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Ned & Co. Marketing and Publicity

Advertising / Marketing
2023: Million Dollar Island Domestic Reaity Eureka Productions
2020: Rams Domestic Drama WBMC / Roadshow Films
2018: Bad Mothers Domestic Drama Jungle Entertainment & Filthy Productions
2017: Underbelly Files: Chopper Domestic Drama Screentime / Nine Network
2016: Tomorrow When the War Began Domestic Drama Ambience Entertainment
2016 : Wolf Creek the Television Domestic Drama Screentime
2014-2017: House Husbands Domestic Drama Playmaker / Nine Network
2015 : Spin Out Domestic Comedy Redman Entertainment
2014 : The King's Daughter International Drama Pandemonium Films,Lightstream Pictures,Bliss Media, Brookwell McNamara Entertainment Production
2013 : Fat Tony Domestic Drama Screentime / Nine Network
2007-2013: Underbelly Domestic Drama Screentime / Nine Network
2012 : Save Your Legs Domestic Comedy Robyn Kershaw Productions
2011: Small Time Gangster Domestic Comedy Movie Network
2010: Animal Kingdom Domestic Drama Porchlight Films
2008 : Blessed Domestic Drama Wildheart Zizani/Blessed Film Productions
2008 : Carla Cametti P.D. Domestic Drama Buon giorno Productions
2006 : The Home Song Stories Domestic Drama Big and Little Films/Porchlight Films
2004 : Holly's Heroes Domestic Children's Tosi Westside Pty. Ltd./Nine Network
2004 : Love's Brother Domestic Drama Love's Brother & Co/Great Scott Productions/Sarah Radclyffe Productions Ltd
2003 : Japanese Story Domestic Drama Gecko Films
2000 : Better Than Sex Domestic Drama Better Than

David Nelson

Art and Production Design, Post-Production, Visual Effects Supervisor
2018-2020: Sonic the Hedgehog International Family 90mins MARZA/SEGA, Paramount Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2017-2018: Aquaman International Drama 100mins Method Studios Melbourne, Warner Bros. DC Comics Visual Effects Supervisor
2017: Mary Magdalene International Drama 110mins Porchlight Films, Universal Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2017: Jumanji International Family 90 mins Iloura Melbourne Visual Effects Supervisor
2016: John Wick 2 International Action 90mins Method Studios Sydney Visual Effects Supervisor
2016: 24 Hours to Live International Drama 90mins Thunder Road Pictures, Fundamental Films Visual Effects Supervisor
2015-2016: The Shallows Domestic Drama 90mins Sony Columbia Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2014-2015: Sonic the Hedgehog Project Development International Animation MARZA Animation Tokyo Visual Effects Supervisor
2011-2013 : Mad Max 4 Fury Road Domestic Drama Kenney Miller Mitchell Visual Effects Supervisor
2009-2011 : Happy Feet 2 International Animation 90mins Kenney Miller Mitchell Production Designer
2006-2007 : Fools Gold International Comedy 90mins Warner Bros. Pictures Visual Effects Supervisor
2004-2006 : Happy Feet International Animation 90mins Kenney Miller Mitchell Art Director
2003-2004 : ‘Noah and Saskia’ Domestic Children's 13x 30mins ACTF Visual Effects Supervisor
2003 : One Perfect Day Domestic Drama 90mins Lighstream Films Visual Effects Supervisor
2002 : Crackerjack Domestic Comedy 90mins Ruby Productions Visual Effects Supervisor
2002 : Danny Deckchair Domestic Comedy 90mins Andrew Mason Visual Effects Supervisor
2001 : Legacy of the Silver Shadow Domestic Children's 90mins ACTF/Disney Channel Visual Effects Supervisor
1999-2000 : Round the Twist Domestic Children's 13x30mins ACTF Visual Effects Supervisor

