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Sasha Dylan Bell

2017: Legacy International Thriller Serious Stooges Films, Think Media Studios, William Baker Films Editor
2017: Blackmail International Comedy 94mins Archer Films Entertainment, Tigertail Films Editor
2016: In Other News International News Karga Seven Pictures Editor
2015: The Rendezvous International Adventure 93mins Halsted Pictures Editor
2015: The Dream Children Domestic Drama 98mins Fat Kid Films Editor
2015: Thing I Have Learned About Sex & Dogs Domestic Comedy 7mins Editor
2014: Almost Broadway International Comedy 85mins Tigertail Films / Archer Films Editor
2014: Got Your 6 International Documentary 60mins Karga Seven Pictures / MTV Editor
2014: That Sugar Song Domestic Documentary 90mins Madman Films Editor
2014: Booze Traveler Domestic Factual / Documentary 45mins Travel Channel Editor
2014: Emo The Musical Domestic Comedy 15mins Matthewswood Editor
2014: Bound By Blue Domestic Drama 89mins Think Boy Thin Editor
2013: Fun City Domestic Drama 12mins Editor
2013: The Humble Beginnings Of The Baloon Comedy 3mins Tropfest Australia Editor
2012: Lemonade Stand Domestic Comedy 7mins Julian Vinvent Costanzo Films Editor
2011: The Amazing Race Australia Domestic Reality 50mins Active TV / Seven network Editor
2011: Face To Face Domestic Drama 89mins Face To Face Productions Editor
2008: Get Up 'N Move Domestic Children's 1min 1440 Productions Director
2008, : Get Up 'N Move Domestic Commercial 1min 1440 Productions Editor
2007: Diafrix E.P.K. Domestic Commercial 2mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2006-2007: Falls Festival Domestic Factual / Documentary 1440 Productions Director
2007: Film Director Reel Domestic Commercial 7mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2007: H Domestic Comedy 6mins The Collective Editor
2007: In Tha Place - Diafrix Domestic Commercial 4mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2007: Life - Dekker Domestic Variety 5mins No Wait.., Australia 1st Assistant Director
2007: Stand On Clouds - The Vedettes Domestic Variety 4mins No Wait DirectorEditor
2007: Through A Doorway With A Baseball Bat Domestic Drama 7mins Jack's Wall Productions & Connman Productions DirectorEditor
2007: TZU E.P.K. Domestic Commercial 1min Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2007: Xavier Rudd: White Promo Domestic Commercial 13mins 1440 Productions Editor
2006: AFRICA! Domestic Variety 60mins 1440 Productions Director
2006 : Cinematographer Reel - David Connell A.C.S. Domestic Commercial 4mins Jack's Wall Productions Editor
2006 : Famous - Ladi Tash Domestic Commercial 4mins Marcus Knight Editor
2006: In Tha Place - Diafrix, Domestic Variety 4mins Jack's Wall Productions Director
2006: Macbeth Film Domestic Commercial 5mins Palace Films Editor
2006: Rock's Longest Night Domestic Interactive Entertainment 60mins Jack's Wall Productions Director
2006: Shake That - Ra Quest Domestic Variety 4mins 1st Assistant Director

Scott McNamara

2014 : Australian Drift Grand Prix Domestic Sport 60mins Jet Multimedia Camera Operator
2014 : Riverland - Gang Of Youths Domestic Drama 3mins Welcome The Machine Focus Puller
2014 : Aston Club Domestic Commercial 1min Vivacity Film Co DOP / Cinematographer
2013-2014 : Drift Is Life Domestic Factual / Documentary 7mins Stylized Productions Camera Operator
2014 : H: The Story Of A Dead Man Domestic Drama 15mins Hoodwolf Productions Camera Assistant
2014 : Higher - Maddison Wilson Domestic Drama 4mins Workshop Meida DOP / Cinematographer
2014: Ignorance - Mercies End Domestic Drama 4mins Vivacity Film Co DOP / Cinematographer
2014: Mediacrity Domestic Comedy 5mins More + Comedy DOP / Cinematographer
2013-2014 : Pacific Cove Domestic Comedy 22mins Guilty Content Camera Assistant
2013-2014 : Parasomnia Domestic Factual / Documentary 15mins Flores Productions DOP / Cinematographer
2014 : Seashells Domestic Comedy 5mins Jordan Bond Films DOP / Cinematographer
2014 : The Stevedore Domestic Comedy 7mins Hummingbird Rentals Camera Assistant
2013 : Bury Me - Queen Khan Domestic Drama 6mins Taylored Productions Focus Puller
2013 : Death Of A Friend Domestic Comedy 7mins Fox Pub Films DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Dream Of A Shadow International Drama 30mins Burnt Arrow Production Focus Puller
2013 : False Resolutions - Lace Kid Vikings Domestic Comedy 3.5mins Jay Mac DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Sort Your Shit Out Domestic Drama 22mins JMC Academy Focus Puller
2013 : The Heckler Domestic Comedy 92mins Inspiration Studios Camera Assistant
2013 : We Are The Same - Lurch & Chief Domestic Variety 3.42mins Digital Photography Inhouse Camera Assistant
2013 : We've Moved Domestic Comedy 6mins Digital Photography Inhouse Focus Puller
2012: Lift Domestic Comedy 7mins