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Ross Murdoch

Construction Manager, Construction Supervisor
2017: Stem Domestic Thriller Blumhouse Productions, Goalpost Pictures Construction Manager
2017: The Leftovers International Drama 60mins Film 44, Warner Bros. Television Construction Manager
2017: Seven Types of Ambiguity Domestic Drama 55mins Matchbox Pictures Construction Manager
2016: Red Dog: True Blue Domestic Drama 88mins Woss Group Film Productions Construction Manager
2016: Hunters International Drama 60mins Valhalla Entertainment Construction Manager
2015: Childhood's End International Drama 60mins Universal Cable Productions Construction Manager
2015: Partisan Domestic Drama 94mins Animal Kingdom, Carver Films, Warp Films Australia Construction Manager
2014: The Rover Domestic Action 103mins Porchlight Films, Lava Bear Films, Blue-Tongue Films Construction Manager
2014: The Real Housewives of Melbourne Domestic Reality Matchbox Pictures Construction Manager
2014: Predestination Domestic Drama 97mins Screen Australia Construction Manager
2013: Tracks Domestic Adventure 12mins Screen Australia Construction Manager
2011: The Slap Domestic Drama 60mins Matchbox Pictures Construction Manager
2011: The Eye of the Storm Domestic Drama 114mins Paper Bark Films Pty Construction Manager
2011: Sanctum International Drama 108mins Universal Pictures, Relativity Media, Wayfare Entertainment Construction Manager
2009 : The Tree Domestic Drama Arbre Films Construction Manager
2008 : The Boys are Back International Drama Tiger Aspect Productions Construction Manager
2007-2008 : The Pacific International Drama HBO Construction Manager
2005-2006 : Nightmares and Dreamscapes Domestic Drama Coote & Hayes Production Services Construction Manager
2006: The Home Song Stories Domestic Drama Big and Little Films Construction Manager
2006 : Where the Wild Things Are International Children's Village Roadshow Construction Manager
2004-2005: Ghost Rider International Drama Columbia Pictures Construction Manager
2003-2004 : Stealth International Drama Columbia Pictures Construction Manager
2002-2003: Peter Pan International Children's Village Roadshow Construction Manager
2001-2002 : Ghost Ship International Drama Village Roadshow Set Builder
2001 : Queen of the Damned International Drama Village Roadshow Set Builder
2001 : Road from Coorain Domestic Drama Chapman Pictures Set Builder
2001 : The Hard Word Domestic Drama Wild Heart Films Set Builder
2000 : Saddle Club Domestic Children's Crawfords Set Builder