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Olwyn Jones

Career Summary

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER / RESEARCHER / ARCHIVE PRODUCER Associate Producer 'Jade's Quest: To the Ends of the Earth (Nat Geo) / Archive Producer /Researcher 'Great Innovators: The Rise of Australian Wine' (Nat Geo) / Associate Producer 'On Thin Ice: Jade's Polar Dream' (Nat Geo) / Archive Producer/Researcher 'Tony Robinson's Tour of Duty / Archive Producer/Researcher 'Tony Robinson Time Walks Series 1 and 2, / Archive Producer/Researcher 'Tony Robinson Explores Australia' / 'Coxy's Big Break' / 'Talk to the Animals' / 'Bondi Vet'

Professional Credits

Special and Technical Skills

I am an Archive Producer and Researcher with a passion for history. I specialise in sourcing archive and work to a budget. I organise shoots locally and internationally, fact check documentaries and understand copyright laws. I am dependable, can supply references and am based in inner Melbourne.

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