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Ellen Baldock

Art Department Assistant, Costume and Wardrobe, SFX & Prosthetics

Career Summary

Experienced film industry professional with expertise spanning costume design, makeup artistry, and editing. My proudest achievement is working as a Head Costume Designer for productions like "The Last Daughter" and "The Survival of Kindness". I am proficient in SFX prosthetics and makeup application, collaborating with industry leaders. Additionally, I have contributed as an editor for an ongoing series "Good Mourning" and engaged in prop making and greens work for various projects. Known for adaptability, strong collaboration skills, and a commitment to delivering visually stunning results aligned with the artistic vision of each production.


Son of a Witch (Short Film)

In the Wake (Short Film)

The Survival of Kindness Trailer

Professional Credits

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2023, Berlin International Film Festival, Berlin, The Survival of Kindness
  • 2022, 48 Hour Festival, Australia, Son of a Witch
  • 2019, Adelaide Advertising and Design Club, Australia, Headspace

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 2019, Flinders University, Australia, Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen)
  • 2020, Media Makeup Pty Ltd, Australia, Diploma of Screen and Media (Makeup Services)

Special and Technical Skills

Costume Design: Head Designer for "The Last Daughter" and "The Survival of Kindness". Makeup Artistry: Applied SFX prosthetics and makeup for diverse characters in various productions. Prop Making: Designed and crafted realistic props, enhancing visual effects for the short film "Future Eaters." Greens Work: Landscaped sets for "The New Boy," showcasing skills in set enhancement. Immersive Set Design: Collaborated on "Happy Bellies Happy Jia," contributing to visually appealing set pieces.

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