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Uncut Pictures Pty Ltd / Time Machine Pictures

2015 : DNA Nation Domestic Factual / Documentary 3 x 52mins Blackfella Films
2015 : Glitch Domestic Drama 6x 60mins Matchbox Pictures
2015 : Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows Domestic Drama 85mins Matchbox Pictures
2014 : Blood on the Coal Domestic Factual / Documentary 90mins Matilda Films
2014 : First Contact Domestic Factual / Documentary 3x 50mins Blackfella Films
2013 : Jabbed - Love, Fear and Vaccines Domestic Factual / Documentary 90mins Genepool Productions / Jigsaw-Cordell Productions
2013 : Nowhere Boys - Series 1 Domestic Children's 8x 30mins Matchbox Pictures
2012 : Missing the the Land of the Gods Domestic Factual / Documentary 85mins Liz Burke Productions
2012 : Mrs Biggs International Drama 5 x 60mins December Media / ITV
2011 : Neigbours Domestic Drama 6x 25mins Fremantle Media
2011 : The Slap Domestic Drama 4x 55mins Matchbox Pictures
2010 : Immigration Nation Domestic Factual / Documentary 55mins Renegade Films
2010 : Offspring (episode 1 - series 1) Domestic Drama 45mins Southern Star Productions
2009 : In The End Domestic Factual / Documentary 30mins Charlotte Roseby Films
2009 : Michael Kirby Domestic Factual / Documentary 55mins Film Art Media
2009 : The Ball Domestic Factual / Documentary 55mins Princess Pictures
2008 : Alive & Kicking Domestic Factual / Documentary 4x 25mins Roar Film
2008 : Saved Domestic Drama 90mins Big & Little Films
2007 : The Sounds of Aus Domestic Factual / Documentary 55mins Princess Pictures
2007 : Two Mums and a Dad Domestic Factual / Documentary 52mins Singing Nomad Productions

Vic Traffic & Labour Solutions

Services Provider
2021-2024: The Newreader Domestic Drama Werner Film Productions Traffic Management
2022-2024: Spooky Files Domestic Children's ABC Traffic Management
2021-2024: Neighbours Domestic Drama Fremantle Media Traffic Management
2024: AAMI Domestic Commercial Revolver Film Design Pty Limited & The Trustee for The Giant Trust Traffic Management
2024: Rail Safety Domestic Commercial TBWA Melbourne Pty Ltd Traffic Management
2023: Ricky Stanicky International Comedy Farrelly Films/Footloose Productions/Gerber Pictures Traffic Management
2023: Jones Family Christmas Domestic Comedy The Two Jons Traffic Management
2023: Addition Domestic Drama Made Up Stories Traffic Management
2023: Fake Domestic Drama Kindling Pictures Traffic Management
2023: Windcatcher Domestic Comedy Every Cloud Productions Traffic Management
2023: White Fever Domestic Comedy Black Sheep Films, Orange Entertainment Co, Unruly Productions Traffic Management
2023: Swift Street Domestic Drama Magpie Pictures
2023: Planet Lulin Domestic Drama Princess Pictures Traffic Management
2023: Gold Diggers Domestic Comedy Kojo Studios Traffic Management
2023: Human Error Domestic Drama Roadshow Rough Diamond Traffic Management
2021-2023: Surviving Summer Domestic Drama Werner Film Productions Traffic Management
2023: Vic Government Fires Domestic Commercial Airbag Productions Pty Ltd Traffic Management
2023: Audi Domestic Commercial CLDR Pty Ltd Traffic Management
2023: Telstra Domestic Commercial Exit Films Australia Pty Ltd Traffic Management
2023: TAC Domestic Commercial Exit Films Australia Pty Ltd Traffic Management
2023: Lexus Domestic Commercial Good Oil Australia LP Traffic Management
2023: Suzuki Domestic Commercial The Finch Company Pty Ltd Traffic Management
2022: Turn Up The Volume Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures
2022: Better Man International Drama Better Man Productions Traffic Management
2022: Safe Home Domestic Drama Banijay Entertainment Traffic Management
2022: The Clearing Domestic Drama Wooden Horse Traffic Management
2022: Shayda Domestic Drama Dirty Films/HanWay Films/Screen Australia Traffic Management
2022: Savage River Domestic Drama Aquarius Films Traffic Management
2022: Summer Love Domestic Comedy Gristmill Traffic Management
2022: Crazy Fun Park Domestic Adventure Australian Children's Television Foundation Traffic Management
2021-2022: La Brea International Drama Matchbox Pictures Traffic Management
2021-2022: Love Me Domestic Drama Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia Traffic Management
2019-2022: 5 Bedrooms Domestic Drama Hoodlum Entertainment Traffic Management
2014-2022: Mad As Hell Domestic Comedy ABC TV Traffic Management
2021: Fires Domestic Drama Matchbox Pictures Traffic Management
2019: Road To Boston International Drama Hipwell Internation Production Services Traffic Management
2019: Honda Domestic Commercial Coco Productions Traffic Management
2019: YOUi Domestic Commercial Reel Locations Traffic Management
2018-2019: Bad Mothers Domestic Drama Jungle Entertainment Traffic Management
2018: The Inbestigators Domestic Drama Gristmill Traffic Management
2018: Angel of Mine Domestic Drama SixFourSixty Traffic Management
2018: Wentworth S7 Domestic Drama Fremantle Media Australia Traffic Management
2017-2018: Utopia Domestic Drama Working Dog Films Traffic Management
2017-2018 : Winchester International Horror Blacklab Entertainment Traffic Management
2017-2018 : Undertow Domestic Thriller Thriller, Emerald Productions Traffic Management
2017: The Ex PM Domestic Comedy Cordell Jigsaw Productions Traffic Management
2017: Sunshine Domestic Drama Carver Films Traffic Management
2017: Get KRACK!N Domestic Comedy Playmaker Films Traffic Management
2014 : Cut Snake Domestic Drama Cut Snake Productions Traffic Management
2014 : I FRANKENSTEIN International Drama Lakeshore Entertainment Traffic Management
2013-2014 : The Block Domestic Reality Channel 9 Traffic Management
2013-2014 : The Time Of Our Lives Domestic Drama JAHM Pictures Traffic Management
2012-2014: Offspring Domestic Drama Southern Star Productions Traffic Management
2012-2014 : Wentworth Domestic Drama Fremantle Media Australia Traffic Management
2013 : Bonds Domestic Commercial Exit Films Traffic Management
2013 : Fat Tony & Co Domestic Drama Nice Bike Productions Traffic Management
2013 : Dr Blake Mysteries Domestic Comedy January Productions Traffic Management
2013 : House Rules Domestic Reality Seven Network Traffic Management
2013 : Jack Irish Domestic Variety Essential Media Traffic Management
2013 : The Mule Domestic Drama The Mule Productions Traffic Management
2012-2013 : House Husbands Domestic Drama Playmaker Media Traffic Management
2012-2013 : Underbelly - Squizzy Domestic Drama UB Squizzy Traffic Management
2012-2013 : Upper Middle Bogan Domestic Drama Happy Thumb Traffic Management
2011-2013 : Winners & Losers Domestic Drama Seven Network Traffic Management