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alison telford casting

Company Summary

I have been a Casting Director since 1997 working mainly in house at ABC TV. I have worked alongside most of the major Australian production companies as well as All 3 Media in the UK, HBO, Netflix, NBCU and Pivot in the US.I have cast a variety of genres and have gained a reputation for thinking outside of the box. I relish the research that comes with finding new faces and interesting actors and am passionate about this strange profession. I’m proud of the reputation I have built up over these years, having cast some of the ABC’s most successful drama’s and comedies and am now excited to have established myself in the beautiful Irish Linen House with an abundance of natural light and a state of the art audition room making this the nicest location I’ve ever worked.

Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2017, Casting Guild, Australia, Seven Types of Ambiguity
  • 2015, Casting Guild, Australia, Please Like Me

Professional Memberships

  • Casting Guild of Australia
  • International Emmy Judge 2015

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