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Stuart Morrice

2018: Occupation Domestic Action SparkeFilms History Design 1st Assistant Director
2017: Lies Never Die Domestic Mystery Diciotto Productions 1st Assistant Director
2017: Aussie Rangers Domestic Comedy Factor 30 Films 2nd Assistant Director
2017: Breath Domestic Drama 115mins Gran Via Productions, Screen Australia 2nd Assistant Director
2017: 1% Domestic Crime 92mins Head Gear Films, Kreo Films FZ, Metrol Technology 2nd Assistant Director
2017: Three Summers Domestic Comedy 95mins Three Summers Films Productions 2nd Assistant Director
2017: OtherLife Domestic Crime 96mins WBMC, Cherry Road Films, Head Gear Films 2nd Assistant Director
2017: The Leftovers International Drama 60mins Film 44, Warner Bros. Television 2nd Assistant Director
2017: Jasper Jones Domestic Drama 105mins Porchlight Films, Bunya Productions 2nd Assistant Director
2016: Red Dog: True Blue Domestic Drama 88mins Woss Group Film Productions 1st Assistant Director
2012 : Emperor International Drama Corn Cob Productions 2nd Assistant Director
2012 : Spartacus War of the Damned International Drama Pacific Renassiance 2nd Assistant Director
2011 : Spartacus Vengeance International Drama Pacific Renassiance 3rd Assistant Director
2011 : Woodley Domestic Comedy Woodley 3rd Assistant Director
2010: Any Questions for Ben? Domestic Comedy Working Dog Films 3rd Assistant Director
2010 : Cloudstreet Domestic Drama Cloud Productions 3rd Assistant Director
2010 : The Killer Elite Domestic Drama TKE Productions 3rd Assistant Director
2009: Lockie Leonard Domestic Children's Goalpost Productions 3rd Assistant Director
2009 : Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader International Drama Dragon's Prow Production Assistant
2008 : Knowing International Drama Ezekiel Films Pty 3rd Assistant Director
2008 : The Circuit - Series 2 Domestic Drama MediaWorld Pictures 3rd Assistant Director
2007-2008 : The Pacific International Drama First Division Films Production Assistant
2007 : Australia Domestic Drama Bazmark Films Production Assistant
2005 : Ghost Rider International Drama Sony Columbia Pictures Production Assistant
2004 : Hating Alison Ashley Domestic Drama HAA films pty ltd Runner
2003 : Thunderstruck Domestic Drama One Line Productions Runner
2002 : Japanese Domestic Drama Gecko Films Runner
2002 : The Shark Domestic Drama Taylor Media Runner