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Ciara Walsh

Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Production Secretary

Career Summary

I have worked on productions for huge global clients such as Netflix, Universal, Disney, Scott Free and Apple as well as smaller studios like Subotica and The Wonder Company. I bring professionalism and a high standard of work across all projects of varying budgets. I have excellent computer skills including being trained in many industry-specific software’s such as scenechronize, DPO, FinalDraft, Money Penny, Production Centre and DocuSign as well as being literate at Microsoft word and excel. I dealt with callsheets, sides, revisions, all types of schedules – DOOD’s, one-liners, full fats, travel documents and bookings on a daily basis. I work well within a team and with other departments and vendors and I’m just as focused when it comes to my solo duties like handling the logistics or contracting the crew.

Professional Credits

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2015- 2019, Maynooth University, Ireland, Bachelor's Degree - Digital Media

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