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John Brawley

2018: The Resident International Drama 20th Century Fox Television, 3 Arts Entertainment, Fuqua Films DOP / Cinematographer
2017: Queen of the South International Crime, Drama 42mins DOP / Cinematographer
2017: The Warriors Domestic Drama 26mins Arenamedia DOP / Cinematographer
2017: Beaches International Drama 87mins DOP / Cinematographer
2011-2016: Offspring Domestic Drama Southern Star DOP / Cinematographer
2015: Hunters Domestic Drama SyFy Channel/Matchbox DOP / Cinematographer
2015: The Beautiful Lie Domestic Drama Endemol DOP / Cinematographer
2015: The Hiding Domestic Drama Playmaker Media DOP / Cinematographer
2015: Scare Campaign Domestic Drama Cyan Films DOP / Cinematographer
2014: The Turning (“Defender” Segment) Domestic Drama Arena Media DOP / Cinematographer
2014: Party Tricks Domestic Drama Endemol DOP / Cinematographer
2012-2013: Puberty Blues Domestic Drama Southern Star DOP / Cinematographer
2010-2012: Lowdown Domestic Drama ABC Television DOP / Cinematographer
2012: 100 Bloody Acres Domestic Drama Cyan Films DOP / Cinematographer
2012: Underbelly: Squizzy Domestic Drama Screentime DOP / Cinematographer
2011: Tangle Domestic Drama Southern Star DOP / Cinematographer
2011: Twentysomething Domestic Drama ABC Television DOP / Cinematographer
2010: The Perfect Host Domestic Drama Magnolia Pictures DOP / Cinematographer
2009: No Petrol Domestic Drama Dark Horse Films DOP / Cinematographer
2008: Luke Mungo Domestic Drama After Dark Films DOP / Cinematographer
2005: Puppy Domestic Drama All At Once DOP / Cinematographer
2002: The Real Thing Domestic Drama Arclight Films DOP / Cinematographer

Ben Bomitali

2016: Everyday Gourmet Domestic Cooking Show 3eps x 21 mins H Squared Sound Recordist
2016: Melbourne Arts Centre Domestic Commercial 30secs Truce Films Sound Recordist
2016: The Goddamn Election with John Safran Domestic Documentary 60mins Princess Pictures Sound Recordist
2015: Hunters International Sci Fi, Drama 60mins Valhalla Entertainment Boom Operator
2015: Open Slather Domestic Comedy 60mins Princess Pictures / Rick McKenna Entertainment Sound Recordist
2015: Spin Out Domestic Romantic Comedy 92mins Stella Rose Productions / Redman Entertainment Boom Operator
2015 : Please Like Me International Drama/Comedy 25mins ABC / Pivot John & Josh Internationa Boom Operator
2015 : The Legend of Ben Hall Domestic Drama 134mins Emu Creek Pictures Sound Recordist
2015 : Pretty Little Things Domestic Thriller/Drama 120mins Independent Sound Recordist
2015 : On Track Domestic Documentary 60mins Channel 7 / Nice Bike Content Sound Recordist
2015 : #MyFamilyCan - SPC Domestic Commercial 30secs Pancho Sound Recordist
2015 : Jaggad x Woolmark Domestic Commercial 30secs The Sweet Shop Sound Recordist
2014 : The Subjects Domestic Sci Fi, Drama 60mins Instinct Entertainment Boom Operator
2014 : Sweatshop Domestic Drama/Comedy 60mins Marks Bros Production Sound Recordist
2014 : People Like Us Domestic Documentary 120mins Trade Creative Sound Recordist
2014 : Granny Smith Domestic Comedy 7mins Independent Sound Recordist
2014 : The Best Way to Kill Your Mother Domestic Drama/Comedy 10mins VCA Graduate Sound Recordist
2014 : Family Holiday Domestic Comedy 5mins Independent Sound Recordist
2014: Looking To Buy Domestic Comedy 12mins Independent Sound Recordist
2013 : Black Sabbath Live : Gathered In their Masses Domestic Live Music 30mins Independent Sound Recordist
2013 : Partisan Domestic Drama 94mins Whatever Group Sound Recordist
2013 : We’ve All Been There Domestic Drama 7mins Truce Films Sound Recordist
2012 : Ricochet Domestic Drama 10mins VCA Graduate Sound Recordist
2012: Mathilda Domestic Drama 7mins Scene On Sound Recordist
2012: Australia’s Got Talent - Genesis Opening Domestic Entertainment 1min Fremantle Media Australia Sound Recordist
2011 : Kin Domestic Drama 12mins VCA Graduate Sound Recordist
2011 : Silent Night Domestic Drama 15mins VCA Graduate Sound Recordist

