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Nathan James

Safety Supervisor, Stunt Performer
2020: The Dry International Drama, Thriller The Dry Film Production P/L Safety Supervisor
2020: Lone Wolf Domestic Drama Lone Wolf Cohort P/L Safety Supervisor
2019: Angel Of Mine International Drama, Thriller SixtyFourSixty AOM Productions P/L Safety Supervisor
2019: Glitch 3 International Drama, Sci-Fi Matchbox Pictures Safety Supervisor
2018: Nowhere Boys (Sn.4) International Drama, Sci-Fi Matchbox Pictures Safety Supervisor
2018: How To Stay Married Domestic Drama, Comedy HTSM Productions Safety Supervisor
2015 : Molly Domestic Drama Pop Machine Safety Supervisor
2014 : Cut Snake Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures Safety Supervisor
2014 : INXS: Never Tear Us Apart Domestic Drama Shine Australia Stunt Performer
2014: Now Add Honey Domestic Comedy Gristmill Safety Supervisor
2014 : Nowhere Boys Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures Safety Supervisor
2014 : Oddball Domestic Drama The Film Company Safety Supervisor
2014 : The Dressmaker International Drama Screen Australia Safety Supervisor
2014 : The Heckler Domestic Comedy Inspiration Studios Safety Supervisor
2013-2014 : The Time Of Our Lives Domestic Drama ABC Safety Supervisor
2013 : Ciffy Domestic Drama Clock End Film Stunt Performer
2012-2013 : Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries Domestic Drama Every Cloud Productions Safety Supervisor
2013 : Mr & Mrs Murder Domestic Drama Fremantle Media Stunt Performer
2013 : The Block 'Auction' Domestic Reality Cavalier Television Safety Supervisor
2011-2013 : Winners & Losers Domestic Drama Seven Network Safety Supervisor
2012 : House Husbands Domestic Drama Playmaker Media Safety Supervisor
2011 : The Killer Elite Domestic Drama Ambience Entertainment Safety Supervisor
2010 : The Pacific International Drama Dreamworks SKG Stunt Performer
2009 : Knowing International Drama Summint Entertainment Stunt Performer

Nathan Lloyd Casting

2023: Queen of Oz Lingo / BBC Casting Director
2023: Safe Home Kindling Pictures / SBS Casting Director
2023: In Our Blood Hoodlum / ABC Casting Director
2021-2023: Love Me Series 1-2 Aquarius Films / Warner Bros. Casting Director
2019 - 2023: Five Bedrooms Series 1-4 Hoodlum Casting Director
2018 - 2022: Upright Lingo Casting Director
2022: Summer Love Gristmill / ABC Casting Director
2022: A Perfect Pairing Hoodlum Casting Director
2021: Surviving Summer Werner Film Productions / Netflix Casting Director
2021: MaveriX Brindle Films / ABC Casting Director
2021: The Newsreader Series 1-2 Werner Film Productions / ABC Casting Director
2021: All My Friends Are Racist Hoodlum Casting Director
2013-2020: Wentworth Series 1-8 Fremantle Media Australia Casting Director
2019: Harrow Series 3 Hoodlum / ABC / Hulu Casting Director
2019: My Life is Murder CJZ Casting Director
2018: The InBESTigators Gristmill Casting Director
2018: Mr Black CJZ Casting Director
2018: Playing For Keeps Screentime Casting Director
2018: The Cry BBC Casting Director
2018: Back in Very Small Business Gristmill Casting Director
2017-2018: True Story with Hamish and Andy Series 1 - 2 Radio Karate Casting Director
2018: Romper Stomper Roadshow Rough Diamond Casting Director
2018: Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted To You Fremantle Media Australia Casting Director
2010-2017: Offspring Series 1 - 7 Southern Star Casting Director
2017: Sisters Endemol Shine Australia Casting Director
2017: Get Krackin' Katering Productions Casting Director
2017: The Edge of the Bush Guesswork Television Casting Director
2017: Dance Academy: The Movie Australian Children's Television Foundation Casting Director
2017: Newtons Law Every Cloud Productions Casting Director

