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Zev Howley

Camera Operator, Director and A.D., Director

Career Summary

Zev Howley is a renowned film director and producer, known for his strong background in theatre and documentary production. He has directed and produced a variety of award-winning films, including documentaries and fiction shorts. Some of his notable works include Raiders of a Lost Art, a documentary short that was officially selected at the 2002 St Kilda Film Festival, and Who is the Sonic Manipulator?, a documentary short that became a viral success on YouTube with over 11,000 views. He also wrote and directed several fiction shorts such as Sarah's Jihad (2009) and Broken Superman (2012) that won several awards and screened in various festivals. In 2015, his short film Walkman won Best Film of the Year at Comfy Shorts and was selected to screen at Cannes Short Film Corner. In 2016, he completed The Enlightened State of Tara, a documentary that was screened at various festivals and collaborated on an independent feature film, The Last Supper of the Damned. In 2018, he completed two more films: horror short, The Calling; and I think she said her name was. In 2022, his short film RESTART won over 20 international and local awards and Killing The Love Emoji and NONNO, both directed by Zev also won multiple awards at international film festivals.



Sarah's Jihad


Professional Credits

  • 2019, Restart, Domestic, Short Films /, scifi, 4 mins, Zevalation
  • 2022, Nonno, Domestic, Short Films /, drama, 3 mins, Zevalation
  • 2009, Sarah's Jihad, Domestic, Short Films /, drama, 17 mins, Zevalation

Festivals, Awards, Nominations

  • 2022, SF3 smartphone film festival, Australia, Nonno
  • 2022, IFEFA International and Entertainment Festival, Australia, Restart

Education & Other Accreditation

  • 1995, RMIT, Australia, Corporate video Production

Special and Technical Skills

D.O.P Camera operator, sound, music Direction and Producing

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