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Prajwal Bhattarai

Production Designer, DOP / Cinematographer, Art Director
TBA: The Wholetimers International Les Films du Tambour, Media Port Private Ltd Production Designer
2020: About a Girl International 006mins Actors Guild Production DOP / Cinematographer
2017: The Night is an Ocean International 004mins Jazz Productions DOP / Cinematographer
2017: Inside International Dystopian 004mins Jazz Productions Director
2016: Phulsiri International Drama 029mins Ama Dablam Pictures DOP / Cinematographer
2012: Highway International 080mins Louverture Films, Aadi Productions Electrics Assistant
2021: Daraz Nepal 11.11 International Comedy 001min Creative Makura DOP / Cinematographer
2020: Udai Lanchu International 008mins Fuzz Factory Productions Art Director
2016: Mountain Ram International 005mins Hulhevi Media DOP / Cinematographer
2016: The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Kathmandu Promo International 001min Jazz Productions Director
2016: BOB International Thriller 014mins Jazz Productions Art Director
2018: Jhareko Yo Aansu International Film Noir 005mins Fuzz Factory Productions Art Director
2017: Haraeko International 004mins Fuzz Factory Productions Art Director
2018: UMER International 006mins Fuzz Factory Productions Art Director
2016: Pragmatic Delusions International 007mins Jazz Productions Art Director
2018: Diplo & MØ feat. Bipul Chettri & Laure - Stay Open International 003mins House of Films Art Director
2017: Golf for Nepal - Trailer International Sports/Culture 001min Jazz Productions Director
2016: Spirit X - Goodbye International 004mins Jazz Productions Director

Pender Audio

2014-2015 : Uranium - Twisting the dragons tail Domestic Factual / Documentary Genepool
2013-2015 : Zach's Story Domestic Factual / Documentary Postbox Media
2014 : A current affair Domestic News/Current Affairs NINE
2014 : Commonwealth Games Domestic Sport TEN
2013-2014 : Daily Planet International Factual / Documentary Discovery Channel
2014: Healthy Domestic Educational Brand New Media
2014 : Mushroom Records Art Series Domestic Interactive Entertainment Tooth & Claw
2013-2014 : Toyota range Domestic Interactive Entertainment Shot Cut
2013 : Carlisle Homes Domestic Interactive Entertainment YP Digital
2013 : EMO the musical Domestic Comedy 18mins Matthewswood
2013 : Jones Lang LaSalle Domestic Educational Shakespear Media
2013 : Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries Domestic Drama ABC
2013 : Winners and Losers Domestic Drama SEVEN
2011-2012 : Heart & Soul Domestic Children's 1440 productions
2012 : Home is where the Halls is Domestic Factual / Documentary Open Channel - Regional arts Victoria,
2011-2012 : How to rob a bank Domestic Drama 90mins Chaddy productions
2011 : Cordial Domestic Drama 5mins RMIT short
2011 : Fudge It International Drama fudge it tv
2011 : Mindseye Domestic Drama Pre to Post
2011 : Necropsy Domestic Educational 20mins Caliburn Productions
2011 : Parmita Domestic Comedy Pixel Kitchen
2011 : Poppy Projectionist Domestic Drama 20mins --
2024: The Bachelor US International Reality GFSglobal Sound Recordist
2024: Dogs Behaving Badly S2 Domestic Lifestyle Ten
2023: Our Town Domestic Lifestyle 7two
2023: The Yes Experiment Domestic Lifestlye Ten
2022: Black As S4 Domestic Youtube