Heather Cassidy

2015-2016 : Bespoke Domestic Documentary Viking Films Production CoordinatorResearcher
2014-2015 : Death Or Liberty International Factual / Documentary 45mins Roar Film Production Coordinator
2014 : Apple International Factual / Documentary 5mins Jade Productions Production Coordinator
2014 : Beautiful Mind Domestic Drama 4mins Passionfruit Creative ProducerWriter
2014 : Foxtel Disney Channel Domestic Drama 0.5mins Sheepish Lion Production Assistant
2014 : Home Hill Domestic Factual / Documentary 10mins Passionfruit Creative ProducerWriter
2014 : Honda Domestic Factual / Documentary 0.5mins Airbag Production Production Assistant
2014 : Town Hall Domestic Comedy 25mins High Wire Films Casting Assistant
2014 : Vivo Milk International Drama 0.5mins Hub Productions Production Assistant
2013 : Asics Melbourne Marathong Domestic Factual / Documentary 2mins Revolver Production Assistant
2013 : Chobani International Drama 3x0.5mins Revolver Production Assistant
2013 : Chobani International Factual / Documentary 5mins Revolver Camera Operator
2013 : Nowhere Boys Domestic Children's 25mins Matchbox Pictures Production Assistant
2013 : Our Year at Catholic Ladies College Domestic Factual / Documentary 30mins BWS Production Director
2010-2011 : Terra Nova International Drama Fox Production Assistant
2010 : Crawl Domestic Drama Crawl Productions Production Coordinator
2009-2010 : Lola the Magnificent Domestic Children's 10mins Heather Cassidy Producer
2009: Clarity Domestic Drama Melissa McLeary Co-Producer
2009 : Nokia OVI International Commercial Film Headquarters Production Coordinator
2009 : Shaping the State Domestic Factual / Documentary Network TEN Researcher
2008 : Borderline Domestic Drama Heather Cassidy Producer

Burberry Productions Pty Ltd

2014-2015 : Glitch Domestic Drama 6x55mins Matchbox Pictures
2012 : The Mystery of a Hansom Cab Domestic Drama 100mins Burberry Entertainment
2010 : Small Time Gangster Domestic Drama 8x30mins Boilermaker Burberry Entertainment Pty Ltd
2009 : Dead Gorgeous Domestic Children's 13x30mins Burberry Entertainment/Coolabi co-production
2006-2008 : Animalia Domestic Children's 40x24mins urberry Productions/Animalia Productions P/L
2008 : Carla Cametti PD Domestic Drama 6x60mins Buon Giorno Productions in association with Burberry Productions
2004-2005 : Last Man Standing Domestic Drama 22x60mins Burberry Productions P/L
2003-2004 : Fergus McPhail Domestic Children's 26x25mins Burberry Productions
2002-2003 : Sleepover Club - Series 1 Domestic Children's 26x25mins Burberry Productions /Wark Clements co-production
2002 : Bootleg Domestic Children's 3x50mins Burberry Productions
2001-2002 : Short Cuts Domestic Children's 26x25mins Burberry Productions
2002 : sn:tv Domestic Children's Burberry Productions in association with Nickelodeon
2000-2001 : Eugenie Sandler PI Domestic Children's 13x25mins Burberry Productions
1999-2000 : The Farm Domestic Drama 3x50mins Burberry Productions
1996-1997 : Kangaroo Palace Domestic Drama Artist Services in association with Burberry Productions
1996-1997 : The Wayne Manifesto Domestic Children's 26x25mins Burberry Productions in association with Artist Services
1993-1994 : Rap, Race & Equality Domestic Factual/Documentary 1x50mins Burberry Productions/Elliott
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