Melinda Neoh

Special Effects Coordinator, Art Department Coordinator, Construction Coordinator
2020-2024: Ich Bin Ein Star, Holt Mich Raus! Germany International Reality Granada Productions / RTL Production Manager
2019, 2023: I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - UK International Reality Granada Productions / ITV Production Manager
2023: Metropolis International Drama / Sci-Fi Esmail Corp / Matchbox Pictures Construction Coordinator
2022: FOE International Sci-Fi, Thriller Amazon Studios US Construction Coordinator
2021: The Portable Door International Fantasy The Jim Henson Company US Special Effects Coordinator
2021: Black Site International Action, Thriller Asbury Park Productions US Special Effects Coordinator
2020, 2021: I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - Australia Domestic Reality Granada Productions / ITV Production Manager
2019: The Whistleblower International Action Edko Films Construction Coordinator
2014-2019: I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now International Reality Granada Productions/ITV Art Department Coordinator
2015-2019: Ich Bin Ein Star, Holt Mich Raus! International Reality Granada Productions/RTL Art Department Coordinator
2016 : The Leftovers Series 3 International Drama/Fantasy/Mystery HBO Productions Construction Coordinator
2015 : Childhood's End International Drama/Sci-Fi/Triller Haypop Pty Ltd/SYFY Construction Coordinator
2011-2012 : I Frankenstein International Drama Lakeshore Entertainment/Hopscotch Films Special Effects Coordinator
2010-2011 : Terra Nova International Drama 20th Century Fox/Dreamworks Special Effects Coordinator
2010 : Bait International Drama Lakeshore Entertainment/Hopscotch Films Special Effects Coordinator
2010 : Killer Elite International Drama Omnilab Special Effects Coordinator
2009-2010 : Sanctum 3D International Drama Universal Pictures Construction Coordinator
2007-2008 : The Pacific International Drama First Division Productions Pty Ltd Construction Coordinator
2005-2006 : Nightmares And Dreamscapes: From The Stories Of Stephen King International Drama Coote Hayes Productions Construction Coordinator
2006 : Where The Wild Things Are International Children's More Rice Productions/Warner Bros Construction Assistant
2004-2005 : Ghost Rider International Drama Vengeance Productions/Sony Construction Coordinator
2003-2004 : Stealth International Drama AFG Talons Construction Assistant
2003: Peter Pan International Adventure / Family / Fantasy Universal Pictures Construction Assistant

Edmund Ng

2015 : Albert Domestic Drama Airbag Productions Camera Assistant
2015 : Smith's Chips Domestic Commercial Airbag Productions Video Split Hire / Operator
2015 : The Ex-­PM International Comedy Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder Camera Assistant
2015 : The Priest Domestic Drama Wrathful Deity Films Camera Assistant
2015 : Village Cinemas Domestic Commercial HIVE Creative Camera Assistant
2015 : Wentworth (Series 4) Domestic Drama FremantleMedia Australia Camera Assistant
2014 : 36 Questions Domestic Drama Six Degree Films Camera Assistant
2014 : Australand Citta - "Parkside" Domestic Commercial RISE Films Camera Assistant
2014 : Chris & Josh Season 2 Domestic Comedy Balloon Tree Productions Camera Assistant
2014 : Cry of the Raven Domestic Drama Offbeat Pictures and Artists Camera Assistant
2014 : Kill Me Three Times Domestic Interactive Entertainment Wicked of Oz Studios Camera Assistant
2014 : Know Pathology Know Healthcare - "The Engine Room Of Healthcare" Domestic Commercial Balloon Tree Productions Camera Assistant
2014 : Pitcher Partners - "Graduate and professional recruitment" Domestic Commercial RISE Films Camera Assistant
2014 : Queen's Domain Domestic Commercial RISE Films Camera Assistant
2014 : Sirtex Sir-Spheres with Dr Manfred Spanger Domestic Educational London Agency Camera Assistant
2014 : Telstra - "Keep Me Connected" Domestic Commercial RISE Films Camera Assistant
2014 : The Legend of Ben Hall Domestic Drama Two Tone Pictures Camera Assistant
2014 : Village Cinemas - "Gold Class Christmas Synergy" Domestic Commercial HIVE Creative Camera Assistant
2013 : Dead Therapy Domestic Drama Scheffilm Camera Assistant
2013 : Man From The Meteor - "Black Jackal" Domestic Comedy Pure Production Camera Assistant
2013 : Queen of the Bees Domestic Drama Space Tourist Films Camera Assistant
2013 : The Flame Wars Domestic Comedy