Nathan Wild

2019: The Boy And His Robot International Science Fiction 110 mins Richmanclub Studios Editor
2019: Part Time Private Eyes Domestic Comedy Pilot 30 mins TEN/CJZ Editor
2019, 2018, 2017, 2016: Rosehaven Series 1,2,3,4 Domestic Comedy 30 mins ABC/Guesswork Television Editor
2018: Mr Black Domestic Comedy 30 mins TEN/CJZ Editor
2018: Squinters Domestic Comedy 30 mins ABC/Jungle Entertainment Editor
2018: True Story with Hamish & Andy Domestic Comedy 30 mins Nine/Radio Karate Editor
2017: The Doctor Blake Mysteries Domestic Drama 110 mins ABC/December Media Editor
2016, 2015, 2014: The Doctor Blake Mysteries Series 3,4,5 Domestic Drama 60 mins ABC/December Media Editor
2015: The Family Law Domestic Comedy 30 mins SBS/ Matchbox Pictures Editor
2013 : Fat Tony & Co Domestic Drama 60mins Screentime Editor
2013 : Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Domestic Drama 60mins ABC Editor
2012-2013 : Mr & Mrs Murder Domestic Drama 60mins Fremantle Media Editor
2013 : The Agony of Life Domestic Comedy 30mins High Wire Films Editor
2013 : Wonderland Domestic Drama 60mins Fremantle Media/TEN Editor
2011-2012: Winners & Losers Domestic Drama 60mins Seven Network Editor
2011: Agony Uncles Domestic Comedy 30mins High Wire Films Editor
2009-2010 : City Homicide Domestic Drama 60mins Seven Network Editor
2010 : Killing Time Domestic Drama 60mins Fremantle Media Editor
2008 : NEWStopia Series 3 Domestic Comedy 30mins Fremantle Media Editor
2008 : The Elephant Princess Domestic Drama 30mins Jonathan M Shiff Productions Editor
2007 : Canal Road Domestic Drama 60 mins Nine Network Editor
2007 : NEWStopia Domestic Comedy 30mins Fremantle Media/SBS Editor
2007 : Rain Shadow Domestic Drama 60 mins Southern Star/ABC Editor
1998: Blue Heelers 1998 - 2006 Domestic Drama 60 mins Southern Star/Channel 7 Editor

Ned & Co. Marketing and Publicity

Advertising / Marketing
2023: Million Dollar Island Domestic Reaity Eureka Productions
2020: Rams Domestic Drama WBMC / Roadshow Films
2018: Bad Mothers Domestic Drama Jungle Entertainment & Filthy Productions
2017: Underbelly Files: Chopper Domestic Drama Screentime / Nine Network
2016: Tomorrow When the War Began Domestic Drama Ambience Entertainment
2016 : Wolf Creek the Television Domestic Drama Screentime
2014-2017: House Husbands Domestic Drama Playmaker / Nine Network
2015 : Spin Out Domestic Comedy Redman Entertainment
2014 : The King's Daughter International Drama Pandemonium Films,Lightstream Pictures,Bliss Media, Brookwell McNamara Entertainment Production
2013 : Fat Tony Domestic Drama Screentime / Nine Network
2007-2013: Underbelly Domestic Drama Screentime / Nine Network
2012 : Save Your Legs Domestic Comedy Robyn Kershaw Productions
2011: Small Time Gangster Domestic Comedy Movie Network
2010: Animal Kingdom Domestic Drama Porchlight Films
2008 : Blessed Domestic Drama Wildheart Zizani/Blessed Film Productions
2008 : Carla Cametti P.D. Domestic Drama Buon giorno Productions
2006 : The Home Song Stories Domestic Drama Big and Little Films/Porchlight Films
2004 : Holly's Heroes Domestic Children's Tosi Westside Pty. Ltd./Nine Network
2004 : Love's Brother Domestic Drama Love's Brother & Co/Great Scott Productions/Sarah Radclyffe Productions Ltd
2003 : Japanese Story Domestic Drama Gecko Films
2000 : Better Than Sex Domestic Drama Better Than