama 85mins Cascade Films Editor

Greg Saunders

Dialogue Coach, Dialect Coach
2024: Ice Road 2: Road To The Sky International Action Servo Productions Dialect Coach
2023: Apple Cider Vinegar Domestic Drama Netflix Dialogue Coach
2023: Windcatcher Domestic Family Stan Dialogue Coach
2023: Ricky Stanicky International Comedy Ricky Productions Dialogue Coach
2022: The Clearing Domestic Drama Disney+ Dialogue Coach
2022: Force of Nature Domestic Drama Arena Films Dialogue Coach
2022: Run Rabbit Run Domestic Drama Carver Films Dialogue Coach
2021: True Colours Domestic Drama 4x55 Bunya Productions
2021: Fires Domestic Drama 6x55 Tony Ayres Prods/Matchbox/NBCU
2020/21: Blueback Domestic Drama 100 Arena Films
2020: Tinashe Domestic Drama Tig Terera Dialogue Coach
2020: Grace Domestic Drama 12 Disturbing Notions
2019: The Dry Domestic Drama 100mins Arena Films
2018-2020: Mother Mountain Domestic Drama Celina Stang
2019: Bisque Domestic Drama AFTRS
2018: Ride Like A Girl Domestic Drama 100 100 to 1 Productions
2017/18: Nowhere Boys S4 Domestic Drama 13 X 30 mins Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2017: Deadlock Domestic Drama 60 mins Every Cloud Productions Dialogue Coach
2017: Sunshine Domestic Drama 4 X 60 mins Essential/Carver Dialogue Coach
2016: Lions and Tigers Domestic Drama 15 mins Exit Films Dialogue Coach
2016: The Warriors Domestic Drama 8 x 30 mins Arena Media Dialogue Coach
2016: Glitch Domestic Drama Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2016: Barracuda Domestic Drama 4 x 60 mins Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2016: Nowhere Boys S3 Domestic Drama 13 x 30 mins Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2015 : Nowhere Boys: Book of Shadows Domestic Drama 90mins Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2015 : Open Slather Domestic Comedy 30mins Princess Pictures Dialogue Coach
2010 : Killer Elite International Drama 90mins Killer Elite Productions
2011-2014 : Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Domestic Drama Phrynnie Fisher Dialogue Coach
2013-2014 : Nowhere Boys Domestic Drama 26x30mins Matchbox Dialogue Coach
2012 : Howzat: Packer's War Domestic Drama Southern Star Dialogue Coach
2011 : Conspiracy 365 Domestic Children's Circa Media Director - Second Unit
2011 : Conspiracy 365 Domestic Children's 13x30mins Circa Media Dialogue Coach
2009 : Animal Kingdom Domestic Drama AK Prods/Porchlight Films Dialogue Coach
2009 : I Love You Too Domestic Drama 90mins Hell and High Waters Dialogue Coach
2009 : Rush II Domestic Drama Southern Star Dialogue Coach
2008 : East Of Everything Domestic Drama ABC Dialogue Coach
2008 : Knowing International Drama Knowing P/L Dialogue Coach
2008 : My Year Without Sex Domestic Drama Hibiscus Films Dialogue Coach
2008 : Snake Tales Domestic Children's Westside Productions Dialogue Coach
2006 : Bastard Boys Domestic Drama ABC/Flying Cabbage Dialogue Coach
2006 : Home Song Stories Domestic Drama Home Song Productions P/L Dialogue Coach
2005 : Blue Heelers Domestic Drama Southern Star Productions Dialogue Coach
2005 : Charlotte's Web International Drama Paramount Dialogue Coach
2005 : Macbeth Domestic Drama Mushroom Pictures
2004 : Holly's Heroes Domestic Children's Tosi Westside P/L Dialogue Coach