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Stagewolf Productions

Stagewolf Productions

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3/226 Canterbury Rd
St Kida West 3182
PO Box 732
South Melbourne 3205

Company Summary

An ambitious Melbourne based production company with a fresh perspective on film-making and commercials paired with new and modern tech along with a fabulous roster of talent and professionals. Started from humble beginnings in event filming, music, documentaries and corporate commercials, we soon developed a keen eye for what companies were looking for and what the audience desires, hence we jumped into tv commercials, online web video campaigns as well as food and fashion videography. Now we service Australia, Dubai and the USA with our proficient story-telling and cinematography complimented by carefully crafted edits and effects for optimum engagement for the client by the target audience. Some of our clients include Bacardi, Mclaren, Zagame Automotive, QT Hotel group, Oracle, Powershop, MCEC and many more.

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