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Mars Williamson

Colour Grader, Editor, Editor's Assistant
2018: Miss Arizona International Comedy 82 Miss Arizona Movie Colour Grader
2018: Brand New Old Love International Comedy 82 TIN OR W Colour Grader
2017: Prodigy International Science Fiction Drama 80 High Noon California Colour Grader
2017: Suicide Kale International Comedy 78 Nichols and Dimes Entertainment Colour Grader
2017: Water Phoenix International Fantasy Drama N/A Bola Ogun
2017: All Exchanges Final International Comedy 29 Picture Motion Colour Grader
2016: Diani & Divine Meet The Apocalypse International Sci-Fi Comedy 90 Ludicrous Productions Colour Grader
2016: X-Rated 2: The Greatest Adult Stars of All Time! International Documentary 87 Plausible Films Colour Grader
2016: Submission International Drama 24 Plausible Films Colour Grader
2016: Special Forces International Comedy 10 Special Forces Colour Grader
2016: Beauty School International Drama 11 Globe Entertainment Colour Grader
2016: Cowboy's Girl International Drama 15 Black Eagle Films Colour Grader
2016: What Once Was International Science Fiction Drama 22 Metronome Pictures Colour Grader
2015: Always Worthy International Comedy 89 Squint Pictures
2015: Pantsuits International Comedy 9 Squint Pictures Colour Grader
2015: Red Velvet International Thriller 10 Red Velvet Colour Grader
2015: Spike Lee's Lil Joints International Documentary N/A 40 Acres and a Mule Colour Grader
2015: Seclusion International Science Fiction Drama 10 Vivian Tse Colour Grader
2015: Hollywood Mom International Comedy 12 Black & Jellybean Productions Colour Grader
2015: The Glamour & The Squalor International Music 80 Oranje Films Colour Grader