Bob Nguyen

2014-2015 : Norman's Plot To Take Over The World International Comedy 102mins Tyrone Breaux DOP / Cinematographer
2014 : 21ft South International Drama 12mins Kelsi Reel DOP / Cinematographer
2014 : 321 Days International Drama Midnight Production DOP / Cinematographer
2014: A Bad Decision International Drama 5mins NYFA DOP / Cinematographer
2014 : House Slave International Drama 17mins Prince Domonick DOP / Cinematographer
2014 : La Punta International Drama 18mins Dorsia Picture DOP / Cinematographer
2014 : Stock vs Tape International 8mins Boobaroonie DOP / Cinematographer
2014 : The Motherfucker International Comedy 7mins Ema Warwinsky DOP / Cinematographer
2014 : The Way Out International Drama 11mins Bommy and Tab DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : 45 Years Under The Knife International Drama 6mins Sidra Bing DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : A Very Short Dinner International Drama 9mins Adrian Cicerone DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Bathophobia International Drama 5mins NYFA DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Body and Mind International Drama El Monge DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Coins International Drama NYFA DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Daffodil International Drama 12mins Maggie Lin DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Draw A Dream International Drama 14mins Cathy Lee DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Fart Rudy International Drama 10mins Kelsi Reel DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : FCM International Drama 9mins Tyrone Breaux DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Fljotavik International Variety 4mins Karim Atassi DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : God’s Own Villa International Drama Sushi GarciaParra DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : Ninjas International Drama Boobaroonie DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : No Judgement International Drama Rachel Gallagher DOP / Cinematographer
2013: Not Another High School Musical International Drama 13mins Dorsia Picture DOP / Cinematographer
2013 : One Last Breath International Drama 7mins Maan Bin DOP / Cinematographer
2014-2013 : Sakura Kid International Drama 8mins Ji Li DOP / Cinematographer

Carolyn Nott

2016: Spirit of The Game Domestic Biography 98mins The Steve Jaggi Company, McLaren House, KW Films Hair StylistMakeup Artist
2016: The Light Between Oceans International Drama 133mins Heyday Films, LBO Productions (II), DreamWorks Makeup ArtistExtra Casting
2016: Barracuda Domestic Sport ABC,Film Victoria, Matchbox Pictures Makeup Artist
2015: The Dressmaker International Drama Screen Australia, Film Art Media, White Hot Productions Makeup Artist
2014: I, Frankenstein International Action 92mins Hopscotch Features, Lakeshore Entertainment, Lionsgate Makeup Artist
2014: Howzat! Kerry Packer's War Domestic Sport Nine Network Australia, Screen Australia, Southern Star Hair Stylist
2009: Snake Tales Domestic Family Westside Film & Television Makeup Artist
2007-2008: The Einstein Factor Domestic Game Show 30mins Sparkz, Australian Broadcasting Corporation Makeup Artist
2007-2008: Spicks and Specks Domestic Comedy Australian Broadcasting Corporation Makeup Artist
2007: Captain Cook: Obsession and Discovery Domestic Documentary 54mins Ferns Productions Hair StylistMakeup Artist
2007: The King Domestic Biography 100mins Crackerjack Productions, FremantleMedia, TV1 Hair StylistMakeup Artist
2005 : Charlotte's Web International Drama Paramount Pictures Hair StylistMakeup Artist
2004 : Mary Bryant Domestic Drama Granada Uk & Network 10 Hair StylistMakeup Artist
2004 : Son of the Mask International Comedy New Line Cinema Hair Stylist
2002 : The Great Raid International Drama Miramax FIlms Hair StylistMakeup Artist
2000 : Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring International Drama New Line Cinema Hair StylistMakeup Artist